Jacko – Episode II

What’s up with Jacko this time. Is he going to be exonerated or convicted? Black comedian Chris Rock had made not too sympathetic if not caustic jokes about Jacko and the Jackson clan. He said “ I am upset with Michael. Another boy , again ? What the fuck is wrong with Michael Jackson?” With Janet and her famous tit show at the Superbowl he says, “ sure we want to see tits but not from a 40 year old!” And with Jermaine he says “ this guy is so oily ( his face ) that the police needs to throw sand at him in order to catch him”. Nuff with the Jacksons and oh, you can throw in that Jesse Jackson guy, that sanctimonious prick cum grand buffoon into the lot as well.

What’s with Jacko’s tardiness, showing up in pyjamas, limping his way to the courtroom; is he trying to elicit sympathy from the judge and jurors for his allegedly swollen back? Not physically and mentally fit for a trial? Looks like Jacko is in trouble city. His Neverland employees are now testifying against him. One staff testified seeing drunk boys exiting Jacko’s well appointed wine cellar. This can be a very scathing and damaging testimony, if a pattern of seduction can be established. Wine is apparently his favored potion for seduction. He allegedly gave a 75,000 dollar gold watch to the cancer stricken 13 year old victim, took him around his private jet prompting the prosecution to accuse Jacko of blatant seduction, using material gifts to overwhelm the vulnerable kid with his authority and power to the point that the boy simply succumbs to his every wish. I am bit surprised why hot shot lawyer Johnny Cochrane, the engineer of the 10M settlement of episode I wasn’t part of the episode II defense team. In my inquisitive mind, Johnny’s episode I parting words would have been – “this is it for me Mikey. If you fuck up again, you’re on your own”. Too late to call good ol’ Johnny though- the man had passed away lately. It’s definitely crunch time for Jacko.


3 Responses

  1. one ranch employee testified that he saw MJ and Mcauley Caulkin bathing in the shower. this was when Mcauley was only 8 or 9 years old. although Mcauley says he was not abused, why bathe naked with a young boy?

  2. Good question. Don’t know why one has to bathe naked with an 8 year old guest. There’s many things to do in Neverland.. but bathing with your gracious host is kinda weird.

  3. guilty as charged !

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