Compelling Ad?

Found this strange looking ad in a daily paper and wondered what the rub was. It was right in the travel pages section so I reckoned -what the heck does it have to do with travelling? It turned out to be an ad for diarrhea oral vaccine. I’m used to packing tons of Imodium and Pepto-Bismol in the bag but apparently this thing is the real deal. It supposedly licks the most vicious forms of traveller’s diarrhea , those vacation spoiler types that could put you in hospital for days . A couple of doses taken weekly provides protection for three months. If you’re sick and tired of shoveling snow from your driveway and you only got a week to jump around and frolic in a Carribean island, won’t you hate the idea of messing it up? Thanks for the tip but it does give a bad taste in the mouth because I’m not too sure of that vaccine stuff and thinking diarrhea is the last thing on my mind. At $75 bucks, it sure does leave a bad taste in the mouth. Man, these guys do know how to sell don’t they? But what if..


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  1. But if diarrhea strikes while you’re out snorkeling, is there a need to go to a bathroom to relieve yourself? Unless perhaps you’re snorkeling with a group. Hehe.

  2. Boy, if your were snorkeling with a group, wouldn’t that be the ultimate panic? I guess you’d have to wear the slimmest bikini trunks! And talk about that penguin dash, with your fins on, from the shore to the nearest loo.. LOL !

  3. Hi! that was a very effective advert. It caught my attention.

  4. Leave it to the Ad guys to come up with creative ways to get your attention….:D

  5. tk – I gather you are a physician so the ad must have been of some interest to you !

    Snglguy – true some ads are more creative than others. This ad kinda scared me a little bit and made me think twice. I’ve booked a one week vacation in March and i’m seriously thinking whether to get this vaccine or not.

  6. Effective ad. Very catchy visuals. But USD75.00? I’d still rely on my Imodium pills if I were you. 🙂

    Hey, your blog is now updated daily. Great! But the Chuckie ID pic kinda scares me, hehe.

    Have a nice week, BW!

  7. I have to agree with you Jayred. 75 bucks ( CAD$ equiv to USD$64) is still pricey considering one week isn’t that long. Yep, I might just have to rely on good old Imodium!

  8. That’s the way it is sometimes Buffwings, some advertising guys tries to tickle the patrons either through shock or disgust. in the Philippines, some alcoholic beverage advertisement earned the public’s furor when they tried to insinuate how “16 years old girls” taste like. There must be some truth why some jokes often describe Satan as the prime salesman of all…

  9. Penguin dash. I can just imagine. Hahaha.

  10. It definitely caught my attention. But $75.00 for the shot? I don’t think so. Not for me.

  11. what a mess it would be snorkeling with a diarrhea ha ha

    they say it’s best that the toxins get out of the system. no need to treat but just let them be out of the system. can you imagine that and with no or a faulty toilet around?

  12. Major Tom – true. Some companies had been a little too bold and insensitive with their ads.

    Abaniko – LOL!

    Niceheart – $75 is definitely steep. I wouldn’t mind paying if I’m vacationing for a much longer time in a place where health care service is deemed inferior.

    Bing – if you’re by yourself better snorkel nude so you don’t have to worry! But then the crabs and lobsters may start coming up to look for that funny smell and might put their deadly grip in the wrong place. LOL !

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