The War on Illegal Immigration

With the recent approval of bill HR 4437 at the Lower House, the U.S. illegal immigrant community is shocked by the possibility of a new immigration reform policy that could displace an estimated 10 million of them living in the U.S. today. Bill HR 4437, The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 sponsored by the Republicans in December 2005 is now being deliberated in the Senate and might just pass into law. At an emotionally charged rally of 100,000 immigrants in Chicago, people were carrying placards saying : “ My Mexican immigrant son died in Iraq”, “Do not deport my parents”. The illegal immigrant is truly fearful of the consequences of the bill. HR 4437 would be the most drastic immigration law to be passed because it criminalizes undocumented immigration status as well as individuals and organizations assisting undocumented immigrants. It also grants state and law enforcement agencies authority to enforce immigration laws, an authority which today solely rests with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency . In a 20/20 episode on illegal immigrants I watched a few months ago, state troopers in Georgia expressed extreme frustration with the curent law that prohibits them from investigating the immigration status of an apprehended lawbreaker. The new law would be devastating to the illegal immigrant. A simple traffic violation could trigger an investigation of residency status and could end up in jail time and deportation.

In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony had already made a vow that he will fight HR 4437 head on. In a TV interview I watched, he declared that everyone in the U.S. other than the aboriginal American Indian is an immigrant and Mexicans who cross the border illegally to seek for a better life have all the right to remain in America. No one will ever question Fr. Mahony’s overwhelming compassion, if his church provides food and shelter to illegal immigrants. Fr. Mahony must not forget however that Scriptures explicitly instructs Christians to obey God and the law of the land as well. Not cooperating with the government violates the law and is contrary to the teachings of Scripture.

The illegal immigration dilemma in the U.S. is a power keg that will burst sooner or later, with dire consequences if left unchecked. The tremendous burden on the health care system to aid immigrants who get sick without health insurance, the erosion of unksilled labor wages in areas where illegal immigrants proliferate are serious problems that ought to concern every American. The immigration policy is not without flaw. The U.S. needs to revamp and improve its immigration system, particularly in the area of family reunion and skilled labor shortage requirements to make it easier for people to join their relatives and immigrate to work in jobs that cannot be filled from within. A streamlined system will encourage people to take the proper and legal steps to apply rather than taking a short cut, staying illegally and soliciting the help of immigration lawyers and consultants who charge and arm and a leg for their services and worst, without guaranteed results.

HR 4437 also proposes a 700 mile extension of the Mexican border fence. The U.S. border is truly porous and the 2,000 mile stretch with Mexico can never be guarded effectively. The Canadian side is even worse, where the border crosses 4 time zones, perhaps twice as long as the Mexican border. A house in New Brunswick, Canada actually sits at the border with the state of Maine. Half of the lot is in Canada – half in the U.S. ! Some border outposts in the Quebec-Vermont border are actually unmanned and periodically checked by the RCMP and this goes true with many border outposts all the way to the west, up to British Columbia. Some terrorists allegedly came to the U.S. via Canada. Fact is, a well financed and organized terrorist group can enter the U.S. from land, air and sea without much hindrances. A German sub that sunk off the U.S. Atlantic coast in WWII was found to contain U.S. beer and food supplies which confirmed that the crew had forayed into coastal towns for their impromptu rest and recreation leaves.

The effectiveness of HR 4437 if passed remains to be seen. Some view it as a Republican election agenda. If the gay marriage issue worked, perhaps restrictive immigration might also work, especially appealing for those Americans who have been struggling to “reclaim” America.



26 Responses

  1. Yeah, Ive been following that news in CNN too. Even the police were surprised at the huge turnout of the protest march.

    This issue, like the continuing war in Iraq, will further polarize the Americans and will only get worse when it is passed (I bet it will, what with the republicans lording it) and once the authorities (especially those overzealous police) start implementing the law.

    Incidentally, Mexicans aren’t the only illegal immigrants in the US, what about those Eastern Europeans and Russians? It seems that they are targetting only the Mexicans, is it because they number in the millions? or is there a racial undertone here…

    Looks like they should start dismantling tha statue of liberty….

  2. That’s the prerogative of America. But as you pointed out, they will have problems with unskilled labor later. Most Americans don’t like to do menial and other service-related jobs. They will also kill a considerable number of small businesses who thrive on cheap labor supplied by these illegal immigrants.

  3. Sngl – looks like the bill might pass. The idea of deporting 10 million illegal aliens is not cakewalk. I bet you many of these people will get their own lawyers and won’t leave until there is an ounce of reason for them to remain. We know that lawyers can make an ass out of the law. That’s what they do for a living. This will be a darn expensive proposition for the U.S. govt.

    The Mexicans are the target group because of their proximity to the border and their sheer numbers.

  4. Abaniko – you bet the small businesses and the agriculture industry in the west will suffer. Again, this bill also targets the businesses that employ illegals and in a way the U.S. govt might be shooting itself in the foot. I bet you they will pass some kind of immigration amnesty in the agriculture industry to protect the business from going bankrupt.

  5. This is most probably a direct consequence of the increasing threat and risk of terrorism. With what you said with the very porous border between U.S. and Canada, this bill I think won’t do much about security. If not for this cause, I would wonder really about the intentions behind this radical restrictions of immigration. 10 million immigrants to be deported would be gargantous and would looked like the great exodus of Indians to Pakistan and vice versa, when the two states were divisioned, and similarly that would surely have grave consequences, like death and deprivation. And I could only imagine the cost of running after suspected undocumented immigrants and at apprehending them. I bet government employment for the immigration office in America would suddenly shoot up.

    There is also that recent developments like you know, population increase in Americaand jobs going to third world countries, and this may look like a retaliatory move to me. Maybe, its a self-preservation move. Maybe its not.

    All along, I really regret that now, the land of milk and honey, the dream destination for almost every individual in the thuird world, is suddenly closing its doors.

    Maybe the Statue of Liberty should have to go as snglguy opined.

  6. I am of the opinion that the U.S. government is too ambitious. This will never fly…

  7. Major Tom – to be fair, i think U.S. immigration had been abused my so many people, thanks to immigration lawyers who had somehow twisted the law under the name of freedom, human rights and what not. Most illegal aliens in the U.S. today are economic migrants and not refugees.

    The influx of Mexicans crossing the border illegally is almost uncontrollable. A TV documentary I watched showed a video shot of pregnant woman already in labor pains crossing the shallow Rio Grande river in the Texas-mexico border wanting to get to the U.S. side. She did reach the U.S. side and was promptly taken by the 911 ambulance to a hospital. She delivered the baby and refused to go back to Mexico because she had to take care of her baby who is an American citizen. The hostpitalization cost was borne by the U.S. govt.

    I believe Americans have all the right to protect their
    interests and can’t be railroaded all the time by human rights issues. The social reprecussions are pretty disturbing as well. The children of illegal aliens are being raised in poverty and drop out of school early. But again comparing the low income family in the U.S.and say Mexico is comparing apples to oranges. THese people are considered poor in the U.S. but at least they have a house with light and running water and eat 3 times a day.

    My guess is the cost to implement the bill would be very high and the success of the program is dependent upon the cooperation of civic organizations like the church and community groups. No one can really blame America if it desires to protect its interests and the welfare of its citizens.

  8. Irrealis – well, illegals will always enter the country no matter what. You maybe right that with the 10 million illegals facing deportation and jail time, you can add about a million American citizens guilty of a felony , facing fines and jail terms because they aided these illegals in staying afloat. Maybe the new law can change things somewhat. The status quo is pretty pathetic already.

  9. I’m an American who emigrated from the former Soviet Union and have lived in Los Angeles for most of my short life. My family and I had to wait for 4 years before we could enter America LEGALLY. I resent those who think our immigration laws don’t need to be adhered to and anyone can just come in. We are a sovereign nation with borders and immigration laws just like every other country on the globe. We have every right to enforce our borders just as Mexico does with its southern border with Guatemala, which is militarized. It just goes to show you what corrupt hypocritical swine the Mexican govt are. The militarize their southern border and imprison those who enter illegally but then they push their poor into America so that we take care of them because Mexico refuses to reform. Mexico wants America to educate, employ, provide welfare, provide healthcare and other social services to their citizens. It’s not our damn responsibility to take care of Mexicans crossing into our country illegally. What the hell makes them so special?? I had to legally enter, millions of others had to legally enter and Mexicans should have legally enter.

    30% of our federal inmates are illegals by in large Mexicans. California spends over $10 BILLION annually to educate the children of illegals. Plus we spend billions nationwide for the illegals in our prisons, their health care and the court costs. Many of our hospitals and clinics along the US-Mexico border have shut down because they’ve been providing services to illegals that could not pay and the clinics/hospitals could no longer afford to stay open. Our welfare system is being shattered by illegals receiving benefits they don’t deserve provided by taxpayers like me. We have schools that are so inundated with children of illegals that there’s no room in many cases for children of legal US citizens who immigrated here abiding by immigration laws.

    It’s ironic that some Canadians babble about our immigration policies when your govt is about to deport millions of illegal Philippinos. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. If Canada wants to have open borders where anyone can enter from anywhere no questions asked, be my guest. But here in America the vast majority of us respect our citizenship, even many of the liberal miscreants, and we’re not willing to have a borderless nation.

    “Looks like they should start dismantling tha statue of liberty….”

    What an asinine comment. Especially from someone who doesn’t even live here. Do you see any of our liberal fools fleeing America despite the nonsense they spew? They can scream “police state” all they want but they realize its all for show. If there were any truth to their delusional verbal defecation they’d already be in jail.

    “It seems that they are targetting only the Mexicans, is it because they number in the millions?”

    Gee, nothing gets by you, eh?

    We are more than happy to accept immigrants but LEGALLY! No one has a right to move to America just because they want to.

  10. Comment well appreciated.

    Although the border between Canada and the U.S. had been unguarded for so many years, a borderless nation between the 2 countries is far from reality. While Canadians respect Americans, they don’t necessarily desire to be Americans and proud of who they are. It’s been like this for centuries and Canadians are like cats who always find their way home.

    Because Canada accepts new 250,000 immigrants every year it does not mean that it is subscribing to the idea of an open border. It does have its problems with illegal immigration but not as disastrous as the Mexican problem. Illegal immigrants and immigration lawyers are for one partners in crime.

  11. “While Canadians respect Americans, they don’t necessarily desire to be Americans and proud of who they are.”


    Let me clarify my position. First off the respect is mutual even though we didn’t appreciate having our hockey team (I believe it was hockey) get lambasted by the Canadians when we were there. But we have thick skin. Secondly, we are not concerned per se if those that want to come to our country want to do so for work or to become citizens. What we are concerned with is that they simply follow our immigration laws and respect the host country. Also I would expect Canadians to be proud of who they are; you guys make some damn good maple syrup. And your hockey players are not too bad.
    By the way, thanks for Gretzky. He was one of my sport hero’s growing up as a kid.

    Let me give you the naked truth of who stands where and why on illegal immigration. No one oppose legal immigration; what is hotly contested is illegal immigration.

    Democrats: They pander to illegals and promise them endless welfare in hopes of enlarging their constituency. Democrats obstruct kicking and screaming at legislation to make voters have to provide identification before voting. The reason is because they want illegals voting, which they do. And since democrats volunteer to work at polling stations while us conservatives are out working real jobs they allow for all kinds of shenanigans to go on in the voting centers. In Chicago democrats got busted because they had thousands of deceased people end up voting for them. Also many democrats have been busted for voting multiple times; in some cases liberal individuals voted more than a dozen times. Democrats also need to maintain a “slave labor” class so that they can always promise to improve their lives while doing nothing except perpetuating the problem. That’s why democrats here are known as “the plantation party”. To maintain their stranglehold on the poor they must keep them poor. And since many of the poor are uneducated they don’t see the scam they are subjugated to and buy the lie that republicans are “only concerned about the rich”. The libturds have been singing this song for 30+ years but many brainwashed democrats are starting to see the light. This is also why democrats, who run our failing public schools, are against vouchers. Vouchers would allow poor families to pull their kids out of these failing schools and put them into private schools paid for by taxpayers. Democrats have screamed bloody murder over this because they want to keep the kids captive so they can continue their indoctrination.

    Republicans: They want cheap labor. The irony is that the vast majority of Republicans like myself are vehemently opposed to illegal immigration but the small business lobby is so well funded and powerful that they can impose their will on our party especially El Presidente Bushito who I voted for twice. I have my own business but unfortunately I’m not a billion dollar player so the President doesn’t hear my voice. But collectively he is starting to hear the roar from people like me and those who share my views.
    Unfortunately our seditious media and liberal liars are trying to frame the argument as “republicans oppose immigrants”. Anyone with at least two functioning brain cells should see the deception and realize the argument is about illegal immigration. But our media and libturds have mastered the game of smoke and mirrors and the liberal lemmings eat it up hook, line and sinker. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The communists running America’s academia have done such a pitiful job since the late 60’s that a study recently showed that 50% of University seniors and 75% of seniors in community college could not understand pro/con arguments made on editorial pages. This is what you get when drugged out hippies who couldn’t get a job in the real world hide on college campuses and preach their idiocy to a captive audience. And since they have tenure we cant get rid of these fools masquerading as professors.

    I’ll post part 2 a little later……..

    bw, you have a fine blog.

  12. Republicans may be perceived as rightists and anti-immigration but fact is they play politics with immigrant votes too. Suffice to say that democrat or republican, most Americans shun illegal immigration and would like to nail it down to the teeth. Problem is illegal immigration had grown to such an uncontrollable level, thanks to businesses, lawyers and human rights lobby groups who did everything in their power to twist not only the law, but the politician’s arm.

    The dividing line between democrats and republicans had become fuzzier over the years. At the end of the day, people can’t help to think that perhaps there’s really only one formula for managing the economy successfully which is central to the overall health of the country and the game politics simply rips it apart.

  13. “Republicans may be perceived as rightists and anti-immigration but fact is they play politics with immigrant votes too.”


    Agreed…..And we are “rightists”. But once again, we are not anti-immigration we are anti-ILLEGAL-immigration. I read through the comments once again and there seems to be a prevailing misunderstanding amongst the posters. America has no intention of deporting 10 million illegal aliens. There would be other procedures to assimilate these illegals including fines for violating immigration laws, but nowhere is there language in the proposals to deport all illegals. We all realize that’s an impossibility. Right now much of the debate is on dependable border security. We need to build a wall if millions refuse to abide by our laws. Another secret Mexico doesn’t want you to know about has been reported here in the States is that Mexico’s military is escorting drug smuggler and people traffickers into our country and in several instances the Mexican army has been in shootouts with US border patrol. This is despicable and an act of war by Mexico. But because Bush and our politicians are spineless when it comes to the third world country south of us they do nothing. We’ll actually they do something; they pander to Mexico and tell law abiding American citizens to go to hell.

    We do need to deport the illegals that are criminals and the ones not working but just leeching of our welfare system. But if there’s not a wall in place to keep them out then they’ll just sneak back in. Again and again.

    Another untold story is that the estimated illegals in our country are double the accepted figure of 12 million. Just so everyone can put this in perspective, imagine 24 million illegals in our country. That is about the population of Canada if I’m not mistaken. And that 24 million exceeds some of the populations of particular states in the US. We have a gargantuan problem on our hands and it serves no one to stick their heads in the sand and pretend its not there. It’s like the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone wants to avoid.

    I encourage everyone to check out this link:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “It’s a myth that the U.S. economy “needs’’ more poor immigrants. The illegal immigrants already here represent only about 4.9 percent of the labor force, reports the Pew Hispanic Center. In no major occupation are they a majority. They’re 36 percent of insulation workers, 28 percent of drywall installers and 20 percent of cooks. They’re mainly drawn here by vast wage differences, not labor “shortages.’’ In 2004, the median hourly wage in Mexico was $1.86 compared to $9 for Mexicans working in the United States, says Rakesh Kochhar of Pew…”

  14. My link to the article I suggested everyone read got cut off. Here it is again:

  15. Apollyon> Geez, another one of those hardline republicans. And a Bush apologist at that….

    I smell another Sen. Mcarthy in the making. Tsk tsk, your arrogance is really touching.

  16. Snglguy,

    McCarthy was closer to the truth than not. I take it you never read the Venona Papers? Ignorance must truly be bliss, eh comrade?

    “Actually, Venona, as readers of the magisterial work by John Haynes and Harvey Klehr know, is about much more than how the Soviets got the atomic bomb. That is only the tip of the iceberg, material made available in the very first Venona release. It is, rather, really about how Soviet espionage successfully penetrated the highest levels of the American government, and how it recruited willing agents from the ranks of the American Communist Party. It also, as Perlstein notes, included the names and cover names of 200 American spies, as well as others who to this date have still not been identified. Venona, in other words, was real news for the first time, it confirmed what the anti antiCommunists never acknowledged, that there was a successful Soviet penetration and espionage network operating in the United States in the 1940s, and that by deduction this meant good reason existed for viewing the American Communists not just as members of a regular albeit unpopular political organization, but as potential spies in waiting.”

  17. Oh I’m very sorry for being an ignorant low-life. That’s what I get for not being an American. Tsk,tsk… what arrogance, and I bet you’re a member of a local gun club too. The Klan would have loved you to be in their ranks. 🙂

    I have a LOT of Native Born American friends and they are nowhere near as nasty as you’ve shown yourself to be.

    For an immigrant, you sure are turning out to be an ugly American. Anyway, what do I care? I don’t even live in the land of the brave and the free.

    Heh, I bet you’d even brand me as a left leaning commie for not agreeing with you.

    Have a nice day anyway….

  18. Well snglguy, I didn’t call you a low life; I just remarked that on McCarthy you’re pretty ignorant.

    “That’s what I get for not being an American.”

    What do I care whether you’re an American or not? We have many libturds here who share your views.

    “what arrogance, and I bet you’re a member of a local gun club too.”

    Thank you……I’m not a member at a gun club but I enjoy shooting my firearms at outdoor ranges. It’s especially fun shooting at targets with Bin Laden’s image on it.

    “The Klan would have loved you to be in their ranks. :-)”

    Not quite. I’m a Jew.

    “I have a LOT of Native Born American friends and they are nowhere near as nasty as you’ve shown yourself to be.”

    American libturds are quite limp-wristed, ignorant and such ‘free-thinkers’ that most of their brains have fallen out of their heads. But what do you expect from high school dropouts, Hollywood idiots and drug addict hippies.

    “For an immigrant, you sure are turning out to be an ugly American.”

    My apologies. Should I take a political correctness course and get myself neutered? Maybe then I’ll sound more like a leftist.

    “Anyway, what do I care? I don’t even live in the land of the brave and the free.”

    Change your last name name to Fernandez, walk across the border, if anyone stops say “no habla engles” and you’ll be an instant citizen. You’ll also receive free medical, welfare, section-8 housing, food stamps and free education which I encourage you take advantage of.

    “Heh, I bet you’d even brand me as a left leaning commie for not agreeing with you.”

    Leftists are communists unless you’ve diluted yourself into thinking otherwise. And I take it you’re a proud goose-stepping leftist? Let me ask you this. When Cuban’s get into cardboard boxes, innertubes and on doors to float across to America why do you suppose the become Republicans? Why would they risk their lives fleeing a communist island prison to become Republicans, which you undoubtedly consider racists? Let me help you out. It’s because our American leftists are communist bootlickers who’ve praised Castro over the years. Not to mention they’re now licking the boots of Hugo Chavez. Our leftists here never met a communist they didn’t like.

    As far as ILLEGAL immigration I bet you think America is obligated to take in anyone from anywhere whenever they decide to come? How very ‘progressive’ of you. You should try to expand your myopic views a little further than just your nose. I think America should adopt Mexico’s immigration policies. I have no doubt your clueless on the issue so do yourself a favor and read up on it. Then maybe you’ll smell a hypocrite south of the US border. Or you can do what leftists here do; stick your collective heads in the sand.

  19. Hahaha, just what I’ve thought. Well, for guys like you the world is either in black or white. Anybody who doesn’t quite agree with you is instantly branded a commie… typical arrogance.

    Oh by the way, just in case you missed it in the comment, I never said that I was in favor of the illegals entering the US. Nor have I ever said I am a leftist. Besides, it’s Your country and you all can do whatever you want with it. I just said my piece on this issue and you made it look like I was a raving, goosestepping commie symphatizing liberal.

    Psst… I’m a proud capitalist by the way.

  20. Anybody who doesn’t quite agree with you is instantly branded a commie… typical arrogance.

    Well snglguy, if you re-read my post I *asked* you if you were a proud goose-stepping commie. I though the question mark would make that apparent. Your attempt to use McCarthy as a slanderous term is an MO for our leftists hammer & sickle morons out here. I’m glad you’re a proud capitalist, as am I. But there’s no doubt you’re a leftist as you would probably acknowledge.

    Hahaha, just what I’ve thought. Well, for guys like you the world is either in black or white.

    Not black and white. It has its gray parts but to leftists everything is gray. They’re too scared to make decisive decisions about critical matters, morally equivocate constantly and excuse every behavior under the guise of “diversity” or “political correctness”. So no, I don’t see the world in black & white. But I’m not afraid to make a stand regardless whether some are offended.

    I just said my piece on this issue and you made it look like I was a raving, goosestepping commie symphatizing liberal.

    You sound relatively rational. If you want to see unhinged, raving, goose-stepping communists, you’ll find a heap of them in San Francisco. Just follow the stench once you get there.

    “This issue, like the continuing war in Iraq, will further polarize the Americans and will only get worse when it is passed (I bet it will, what with the republicans lording it) and once the authorities (especially those overzealous police) start implementing the law.”

    Maybe snglguy it’s comments like that that make you look like “a raving, goosestepping commie symphatizing liberal”? Which overzealous police are you talking about? Did you watch too many movies and now fantasy has become reality for you? Let me tell you a story about the police here. In downtown Los Angeles there were illegal alien supporters and illegals demonstrating. Many were waving Mexican flags and several American flags were burned. Police put out the flames but nothing was done to the seditious Mexicans burning our flag. A few days later in another state a few Mexicans lowered an American flag from its flagpole and raised the Mexican flag in its place. Some young American adults confronted the Mexicans and made them take down the flag. The Mexicans eventually did but once the Americans left the Mexicans raised their flag again on the flagpole. This time the Americans lowered the Mexican flag and set it on fire, just as the Mexicans in Los Angeles did to the US flag. But in this case one American was charged with arson. So you have our police ordered by their spineless Mexican bootlicking commanders told to look the other way when Mexicans burn our flag but to apprehend Americans burning Mexican flags.

    You’re views of the reality of what goes on in America on a daily basis is so far off base that it’s laughable and pathetic frankly. I’m sure this is too nuanced for you since it is you who seems to live in a black & white worldview. Liberals=good, Republicans=bad, eh snglguy?

  21. Like I said, I’ve said my piece. You can go ahead and say what you want to say because I really don’t care. If in your eyes, I’m somewhat left leaning (which is untrue btw)… well, so be it since you seem to know a lot about what or who I am, so let’s just leave it at that, ok?

    I’ve got a lot more important things to do in life (like earning bucks for instance, so much for being a leftist, eh?) than argue about something that isn’t even my problem.

    Have a nice day apollyon… 🙂

  22. Snglguy, we’ve both made our points. I think we can agree on something other than the benefits of capitalism; making fun of the French.

    A great article:

    “The President of one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies has issued a damning state-of-the-nation assessment that describes France as being in steep decline and his countrymen as “narrowed and stunted”.

    Maurice Lévy, the head of the media giant Publicis, whose company owns Saatchi and Saatchi and has offices in 100 countries across six continents, said France had failed to get the 2012 Olympics because the world now saw it as a nation of perdants – “losers”.

    For good measure, he described the 35-hour week as “absurd” and the wails of complaint that followed Paris’s loss of the Games to London as “pathetic”.

    His forthright critique was published in the opinion section on the front page of the respected daily newspaper Le Monde.

    It was in stark contrast to the slick advertising campaigns dreamed up by Publicis to promote its international clients, which include BMW, Renault, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Club Med. Such campaigns helped earn the company net profits of €130 million euros (£90 million) for the first six months of this year.

    Yet Mr Lévy, 63, told The Sunday Telegraph that he stood by every word of his criticism and had received scores of messages of support.”

  23. Not surprising because many European countries nowadays have socialist leaning politicial parties actively participating in the political process. A similar rebuke was heard when Toronto lost the 1996 Olympics bid to Atlanta. A group called “Bread Not Circuses” supported by the NDP – New Democratic Party ( Socialist) went all the way to Japan to protest and sabotage Canada’s bid for the olympics. The protest didn’t impress the IOC and negatively affected Canada’s standing in the bid. The Bread Not Circuses group wanted the govt to spend the money for welfare instead of investing in the olympics.

    At the end of the day, the bid was lost and the NDP was thrilled, but where is money to buy the bread??

  24. bw, I had never heard about that incident with your socialists. I guess it is universally true that socialism is the philosophy of the feeble minded.

    “……but where is money to buy the bread??”

    Everyone should have an equal amount of breadcrumbs distributed by the almighty govt in a socialist country. Are you trying to tell me Canada is not handing out equal amounts of bread crumbs to everyone?! How dastardly! Increase the Canadians taxes!

  25. When the provincial and federal gvts pledged millions of dollars to support the ’96 Olympic bid along with private sector money, the socialists immediately jumped on their high horses criticizing the govt for their “misplaced priorities”. They wanted the govt to spend the money for more welfare benefits and battling poverty. People forget that Olympics is good business and the benefits to employment, infrastructure and tourism are tremendous. The jobless and those on welfare may get jobs. Even New York gov. Mario Cuomo was criticized as unpatriotic by US papers when he endorsed the Toronto bid. He clearly saw business opportunities with the Olympics barely at his doorsteps.

    The bottom line is, the socialists were dreaming if they thought that the govt would hand in the pledge money to statisfy their demands. Govts work on budgets and money begets money. Whatever. At the end of the day, it’s the capitalist pig and socialist swine battling to grab all the crumbs.

  26. i’ve read the 5 blogs already.
    verns – 213th celebration – funny (especially the last blooper you mentioned, hello ate pala! haha!
    atticus – capacity to buy fish. i love fish, and i will take your tips on how to handle my sweldo (yung credit card di ko muna tatanggalin, sayang ang miles – pang travel din)
    BW – grabe single guy ang pingpong niyo ng comments. singleguy, galing! BW, (recent post) atleast my job is not in that list, haha!
    TOE – we dont have a jeep, but we have an “owner” kaladkarin pero kasya kaming buong familya (5 siblings), ngayon buhay pa rin yun owner, pero hindi na kami kasya lahat. haha.
    ABANIKO – what’s in a name? smart ka, dont worry i will not change my name kapag naging * ka na, i know the reason why, lol

    snglguy: thanks for making this blog. another learning experience for me being a newbie in this wonderful world of blogging.

    syanga pala, for some unknown reason hindi ako makacomment sa sites nila using this laptop (javascript: void) buti na lang pwede kay singleguy. so ipinapagpaalam ko na po na “i already placed you in my linkin park” (awa ng Diyos wala namang mataray sa lima na bawal magpalink)

    and yes, nadagdagan na ng lima pang brilliant blogger ang linkin park ko.

    sorry single guy, haba na ng sulat ko ha. *wink

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