Canadian Parliament Approves Gay Marriage

The debate is over. Canada is now the 3rd country in the world to recognize same sex marriage, after Belgium and the Netherlands. The vote on the controversial gay marriage bill C-38had been cast in an emotionally charged parliament which saw politicians caught in a crossfire between party loyalty, personal conviction and the voices of the constituencies they represent.

The tug of war ended with a 158 to 133 victory for the Liberals, the proponents and sponsors of the same sex marriage bill , one of the highlights of the party’s agenda in the 2004 election. The victory did not come without political casualties though. Joe Camuzzi, the Liberal Minister for Northern Ontario Economic Development, the lone minister in Prime Minister Paul Martin’s cabinet who voted nay, resigned after the voting. The PM had an unequivocal order to all cabinet members to support the bill as show of party solidarity. Camuzzi claims that he simply fulfilled the voice of the people of his riding and voting yes would have been a gross violation of the trust bestowed on him by the people who put him in parliament in the first place. Camuzzi lost his cabinet portfolio and was immediately replaced and relegated to the Liberal backbench. Some dissenting Liberal backbenchers threatened to switch parties if the bill gets passed. Whether this is fact or fiction remains to be seen when parliament resumes session after the summer break.

The passing of the bill C-38 came at a time when people where preparing for the July 1 Canada Day celebrations. While many rejoiced in the passage of the bill, stinging rebukes where heard in sermons in churches of various religions last Sunday. Many people who were against the bill I spoke to hope that the bill can be rescinded in future , although very unlikely. Religious fundamentalists fear that the passage of bill C-38 signals the victory of evil and it is not entirely impossible that one day people will be allowed to marry their pets! Others simply shrugged their shoulders in passive resignation and want to see the Liberal party to move on with the task of governing. If there is one consolation with the Liberals who have been in power for the third straight term, it would be the success of their fiscal management. Canada is the only country with a budget surplus amongst the G8 nations. The scars are deep, the nation deeply divided but it is time to move on.


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  1. Very bad decision and negative effect to society. People have no respect for religion whatsoever. All that politicians cares about is votes,votes and reelection. This is a big curse and people will suffer because of no respect to religion.

  2. Some people want to redefine MARRIAGE..from union of man and union of whoever you want to marry!

    I don’t have anything against gays in our society, I have gay friends and they have the right to be happy just like any of us. I have learned a lot from my Human Sexuality class in my MA in Clinical Psychology, from my former pfrofessor Dr. Margarita Holmes.

    But this is not just about human sexuality & self satisfaction, this is also about respect for religion, about setting the norm. What values would we teach our kids now? God created Adam and Eve not “Adam and Steve”, or “Madam and Eve”. Sorry for being strongly against it. But I am a devout Catholic.

    By the way, I was reminded of the story when I was a kid which would always recurr to me in my sleep, “The Destruction of Soddom & Gommorah”.

  3. The Liberals made reference to Canada being the land of minorities, meaning minorities that make up the mosaic of society and it follows that if minorities are given recognition and rights, why not the gays. The Liberals followed the path of political correctness, deliberately ignoring the values of the Judeao-Christian traditions of its founding fathers. The impact of this ruling to the soul of the nation remains to be seen.

    Last winter I was startled to see a poster ad on the train which had the heading “ BE GAY FOR A DAY”. It was an ad sponsored by SHOWCASE, a cable station that ran the TV series Queer as Folk as well as movies with gay themes. Not really sure what the ad wanted to achieve. SHOWCASE is an excellent cable channel that happened to show gay movies on certain days – period. Was the ad an invitation to non-gays to watch gay movies? I wasn’t particularly offended and couldn’t care less but others may have been. This is where people must draw the line. It is one thing to ask for acceptance and another thing to promote it.

  4. Some people still don’t get it. Gays are human beings too. We want to experience the bliss of marriage and the purity of love between two individuals that is celebrated through marriage. What is wrong when someone pledges lifelong commitment a partner ? Is there something criminal about getting married to someone you deeply love?

  5. Hi buffwings. This is quite a very slithery issue. I guess I need to pass up on this although gay marriage is still entirely strange to me. Maybe, years to come would see if they become entirely acceptable to the society as a whole.

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