Are Men Happier than Women?

I got this funny article as forwarded email and although I disagree on the notion that men are happier than women, I’d like to think however that generally men are “simpler” than women in many respects. Men are often stereotyped to be artless, unimaginative, lacking taste but in reality men abhor complications , like to anticipate results and want to get things done and over with quickly. If men act like worry freaks, it is perhaps due to the fact that most of us are feel the pressure of protecting our families, responsible for the well being of every member that when things go array, the buck stop right in front of our noses . Might this attitude be the result of the collective impact of tradition, culture and religion ? When you know you’ll be cleaning up a potential mess, your passion for getting it right the first time is just intense, often times ignoring emotional implications in the process. It’s probably not true that men are steel hearted ; it’s just that men are more obsessed with results.

I always wonder why it takes more than an hour for my wife to dress up for work, working her way from the toenails up to her eyebrows. Top that with her last minute cuticle trimming and nail work while in the car, forcing me to drive slower. I can literally take a bath in 5 minutes and be smelling like I came out of a first class spa. From my bedtime attire I can be at the driveway in 10 minutes, all dressed up ready to drive to work. I won’t worry about color coordinating my briefs with my shirt nor pants when I know no one sees it. Shopping with my wife is an ordeal. If I spot something I like I don’t waste time asking the sales lady for 3 boxes of the same stuff so I can select the best looking one ; heck, I could be tempted to get the one on the display rack, as long as it looks good, just to get it over with ! Men are not too obsessed with details or are we just too impatient? And what’s up with women’s obsession for cleanliness, especially Pinay women. I know a friend who takes boxes of toilet paper on her vacations to RP because locally made toilet paper isn’t that “soft”. A family friend once told us she didn’t like the hotel room at the resort they were staying because the carpeted floor was dirty and her feet was itchy all the time! Well you know what – we men can wipe our butts with anything except sandpaper and if the carpet was so darn dirty, I’d be using my sense of sight and smell to figure it out and not how many times I scratch my feet!

When I took my lawn mower for carburetor for service last week, the elderly Caucasian man at the servicing station gave me a receipt with a number and in a very straightforward tone told me to phone after 4 days, simply give out my tag number J4N and ask if its done – no conversation required. I laughed and said, you must be kidding whereupon he sternly retorted – young man, this is the way we’ve been doing things for 55 years and it works all the time! True that men don’t have the knack for lengthy conversations but I thought this old dude was extreme.

How true the saying that women are from Venus and men from Mars. This strange but natural polarization by definition suggests that every relationship is at risk and doomed to fail but it is not always the case, isn’t it? Aren’t we consistent with the physical law of attraction, that unlike poles attract each other? My wife can be a real drag when she makes me miss our appointments because of her poor time management but that’s just her and I have just “to work around it “ which in itself is a real challenge! I have come to accept the fact that she can’t think like me and I can’t think like her and we disagree but we can still be united.

I don’t think men are innately happier than women. The paradoxical way nature made us so decidedly opposites in temperament and many other ways yet able to agree to share, love and nurture each other over the long haul is just so absolutely cunning. They say there are two choices in life – you can be single and lonely or married but bored. Come to think of it, our very unique differences can be a source of excitement that would eliminate the dreaded boredom.


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  1. i guess that question is like who comes first egg or chicken?

    as fitty cents used to rap: fitty fitty niggah

    You mean “hard to wipe off smile from face happy” or grinning from ear to ear happy” ??

  2. I guess you are right – depression does not favor any gender !

  3. muy bien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. muy bien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think men definitely have it easier than woman…no makeup, pantyhose and all that other crap.

  6. i guess i just wanna ask permission to add you in philippines style links. kung pwede sana !!

  7. Just_wandering -the extra overhead definitely matters. I usually tell my wife to have her nails/toenails done at night so she doesn’t have to deal with them in the morning !

    Air_milikay – sure bro. My pleasure.

  8. Happiness is relative. Our gauge of happiness is all different. My brother-in-law is happy when he is in the baseball field which my sister-in-law complains of. Likewise, my brother-in-law complains of my sister-in-law shopping too much. But that is where she is happy. As my mother-in-law said, baseball field is equal to shopping. I think she is right! 🙂

  9. Hi Patrice ! Agree with you which means that we should not be selfish and give our partners the chance to enjoy what makes them happy… like me, when I go fishing, I’d be gone the whole day !

  10. I don’t ask that question, it’s very subjective. We all have our individual differences, different needs to satisfy and make us happy.

    Thank you for your thoughtful kudos. Now I am more determined to constantly seek ways to do better here.The have a word of never ending improvement, “kaizen”.

    I like what BW said, “despite the odds, the Pinoy’s goal is not merely to survive but to excel!”. Yes PINOYS, let’s reject the idea of good enough. Let’s commit to excellence.

  11. Amen again, Teacher Sol. It may take doubly hard for us to prove ourselves but never impossible!

  12. bw, in my own opinion, the answer to the question is NO. if we would base happiness on what men can do better and swiftly than women, that is not fair. happiness is a feeling of content or satisfaction and even if an individual takes forever to finish a thing or to carry it out longer than the other, one cant tell that he/she is less happy.

    what an issue, had me thinking…

  13. Agree and that’s exactly my point. Men
    and women don’t have to think alike to be united in love. It seems like a paradox but that’s the way it is!

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