Too Bloody Gory

Nope this is not a cannibal’s abattoir or the basement of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer – remember that lunatic who ate the people he killed, most of them male prostitutes? This is a scene from Hostel , the latest horror flick with a 5 star rating on the horror scale. .The story is about two oafish American backpackers who by some twist of fate ended up in an eerie Slovakian town and got entangled with deranged human butchers. That’s a one liner synopsis and you have to figure out the rest of the gory details. The scenes of torture, bloodshed and images of human body parts being chopped is just too gory , voilent and sickening. Some reviewers rate this movie as “a vile piece of sick crap”.. ” a bit of cheap garbage”. I will watch the SCREAM cable channel to put myself to sleep but I just might pass up on this one.


14 Responses

  1. Geez,you can’t get any more graphic than that picture.Personally,I don’t watch blood and gore movies,it’s not my cup of tea.

    Would you believe some people actually get turned on while watching these type of movies? Sickos! 😀

  2. Hi Buffwings. I am an avid follower of the horror genre but with how you describe this movie, I don’t know if I have enough gumption to stave of those gore and bloodshed…can it get more horrifying than that?

    By the way, the new look and title of your site is so refreshing. I like it very much…

  3. oh my. I’m not sure how the horror genre can push the envelope any further….

  4. Snglgy : same here. The cruelty and violence more than the imagery of pools of blood and body parts I think is more disgusting.

    Major Tom : this movie is sort of in the same class as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The review says that the musical scoring was done by a full blown orchestra which I think would add a more dramatic effect on the horror meter. As for my template, thanks and I’d like to change a few more things but don’t have the time.

  5. Irrealis : yeah what would be next? I guess it would be real time murder! Hopefully not in my lifetime.

  6. I’m not into horror movies but since you mentioned that it has been rated high in its genre, the film now interests me. I’m a sucker for ratings. I’ll watch it when it’s available here.

  7. Hi BW! I’m a big fan of gore in movies but I do have my limits. I must admit this director’s previous movie (Cabin Fever) was okay and I was looking forward to this. Added that Tarantino lent his name to it only made me anticipate this more.

    But yes, the reviews aren’t very kind and I suspect it’s going to be gore for gore’s sake. I’ll let this one slide and rent it on DVD. Or just wait for it on cable. 😉

  8. Abaniko – HOSTEL just opened today here. I believe it was shown at the Toronto Film Fest last Nov and drew a huge crowd.

    Mark – yes, because it is a Quentin Tarantino film people are eager to see it. Should be as brutal as Kill Bill 1 an 2 where Uma Thurman was chopping heads and arms of bad guys. Tarantino’s films always have good plots though and that’s why people see them.

  9. when i was in college, i like to watch horror movies. i dont know, it changed, i changed. must be because one matures and it’s like it is senseless viewing movies of this genre.

  10. Agree with your Bing, lalo na sa Pinas because horror and aswang are part of our culture and sadly, influence the way we think and run our lives which seem to be eroded by mysticism, even with our religion. As we mature tend to dismiss these things as as crap, more so went I left for foreign countries where people don’t think and bother about aswangs and multos lurking in big trees and large houses.

  11. I used to be “in bondage” when it comes to watching horror films..I watched them all.

    Now that I’m a Christian, I don’t watch them anymore. Don’t want to sound preachy here, but there’s a biblical basis for this.

    Based on the pic, this movie does promise a lot of gory visual details. The synopsis alone disturbs me.

  12. True. There’s really two tiers of the horror genre I guess, the occult and the grossly violent and I agree that our religious convictions sheds the truth about mythology and paganism which can negatively affect our lives.

  13. I am passing out when I see ONE drop of blood. If I watch this movie I would probably die. 🙂

  14. Hi Sidney. I know the feeling. I’m passing up on this movie as well duh. It’s just so grisly that people want to ban the trailer from being shown on TV!

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