Autograph in the loo?

Chasing someone’s autograph while he is dumping in the loo? How crazy can you get? Apparently a crazy fan followed singer Usher up to his loo stop, grabbed the stall next to the singer’s, called someone on the cell to brag about his pursuit, slid a piece of paper under and asked the singer for his autograph ! If fans can catch you in the loo, where else can you hide!


6 Responses

  1. my gawd! isn’t that crass?

    and didn’t the fan suspect one moment that the paper was smeared with you know what? yikes!

  2. wonder if Usher signed it before or after he wiped up!

  3. I will never ask anyone’s autograph when he is sitting in a toilet bowl, no matter how I like him! Eiuww!

  4. This is queer at Intensity 9. Funny and yet so very strange.

  5. a nutcase really… he is not funny but pathetic he he

  6. There is alot of Blogs, I never guessed I’d find some usefull information.

    I’ll be back later to see if anymore good updates are available.

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