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The scandal riddled Liberals are finally out after being in power for 10 years. The Conservatives pulled an unimpressive minority government victory ( 124 seats out of 308) in the Jan 23rd federal election. But win is a win , nonetheless. The vote composition strangely followed the U.S. 2004 elections pattern – major urban centers voted Liberal while rural areas voted Conservative. Stephen Harper, the 46 year old leader of the Progressive Conservative Party is now Prime Minister. If the world recognizes U.S. First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush in an instant , it may take a while to figure out Canada’s First Lady. Her name is Laureen Teskey and not Laureen Harper. She never bothered to change her name after her marriage in 1991. Kind of awkward to announce the nation’s first lady with a different surname , isn’t it? Women libbers are smiling. This makes people entertain suspicious notions of Harper’s brand of conservatism. Media and government protocol out of necessity now refer to her as Mrs. Stephen Harper. I say who cares? Good on ya Laureen!

The recent brouhaha on the caricatures of prophet Mohammad had turned real ugly. Western Standard, a Calgary based newspaper made the brainless decision of publishing the cartoons. Enough is enough. The cartoons aren’t innocuous sketches – they are blatantly offensive. True, the responses range from mundane to barbaric in some parts of the world and that is to be expected. In any given system of faith, some people have less of it, others have way too much of it. Let’s not fuel the fire of provocation. It is time to show respect and apologize.

Talking about faith , our favorite televangelist Pat Robertson was quick to proclaim that Ariel Sharon’s illness is God’s punishment for Sharon’s decision to give back some land to the Palestinians. Well, Sharon had undergone a series of surgeries and the tough dude is recovering and may just make it back to being normal and put Robertson to ignominy. If Sharon recovers what will he say to Robertson ? ” The devil resurrected me! ” I just have enough with a warmonger like Robertson who uses his ministry to further his twisted biblical agenda that clearly demotes the value of peace and brotherhood as secondary if not a trivial, non-important issue.

Still on the same topic of faith, did you watch that American Idol contestant who in sort of a prophetic fashion told the judges that he expects to make it because he is all about God? Why talk about God in the most inappropriate venue? Where’s the respect? Did he sing all about God in his performances? Fortunately, his name was on the list to go to the round of 24. Interestingly, judge Simon Cowell commented after the fact – what if I scratched him from the list because he ticked me off?

It looks like Imelda Marcos’ passion for collecting shoes may pale in comparison with rap diva Missy Elliot’s penchant for customized rubber shoes. She shops for shoes like they’re plastic cups – in dozens and she only wears them once. An L.A. specialty store performs the customization of any brand name rubber shoes she fancies. Elliot, the most successful woman rapper in history is strictly a track suit/rubber shoes kind of girl. She shows up at a Grammy Awards night in a $5,000 pink colored track suit embellished with stones and gems. Elliot now sells her own track suit line under the Adidas brand. Imelda keeps her shoes and shows them off to the world. Missy throws hers away after one time use. Missy’s house ain’t as big as Malacanang Palace you see.


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  1. Apparently Harper’s wife now wants to be referred to as Laureen Harper. Maureen McTeer, the wife of another Conservative prime miniser, Joe Clark, never did take his name.

  2. Maureen McTeer is lawyer and a champion for the rights of women and children and that would probably explain her refusal to be called Mrs.Clark !

  3. Missy bought the shoes with her money; Imelda, (allegedly) with poor people’s money. That’s a world of difference!

  4. Ha ha.. you got it pal. Missy may have her own little plane but Imelda used to hijack PAL planes for her shopping spree in London !

  5. Just dropping by. Aren’t you having a cold snap there in Toronto? Enjoy your warm weather. 🙂

  6. We need cartoons making fun of Muslims doing everyday things like praying or burning flags and so on to see what they object to an what is acceptable.


  7. i was about to write what abaniko wrote… very right, di ba?

    belated happy heart’s day…

  8. The reactions of those Muslims calling for the execution of those cartoonists is really stupid, it ony reinforces the belief that their religion sanctions violence. And although the cartoons were ‘below the belt’ so to speak, it’s not the publication of the cartoons that are fueling the anger in the Muslim world, the radical Imams and their fanatic followers are the ones trying to work up public anger.

    It was recently discovered that the Danish Muslim cleric who started fanning the fire purposely included 3 pictures, which weren’t even published in the newspapers (of dubious origin btw. one of them was taken by an AP photographer in France during the annual pig squealing contest)as part of his presentation for his ‘road show’ in the middle east to gather support against the alleged mistreatment of Muslims in the west. This has made the even Danish Muslim community angry at this Imam.

    As for missy….very tacky, she needs a wardrobe manager. LOL!

  9. Niceheart – yes we had a long spell of above 0 deg C in Jan. Our winters here aren’t as cold as people think. A cpuple of weeks ago I drove to Montreal for 6 hrs on a rainy +7 deg C weather. Cars being sold in Ontario have no block heaters if that’s a gauge of how cold the place is! -15 deg C here would be broadcast with severe weather warning.

    Bread – I also think that many people who don’t take their religion seriously make an assumption that others are in the same boat with them. The irony of the whole thing is those societies that take religion too seriously are the in the bottom of the economic ladder.

  10. Bing – yeah. I guess Imelda’s self-indulgence was at the expense of OPM – Other People’s Money. Talk about conjugal dictatorship – so appropriate.

    SNGL – some of my Muslim friends told me that the caricature of the prophet as endorser of terrorism was an insult to the religion. They also said that if the prophet was merely given a face minus the bombs , there was really no reason for a militant upheaval.

    It seems that every religion requires an enemy in the form of evil, be it human or the devil. When there is no enemy, there is no vigilance, no excitement, no victory to be had. I agree that there are opportunists who would pounce on anything to stir up people’s emotions and religious leaders are the masters in this art.

    and the

  11. Talking about Missy.. She’s got her own niche in the fashion world man much like automaker Subaru exclusively selling sedans that work like SUV’s. She also spent 40 grand converting a Porsche sports car into a bed for her luxury condo. She’s nuts but I think she’s cool too.

  12. “Religion is the opiate of the masses” – Karl Marx. I’m not trying to be contentious.

  13. Pat Robertson should think thrice before he speaks on TV. Ang dami na niyang nasabing nakakaturn-off ha.

  14. Nice and interesting tidbits for musings…Faith in the present times had turned a bit comical and tragic with the cartoon controversy and Pat Robertson for that matter. I used to like Mr. Robertson a lot before as I watched him countless times already on daytime TV. But it seems to me lately that Mr. Robertson says a lot of illogical things, sort of silly and inordinate, like a child speaking nonsense. I hope he ain’t that bad…

  15. Irrealis – how true. Now science postulates that the precursors of all life on earth may have been, amongst other things, the lowly VIRUS..

    check this out.


    Come to think of it, religions can never agree on many things and it is the law of the land, which is often secular that steps in and enforces tolerance and harmony.

    Would mankind ever come up with the law of absolute right?

  16. Jayred – Robertson should at least think twice!

    Major Tom -unfortunately many people are so brainwashed that they could no longer discern reality. When Robertson pitched the assassination of venezuelan president Hugo Chavez because of his threat to halt the export of oil to the U.S., a Christian friend of mine who I considered a respectable man, to my utter disbelief, opined that Robertson’s comments more than anything else was stupid because it “endangered” the lives of Americans. How about stupid because it contradicts the teachings of Christ?

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