The High Price of Health

How much are you willing to pay to look and feel good ? If this exercise machine grabs you, better have a fat credit card or pass up on that second car!


8 Responses

  1. This is much like a re-issue of Jimmy Page’s Gibson guitar which fetched $9,000! I’ll only buy this guitar if Jimmy Page himself delivers it to me personally. BTW, I listed my HT setup in response to your comment on my blog.

  2. a $14,000 exercise machine is way out of the league for most people. At 4 mins a day, one would spend just 2 hrs a month for the exercise routine? That’s incredible and i’m still skeptical. Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins reportedly owns three of these units.

    Talking about Jimmy Page, many years ago he suddenly showed up at Steve’s , a decent music store here in Toronto to pick up a back up guitar
    for his concert. I Wonder what he picked.

  3. Too good to be true indeed. If you were bent on spending 14,000 on a contraption, might as well use that money to get a bang-up nip/tuck job.

  4. What a price to pay for vanity. I am a firm believer of no shortcuts when it comes to working-out. Four minutes a day sounds utterly ridiculous.

  5. $14,615?!!! Over my dead body! To think that I even hate exercise!

    I’d rather try Nordic walking, if ever.

    Have a nice week, BW!

  6. Whatever happens to eating healthy and walking as a means of exercise?

  7. That exercise machine costs more than many car models I think. I wonder if it runs on gasoline (laughs)…

  8. Over my dead body too!

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