What’s with these Fil-Ams?

What’s the deal with these Fil-Ams invading Pinoy movies and the PBA? Is it simply the beauty and brawn of these imports? Their accents perhaps? I’m aghast to see the likes of Troy Montero , a hunk who looks like the 12th grade dropout punk living a few houses from mine, gracing the Pinoy silver screen because of his Caucasian looks and nothing more. Montero as I understand speaks Tagalog like a blabbering 1 year old. He looks every bit Caucasian, with nary a trace of Pinoy features! Alright Eddie Gutierrez and Fernando Poe Jr sure are mestizos but they were born in RP so they have every right to contend for the job market. Born sa Pinas si Tisoy – can’t do much about that, can you? I can understand the advantage of heft and size in the PBA but for God’s sake let’s give our local boys a chance contend and compete. Just because your Caucasian DNA contains a strand from your Pinoy parents or grandparents for that matter does not give you the right to grab the job of the local boy.

I have a suggestion. If these Fil-Ams actors and cagers really want the job they legally should :

  1. Have Filipino blood from parents – not grandparents
  2. Speak the language fluently
  3. Obtain Filipino citizenship

To those hybrid Pinoys living in prosperous lands – leave the job to the locals !


2 Responses

  1. Blame the talent managers and scouts for bringing them in. If these new stars become famous, they will of course make maoney too. That’s business and it is up for the people to accept or reject these Fil-ams.

  2. The government must do something to regulate this. It’s business for sure but let’s also protect our local talents.

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