Catholic Church’s view on use of the condom – sheer hypocrisy

The Catholic Church’s categorical refusal to accept any form of family planning other than the rythmn method or what it calls natural method can be described best by a single adjective – hypocritical. Let’s narrow down the argument to the simplest form of birth control – the use of condom. What is irreligious, amoral or unscriptural about the use of condom? Is it the religious belief that the man’s sperm is destined for only one place, the woman’s womb and nowhere else? Before the church and its supposedly chaste priests chastise anyone who uses the condom, it must answer the following questions first :

a. Do priests relieve themselves of their sexual desires through masturbation?
b. Is orgasm through oral sex between spouses sacrilegious?

We all know the answer to the first one. An unmarried man who doesn’t masturbate, priests included, is abnormal, likely to die of prostate cancer at an early age. It is common for males to have nocturnal emissions or wet dreams at an early age, some sort of nature’s signal to indicate that the prostate is in production mode. Strong sexual desires can also cause “blue balls” with pain in the testicles and abdomen. The one and only remedy for blue balls is ejaculation to release the sexual tension. The prostate is quite a mysterious organ. It requires to recycle or refresh itself regularly. It is fact that elderly men who quit on sex are likely to develop prostate cancer.

On the the second question, I have yet to hear a priest advise couples to abstain from oral sex because it is sin. Scripture says that as far as sex between couples is concerned, the sky is the limit . Sex is the glue that keeps marriage together. Scripture even says that a spouse must never say no to the sexual demands of the partner and must only abstain from sex upon mutual agreement
(1 Corinthians 7:3-5). The biblical words used are in fact forceful – the husband “owns” the wife’s body and vice-versa, the wife owns the husband’s body. So where does the church’s edict for abstinence during fertile period in the rythmn method come from?

Now the question is – what is the distinction between sperm ejaculated through masturbation, oral sex , to a condom sac? They all end up NOT in the woman’s womb. Why penalize the condom user with a much stiffer penalty? Did he kill a baby? Or is it the felonious coitus interruptus aspect of it ? What about couples who practice strictly oral sex, what does the church say about them? Are they in effect perpetual baby killers ? Are we really saying that once the gun is in, we must fire the darn bullet right into the womb, there are no other options and if we miss the target, we’re doomed to hell !

The argument that condoms encourage sexual promiscuity is equally ludicrous. It is akin to banning porno – no matter what you do and say, the decision for yes or no ultimately rests on the person’s moral convictions.

The priest who openly declared that anyone who advocates or uses condom is undeserving the holy communion better re-examine his hypocritical self and remember his theology. He better be sure that the others who ask for the host are absolutely and unequivocally deserving.


12 Responses

  1. Very well put. I agree 100%

  2. Merci. Your posts on the importance of education is very true. Interestingly, even with today’s ban on condoms and other forms of contraception, the average Filipino does not have a clue of the whys and the wherefores of such ban. Basta bawal sabi ng church period.

  3. I think couples go down on each other irregardless of what the RC church or anybody says.

    As to what compells couples to make 10 babies when they earn less than 2 bucks a day, I have no friggin’ idea. This is beyond contraceptive ignorance. These poor people have a stupid sick psychology is all I can say.

  4. Correct. Now the government steps in and provides them free family planning but the church puts a stop to it, the pulpit reinforces the ban and the government succumbs to the pressure. Politicians fearing voter reprisal in the next election perhaps?

  5. Hi BW, I just want to warn you that someone is going the rounds misusing my screen name MAJOR TOM. Please do not easily believe kung bastos and comments. I usually comment in a very respectful manner. Thanks.

  6. schizo!

  7. Major Tom,

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry to hear about what happened. I hope you can sort it out and seek your peace.

  8. Methinks the problem nowadays is that people are quick to dismiss educational “reproductive health” programs as necessarily those that pertain to methods against the Catholic church’s teachings, hence shy away from these.

    I remember seeing a banner in our local parish saying We the XXX organization say “no to reproductive health”. I almost laughed out loud when I read it.

    We need a responsive, educated populace so we could begin to improve on our economic status. Economic growth and development are worthless if these don’t tricke down to the grassroots. I can foresee the possibility of our country getting richer, but with the poor getting poorer (that’s a high Gini ratio in econ-speak). We have to start somewhere, and the grassroots is perhaps the best point.

    Somehow we have to reconcile religious teaching with the need to curb massive and irresponsible population growth. Otherwise, we’d have two sides bickering on who is right. We end up not accomplishing anything at all.

    Cheers! A piece well written!


  9. You are right in that something has to be done. It matters not what we do economically if the population variable keeps on rising. We are akin to a sinking ship, emptying water by using the bucket rather than sealing the leaking hole!

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