The Doctor Dilemma

Canada needs more doctors. About 1 Million Canadians out of a population of 26 Million do not have family doctors. Health care in Canada is entirely funded by the government. Consultation and hospitalization are free. All hospitals are owned by the government. Doctors and nurses are employed by the government. Many Canadian doctors have moved to the U.S., lured by the high remuneration of an insurance based health care system. Medical school enrollments have dropped. Many shun the idea of being assigned to the boonies or hinterlands when they get their medical licenses. Canada has earmarked some $500M for training foreign educated immigrant doctors so they can get certified faster and deployed in areas where they are needed.

U.S. doctors are getting filthy rich but getting sued left and right. Malpractice insurance premiums for surgeons are reportedly up to $50,000 a year. There is a nagging concern that doctors are scared to operate on patients fearing that they might get sued if the patient’s expectations are not met. Pretty scary thought. Health care is mainly private , funded by insurance. Americans pay insurance premiums for health care coverage. Approximately 30M Americans out of population of 250M have no health insurance coverage. Their number is more than the population of Canada.

Pinoy doctors are paid dirt cheap. Many R.P. doctors are going to the U.S. to work as nurses. The ratio of doctors vs population in the country is pathetically low. Health insurance schemes are mainly designed for the well to do. An average Filipino doesn’t give a hoot about his health, where to get the money if he gets sick. Que sera sera.

What’s happening here? Every country seems to have its own self-destruct formula.


3 Responses

  1. Taking up Medicine is expensive. Healthcare and S&T research cost an arm and a leg.

    Medicine is also a business. Doctors need to earn.

    But this should not prevent the sick from not being helped just because they don’t have the money.

    What is Medicine for, after all? Is it to make money or to cure the world’s sick?

    Any conutry’s guideline must consider these points.

  2. Greed is always a factor and can play havoc in an insurance-based health care system.People sue the hospital and the doctor so they charge more. Isurance companies who pay doctors and hospitals as the result raise their health insurance premiums. The more you go to the hospital for treatment, the more your premiums rise! its insane. It’s just like car insurance – the more accidents you have, your premium rises. Some people won’t be able to afford it esp the self employed who don’t get benefits from their company.

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