How Stiff A Penalty Can A Drug Bust Get You

The recent case of Schappelle Corby, a 27 year old Australian woman arrested in Bali, Indonesia for possessing some 4 kilos of marijuana and sentenced to 20 years in prison had drawn worldwide attention for the harsh sentence imposed on the seemingly naïve and innocent beauty school dropout. Whatever Corby’s reasons are, it is highly improbable that someone can simply sneak in 4 kilos into her airline luggage without her knowledge ! People traveling by air are now scared. A friend of mine swears he’ll never check in a luggage that is half empty, or one that has zipper compartments in it. But what would Corby get if she was caught drug trafficking in Australia ? According to , Corby would have gotten the same sentence – 20 years for trafficking 4 kilos of pot. Anyone caught with 30 grams or less will have to pay a $150 fine. The same offence will get you 5 years in Canada . 200 grams of pot will get a death sentence in Malaysia. Contrast this with ultra-liberal city of Amsterdam where pot use is legal. Many people believe that pot is not a menacing drug with the likes of crack, cocaine and heroin and should not be outlawed. Remember that Bill Clinton line – ” yes, I smoked marijuana when I was in college but didn’t inhale it !” Yeah right… but Bill got to be president anyways!

Drug related offences are punishable by death in 24 countries according to, – Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the U.S. are on the list. This list is probably outdated and should include R.P. with the stringent anti-drug laws that called for death penalty and stiffer sentences for drug trafficking it passed in 2002 , in an all out effort to fight the worsening drug problem in the country.

Notice that majority in the list are Muslim countries. Who is the toughest of them all ? According to Toronto based DOSE daily news I read the other day, Singapore takes the cake when it comes to judicial excess. Possession of 15 grams of heroin or half a kilo of pot is enough to get you executed. Homosexuality can get you 2 years behind bars. It is also illegal to chew gum in public. The last two – homosexuality and chewing gum sounds so incredulous to me ! If these are indeed true (?) then this little republic has a semblance of a facist government , so stuck up and out of touch with reality.

Does stiffer penalty in fact the deter people from engaging in drug trafficking ? Legislation is one thing and in R.P., is the government doing enough to nail drug lords and put them out of business?


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  1. Whatever happened to our infamous Nora Aunor who was arrested for allegedly carrying eight grams of metampethamine hydrochloride? Did she test positive? The possession offense is considered a misdemeanor in California, and is punishable by a maximum six-month imprisonment.

    I wonder what happened to her, it was a big news to the Filipino Community here in the East Coast.

  2. I believe Nora Aunor’s hearing is scheduled on June 27. Man, is she in some kind of trouble with the feds. It’s carelessness more than anything you see. They say when you travel by air, it’s always better to turn your bag inside out and make sure that it is clean. The sniffing dogs they have in the airport loading dock are pretty smart and accurate!

  3. BW, stiff penalties will not work if the enforcement is flawed. For example, if the military and police are in cahoots with the drug lords, ano ang magagawa ng batas? Kahit saan, pera pa rin ang naghahari. Marami sa kabataan natin ang napipinsala ng droga subalit hinahayaan ng may kapangyarihang autoridad dahil sila ay nilalagyan ng mga drug lords para huwag kumilos. Malungkot subalit totoo.

  4. If our military can get corrupted by the Abu Sayaf, how much more with drug dealers who mostly are influential citizens. The lure of money through bribery has become irresistible in these hard times.

  5. I got to this site from Warm Stone and I must say I really enjoyed reading your insightful entries.

    (BTW, I used to live in Toronto too. In fact, my son still lives there with my ex-husband.)

  6. Thanks Renee and will drop by your site(s) soon. Much that I would like to post a bit more oftener, my tight work schedule prevents me from doing so. I can imagine you folks enjoying the great California weather. We just had 30 deg C weather for 9 days straight, more than what we had in 2004! Isn’t that a drag! Oh and by the way, your sons may want to know, the Ontario legislature has banned owning of pit bulls in the province. Present owners can keep their pits but no new pet pits are allowed. Just wondering how the govt can keep track of these dogs. I owned one but give it away when my wife had a baby. Pits are amazing dogs and completely misunderstood by most people. Cheers !


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