On Russell Crowe and Celebrity Rage

What is wrong with Russell Crowe? Does he have to break a man’s head just because he can’t get a long distance line to call his wife Australia? Crowe had always been long known as an enigmatic character with a short fuse and violent temper but the assault on the hotel staff for such a lame reason may just be the big one that will land Crowe in trouble city. Has Crowe ever heard of a triband cell phone? Or a satellite phone? Or a hand-held RIM Blackberry unit that allows him to email his wife instantaneously? I’m certain Blackberry services are already available in Australia. At his celebrity stature, he should have all the toys and gizmos to get wired up – heck, I would . The problem is Crowe is a big time cheapskate . A TV show I watched accused him of the bad habit of not footing the tab for food and drinks on his interviews by the media. Instead, he hands out his autographed pictures as token of appreciation , much like a thank you note to an invitation. If he can’t pay for the darn drinks how much more for an $800 satellite phone?

Crowe admitted on David Letterman’s show that if convicted with the assault charge, which carries a maximum 7 year prison sentence, it would likely end his acting career. If he was to be blacklisted in the U.S. his career would equally suffer because it is in the U.S. where the action happens. That’s tragedy for an actor at the height of his career, touted by many to be making hit movies and reaping millions of dollars in the next few years. Crowe claimed that he was extremely tired after a quick trans-atlantic round trip flight to watch Kosta Tszyu, a former Russian who immigrated to Australia and a close friend, defend his IBF light welterweight title in England. Tszyu lost the fight and Crowe was perhaps still nursing the disappointment of the loss which added to the weariness and frustration of not being able to get touch with his wife. The collective effect of these downers may have exacerbated the tension and triggered the temper explosion . If Crowe wants to extricate himself from a potential prison term he better widen his pocket and compensate the victim with real cash – not pictures! The gash on the poor hotel staff’s head wasn’t a real knockout punch. Can we call it a head butt? What would it take to fix and close the cut permanently ? A $ hundred grand $ ? Pretty expensive eh? Can you take Russell Crowe’s punch?

I remember watching a commentary on TV on a boxing incident a couple of years ago, and I apologize for not remembering the names of the protagonists, where the loser, instead of responding to the customary post -fight handshake offer from the victor, gave a right cross in return, knocking the guy down to the canvas totally senseless. It was obvious the loser wasn’t happy with the result of the judges’ decision and took the loss real hard but the main reason might have been the nasty words exchanged between the two fighters during the fight and the cockiness and showboating antics of the victor as soon as his victory was announced. Whatever the reason(s) might have been , the man made a booboo he will regret the rest of his life. It was bizarre to see a boxer being led down the ring in handcuffs. The erring boxer was found guilty of assault and sentenced to a prison term of 6 months. His career suffered tremendously as the result of the conviction. He was a rated player working to up his ranking for a title shot. The shame of the worst display of unsportsmanlike conduct in public television permanently damaged his reputation.

Mike Tyson had been for years paying settlement money to ordinary people he manhandled in bar brawls and petty skirmishes. No wonder why he is bankrupt now.Frank Sinatra was another celebrity noted for his brash and irascible manners. Sinatra was said to have reprimanded an elderly hotel staff so fiercely that the poor man cried and sobbed like a kid, totally overpowered by Sinatra’s intimidating personality. Russell Crowe may have dug his own grave with his indiscretion. The assault charge is serious enough that jail time appears inescapable. This will be a painful lesson for Crowe. It is about time to instill in the mind of celebrities that fame and fortune does not give them the license to abuse people verbally nor physically. Whether the incident become nails to Crowe’s coffin remains to be seen.


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  1. I used to like Russel Crowe back in his “Gladiator” days but sadly, I think he is one of those actors whose celebrity status has gone to their head. It would serve him right if he did go to jail. It just proves that the might hand of lady justice is partial to no one!

  2. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog 🙂 Can I add you to my links? Good read! 🙂

  3. Sure.. much obliged !

    It is sad indeed. Could you imagine the trauma on the hotel worker’s part. Some irate client simply smacks you with a telephone set! THe poor staff never thought that working in first class hotels was that hazardous! I think celebs egos have just gone haywire over the years.

  4. I used to be a Russel Crowe fan — I loved his “Gladiator” and “Beautiful Mind” movies — but after hearing about his violent tendencies, I got turned off. I didn’t know that he was such a cheapskate, though.

    But in fairness to him, he’s a good actor.

  5. It’s a ploy to promote the Cinderella Man stupid.

    Then they gonna give that ese some hush money to shut the fuck up.

    If I were the Spic I’ll ask for milyones. If they don’t give me I’ll file charges and see that gringo rot in jail.

  6. Jayred, oood actor – yes. Really doubt if he will risk his career to promote a movie. Looks like he may have to do both anyways- pay and spend time in jail.

  7. I’ve been mulling to delete anonymous’ post but I thought I’d let it stay. I’m thinking this might be one of the trailer park boys from the old Buffalo Bills forum out to chase me but maybe not. The use of the words Spic and milyones sounds familiar. A poster on another blog made a habit of using these words.

    If I am stupid, then concocting some theory that breaking an innocent man’s head is a way to promote a movie is pea-brained.

  8. Nakoh! Turned off na ako, sayang! I think he’s one of the most gorgeous men alive, but he is incapable of thinking before he acts. He needs to think and reflect…in jail.

  9. BW, this anonymous is funny! why doesn’t he get his facts straight before commenting. He should watch more of news and probably Jay Leno because Crowe was interviewed by Leno about it. He even admitted that if convicted, he faces a minimum prison term of 5 years.

  10. True Patrice. Most people hope that he does less time than 5 years. The prison term is crippling but another problem is his U.S.working visa. If convicted he could be denied the visa and in fact entry to the U.S. for God knows how long, which means he has to film his movies outside the U.S., in Canada or elsewhere.

    Echoing Teacher Sol’s post, many people were turned off by his actions. It is one thing to lose your cool in a heated argument but to beat up on a hapless hotel employee who did not show any resistance to his request and could not have done anything in his power to correct a malfunctioning phone system was totally despicable.

  11. Val Kilmer has the same tendencies. Well, sometimes, popularity gets in the head.

    hi, bw! i do not feel so well now but i cant help comment a little. sometimes, even they do the wrong things, they remain popular. as JFK said, “The worse I do, the more popular I get.”

  12. By the way, the “sol” is going to shine brighter today…with you! *wink*

  13. OFF TOPIC:

    BW, thank you for joining our “cyberclass” birthday party. I really appreciate your presence.

  14. I think you should read this article about a person who mowed down 16 people with her car and got nothing at all. You really have it in for this guy Russell Crowe meantime who knows what really happened and what’s the big deal with a cut to the head? If he wasn’t a celebrity they would have sent him home with a ticket. This is just stupid. Here read about this:
    Lizzie Grubman’s Back
    After backing over 16 people in an SUV at a Southampton nightclub over the 2001 July 4th weekend, Lizzie Grubman was sentenced to a short stay at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility. She made lots of friends at the facility by offering her flannel Victoria’s Secret nightgown to a fellow inmate which set off a frenzied bidding war for the nightgown. after that everyone became friends with Lizzie on the inside. Once out, she immediately set up appointments at Grubman PR with new clients, and a dinner party at Cipriani’s on 42nd Street, with supermodel Naomi Campbell, who is also setting up a PR company. Although she split with her old partner Peggy Siegal, you would not have noticed any dent in Grubman’s image. Every showed up, including names like Jagger, Trump, Rifkind, Daly, Cavalli, Posen and, of course, Grubman’s super-lawyer dad.

  15. Someone goes irate coz he cannot get hold of someone in Australia, goes down the lobby and bashes the front desk clerk head with a phone. If he wasn’t a celebrity, chances are I wouldn’t hear about it and the offender could have ended up with a nasty lawsuit with the hotel management that will cause him a jail term must nastier than Crowe’s expected 4 years if he doesn’t get a good lawyer.

    What we fail to understand that Crowe behaved like a total prick, deliberately inflicting injury on an innocent person who had no clue about why he couldn’t get the damn number in Australia. It was deliberate and not accidental. No big deal? Celebrity or not – it is detestable and big deal to me.

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  17. I can tell that this is not the first time you mention this topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

    • I don’t know what you mean about ” decided to wite about it again” when this forgetable post of mine is almost 4 years old. Check the date.

  18. this is a follow up on russell crowe and his now 5 1/2 year old assault indictment in new york city…you know, the short distance phone throw.

    well, it certainly seems to me that it took a real hit on his stardom. i loved “cinderella man”, and thought crowe’s performance was one of his best, but the movie tanked and i’d have to say that the phone incident surely contributed to it’s box office collapse.

    after that picture there have been a string of low profile movies, some where crowe was not even billed in television advertisements.

    it seems that last summer’s “robin hood” was his first high profile starring vehicle in years…but i just couldn’t bring myself to stay to the end. did he get the girl?

    cate blanchett’s performance was passionate and fiery, and totally overshadowed crowe’s wan efforts. where was the crowe from “l.a. confidential” and “gladiator”, “the insider”, and yes, “cinderella man”? what has happened to the oscar winning movie star?

    did his temper push audiences, directors, and producers away (could they not insure him as was the case with winona ryder?) thus dimming his passion for the kind of performances this fine and magnetic actor is capable of?

    will we ever again see maximus? i hope we will.


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