Effects of Privatization?

This newspaper ad drew a bit of chuckle from me as I remember the nightmare my wife had to go through to get her birth certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO) in Pinas for her passport many years ago. The experience was plain awful. One would likely waste a full day just lining up and going through the whole application process. The sight of public employees whose service yardstick seem to go no more better than perfunctory gives you the feeling that you must go with the flow and shut your mouth. It was a long and tough road – take it or leave it. I hope the system has improved by now.

The ad says that Ontarians can now apply for the certificate over the web and if it doesn’t show up in the mail within 15 days, it’s free. What’s with this sudden upsurge of productivity? Change of image ? Is the election coming? Not quite. Effects of privatization perhaps? I would guess the latter because the issue of outsourcing the services had been floating around for sometime. And what’s with the cliché “ needs to be privatized to make it more efficient”? Does it mean that government is inherently inefficient?


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  1. Does it mean that government is inherently inefficient?

    I would say yes. Here in the US the results speak for themselves.

  2. Privatization of government agencies are one way of ensuring a fast and efficient service. There was talk of privatizing some of the gov’t agencies here before. I wonder what happened to it?

  3. If privatization makes an agency efficient, can somebody please privatize all government agencies here in Pinas? Thanks.

  4. Apollyon – true with any government for that matter. THere’s a saying that goes :

    ” we must remember that government, no matter how hard it tries, cannot protect indivuduals from themselves”

  5. Sngl – kind of strange to assume that privatization can improve things. Is it the accountability factor? Are we saying that accountability and responsibility to the public is less with government than with private companies? Or perhaps because we are playing with the public coffers, there’s no shareholders that can kick the ass of the senior managers.

  6. Abaniko – experience says that for a public agency that is privatized, the cost of services increases. In some way the public would accept an increase in the cost of service, provided the service improves!

  7. “we must remember that government, no matter how hard it tries, cannot protect indivuduals from themselves”

    That’s absolutely true, BW.

  8. Why is it so difficult to fire lazy and inept government employees? It seems that government employees are locked in for life in their jobs and no one must question their inefficiency.

  9. This looks like straight outta “World’s Funniest Commercials”—getting the birth certificate not being as painful as giving birth itself.

    I believe in the concept of privatization since it always professionalizes the industry concerned and like sngl said, making it more efficient and fast.

    Privatization though does not always mean that the government is always inefficient, it is just a way of improving things.

  10. Major Tom – privatization does improve the efficiency but then the cost of services also rises 9 times out of 10. People are being asked to pay more for the services. Likewise, the govt is never spared from criticism when it eliminates jobs or transfer employees to a private company.

  11. ahahahaha

  12. Well, well. That’s a welcome change!

    Talaga namang parusa noon ang pumunta sa NSO to get the ‘necessary certificates’ in life.

  13. Resty – nice to see u again.

    Jayred – yep, definitely a welcome change. The NSO experience is traumatic I agree. Poor NSO standing amidst a population of some 10 million!

  14. gosh, the future looks bleak…

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