Summer Blues

I have been really enjoying the exceptionally hot and humid summer punctuated with extreme heat and smog alerts as the temperature hovers past 30 deg C. The sun still shines longer and sets at around 830pm, the grass is drying up, the AC and pool filters running all day and I have been teeing off with my buddies at 6am on Saturdays. Whew ! This is it man. Living in Canada in a tropical climate condition maybe an oxymoron but at least for now it is real! My wish is if the global warming isn’t bad as they think it is, then let this weather last all year round!

The weather is great and life still goes on and I still have to go to work, pick up my daughter from day care, mow the lawn, barbecue in the backyard and of course, deal with the usual supply of irritating news stories.

I can’t believe that the newly crowned Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova, hometown Toronto girl and Miss Canada wasn’t allowed by city council to grace the Taste of Thailand celebration at the City Hall’s Nathan Phillips Square because the city square “prohibits activities which degrades men and women through sexual stereotyping or exploit the bodies of men, women and children solely for the purpose of attracting attention”. What the? What about the gay pride parade last month with men and women perching on floats gyrating their scantily clad bodies in front of the public – what was that about? So much with overzealousness for political correctness. City council clearly screwed up and the mayor himself admitted the immature decision of his dim-witted cohorts and publicly apologized to Miss Glebova.

Gloriagate… I’ve lost touch with the developments on this circus. What happens to Gloria now? Is she resigning? Are they going to impeach her? If she is overwhelmingly guilty as portrayed by many, what the hell are we waiting for? Get rid of her and get it over with ! Who takes over? I heard Noli de Castro takes over the rein should Gloria trip. Much like Gerald Ford taking over disgraced Richard Nixon except that de Castro is nowhere near Ford’s talent as a quality backup. If Gloria goes and de Castro takes over, does he have the skill to run a corrupt government and make it work? High time to change the way we elect presidents. If we keep on booting out presidents every after 2 years of their terms, not allowing them to finish ,then there is something wrong with the way we run the country. Our election system is ridiculously flawed and prone to multitude ways of cheating – no wonder why politicians seem adamant to change it. Others are glued on the notion that no – the system works, it’s just that politicians are cheats. I happen to think that changing the system can reduce cheating. As the saying goes – “ most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions”. This is the real issue. People prefer to beat up an old problem endlessly rather than accepting change.

London bombing…. I simply could not comprehend the sheer hypocrisy of some people. Those suicide bombers who took the lives of many innocent people should have denounced their British citizenship, cancelled their medical and social benefits, repatriated themselves to their country of origin and fought their holy war as combatants from an estranged country. There must be a reason for these people to have immigrated to the UK other than transplanting themselves for the eventual murder of the infidels that welcomed them in the first place. It is pathetically malicious and traitorous for one to be hating and destroying people and infrastructure that provides his basic needs for employment, health care and shelter. I know of a person who hates Americans to his teeth yet continues to be employed with an American company. The same people he hates puts food on the table for his family. In a light tussle over politics during lunch a mutual friend who couldn’t take the two-facedness any longer retorted “ If you hate Americans with such intense passion why don’t you quit working for an American company?” Slam dunk. I sipped my iced tea with extreme delight as the poor chap was grappling for an answer.


9 Responses

  1. Must we continue to tolerate oppression of other people? If Muslims in U.K. feel that the Brits and Americans are arbitrarily taking over other Muslim countries, should they shut their mouths and suffer in silence? Not long ago, terrorism in Northern Ireland claimed far more lives than the recent London bombings. This proves that the Brits are world class dominators and oppressors.

  2. Marathon man, I am referring to people who immigrate as economic migrants and then one day, lo and behold, start cursing and killing the people of the country that allowed them to settle in. My take on this is, if you don’t fancy the values and culture of your host country then for God’s sakes, leave and go where you can practice your religion to the max.

  3. That’s quite sad. If in fact those who committed those evil acts were immigrants, they are clearly ingratiates. Great Britain has given them an open arms, so that their lives could become better, and now they had to do this. It escapes logic and understanding.

  4. HI BW!

    We’re one month old now! Thank you for helping us disseminate the information about our global pinoy teachers’ network. We are professional Filipino Educators. We are going to inspire, be proactive, give hope, and go the extra mile.


  5. I know of a person who hates Americans to his teeth yet continues to be employed with an American company.

    Very familiar line. My cousin who visited us two weeks ago from UK told me exactly the same lines. Why can’t they just quit their jobs and work for people they praise?

    Guess you’ve been busy too lately. Give yourself a break! Take care!

  6. Teacher Sol – thanks much for your posts. The Pinoy teachers network is certainly a commendable initiative and I wish you more power in being the catalyst in this endeavor.

    I was away for a bit – trekked up north for a week with the family for a much needed rest and then went on to a management course for another week. Learned new things about stress management and conflict resolution and more importantly, how to keep my horns in check! We tend to forget them and it is nice to get back on track every so often. You seem to really manage your time well despite your busy schedule!

  7. Hi bw. I have tag you for a Book Club Quiz. I really want to find out the kind of books you read. So maybe you could do the quiz. But it’s ok if you are too busy right now.

  8. Major Tom – it’s my pleasure. Please feel free to give me the quiz anytime.

  9. Hi BW. Here are the quiz items.

    Part One. The Book Club Tag

    What’s in a book?

    Number of books on the shelves:

    Those that I own or bought:

    Some of my books:

    Last few books that I bought:

    Book that I’m reading now:

    Last few books read:
    Part Two: Comin’ on a Seven

    Seven Things That Scare Me

    Seven Things That I Like the Most

    Seven Important Things in My Bedroom

    Seven Random Facts About Me

    Seven Things I Plan to do Before I die

    Seven Things I can do

    Seven Things I Can’t Do

    Seven Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

    Seven Things You Say the Most

    Seven Celeb Crushes (whether local or foreign)

    Seven People I want to take this Quiz (any of the two)

    For sample answers, try checking my answers inmy site or of Bing’s.

    Thanks very mucho.

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