Anna Nicole : Woman in Need or Gold Digger Indeed?

A young, voluptuous blonde bombshell marries a filthy rich billionaire 6 decades her senior. The old man buys her a couple of houses, pampers her with gifts and lo and behold dies a year after the marriage. The old man’s only son prevents her from inheriting his father’s fortune. She cries foul and goes all the way…. to the Supreme Court to claim her share.

Sounds familiar eh? Well, kind of except that the woman in question is a celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith , former stripper, 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year and host of TV reality show The Anna Nicole Show . Anna Nicole had been fighting her inheritance case for 11 years now, since her Texas oilman and billionaire husband J. Howard Marshall II died a year after they were married. Anna Nicole was 26 and J .Howard Marshall was 89 when they married in 1994. They met at a strip bar, where Anna Nicole worked as a stripper.

Wait… was Marshall in a wheelchair when he met Anna? Just curious. I mean, what would a shrinking octogenarian be possibly doing at a strip joint? Risking a broken thigh with the lap dancing? Was he on a Viagra overdose? At 89, Marshall would have been dipping his hamburger in coffee so he can ingest it and a bottle of beer would have been a death sentence. Many, many years ago when a 20 year old Muyta ng Pilipinas winner married a 68 year old Australian millionaire ( don’t ask me names because I totally forgot) I thought it was weird if not embarrassing . But yikes.. 26 and 89 simply doesn’t cut it. Just plain obscene.

Anyways, in the brief time that her partner was breathing, Smith was the recipient of a couple of houses and gifts all worth about $6 million. Pretty paltry sum considering the man was worth $1.6 billion but hey, it was a lotto jackpot for Anna Nicole who had to pluck bills from her knickers to make a living. But when Marshall died, she was shocked to find that her name was not in the old man’s will. She sued, insisting her stake on her dead husband’s estate. The old man’s only son defended his father’s will , accusing Smith as a gold digger who was solely interested in his father’s fortunes. The courts ruled in favor of the son but Smith continued to appeal, this time with the Supreme Court. Smith’s claim had gone down from $474 million to $85 million.

Is Anna Nicole Smith entitled to her husband’s estate in absence of a will? Is she a woman in need or a gold digger indeed?


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  1. it’s pretty obvious that she is in dire need of cash. if there is no will, then there is nothing she can do about it now, is there?

    maybe she could go back to being a stripper and hope she meets another filthy rich old guy.

  2. Hehe, it’s really obvious even to the press people covering her ‘inheritance’ case. In fact, she’s already become the butt of jokes, from Jay Leno to David Letterman.

    ‘Pakapalan na lang ng mukha’ as they would say. And why not? With a huge fortune at stake, any desperate golddigger would do the same… with the help of some sleazy lawyers.

  3. Naku, it’s very obvious, BW, that’s she’s a (sexy) gold digger.

    But I was also thinking: the now deceased husband was a “sexy senior citizen” (read: DOM). Going to the strip bar at his age??! Nakupo! Maybe they deserved it each other, after all.

    In the absence of a will, it’s kinda hard for her to fight for her supposedly stake in her husband’s estate.

  4. I’m not a legal eagle, but Anna was legally married to the billionaire until his death; therefore, has legal rights to claim her share of his wealth. Whether she was a stripper, nurse or jet propulsion scientist at NASA, she was the wife of the dead man.

    As for the billionaire, as they say, he who dies a rich man is still dead. 🙂

  5. Ric – there’s a rule nowadays at least in Canada that awards the estate to the spouse in absence of a last will and testament, provided that the worth of the state is less than $250,000 and all the children are of minor age, less than 18. If the estate is more than 250K with a child of more than 18 years, the estate with be put in the probate court who will then judge who gets what.

    But in this case the old man had a will and Anna Nicole wasn’t in it. THere goes the controversy! Follow the will to the letter or not?

  6. Sngl – I guess that’s precisely what she’s doing, using her celeb status and hi profile lawyers to twist the law and get a share that wasn’t endowed to her in teh first place!

  7. Jayred – good point there but then people are saying – was there love and sex involved? The old man’s son believes it was a marriage of convenience for Anna. There’s even a testimony of a nurse who allegedly saw Anna rubbing her bare breasts to the old man’s face asking him to include her in the will!

    I remember Gene Simmons – actor and the flamboyant leader of the rock band KISS saying on TV – if you meet a girl at a bar and you really like her, buy her a house but don’t EVER marry her!

  8. Senor Enrique – very true- a spouse is a spouse and always a spouse. The circumstances behind their short bethrotal was riddled with controversy in the first place. Many believed that she married a dying man for his money.

    But, in absence of her name as a beneficary to the old man’s estate, does she have the right to overturn the old man’s wishes? It would have entirely different if the old man had no will at all but he did. I mean does the court have the moral authority to reverse a dead man’s decision. That’s what the Supreme Court is doing right now as if you say – well, we will see – MAYBE she deserves something ! And the 64 dollar question is how much?

  9. she’s indeed a gold digger. what else will be inferred about her? when one marries, one intention is of propagating – how will it be done with an 89 yr old? if the intention is to keep him company – how would an 89 yr old man last longer than expected to be kept company? and he is a billionaire.

    i’m just answering the question 🙂

  10. She may be the wife but she doesn’t own the wealth. The will is final. The decision of the dead person about his properties/money should be respected. Unless Canada recognizes earnings after their marriage as conjugal money in spite of the presence of a will, I think she should get nothing.

  11. Bing – you have a point there too in that people would suspect a relationship between a man who is on his deathbed and a 26 year old stripper as unreal!

  12. Abaniko – precisely. A will is a will and should be respected to the letter. It bothers me when lawyers can twist things and make an ass of something as sacred as a person’s last will and testament.

  13. You wrote in your comment box: “There’s even a testimony of a nurse who allegedly saw Anna rubbing her bare breasts to the old man’s face asking him to include her in the will!”

    Ang comment ko lang e, bale wala pala ang ‘super breast power’ niya…walang talab 🙂 Pero talaga, BW, DOM si Mister. I can’t help thinking about this side of the story. Maybe, an attempt at sex killed the man! (I don’t know the whole Anna Nicole story.)

    Sorry, I’m talking nonsense now. Must be so tired….

  14. Jayred – LOL…the trial was a bit graphic.. the DOM may have sensed something that’s why he didn’t include her in the will.. But she got a couple of houses so I guess she was amply compensated!

  15. I didn’t know that she was not in the will.

    I guess she’s both. She became a gold digger because she was in need.

  16. Niceheart – that’s a good one but to be in need and ask for $540 million, about 1/3 of the old man’s asset is quite hilarious. It’s now down to $85 million which is still falls under ” are you kidding?” LOL..

    I’d say, it realy depends on the son, the sole inheritor, on his goodwill to give her something or nothing.

  17. If she ain’t a gold digger, then I don’t know what she is. In America, many strange and weird things really do happen. Perhaps its all the same everywhere you go in the world it just so happens that this time, the digger is a famous celebrity.

    In my knowledge of American laws, the decedent (the one who died) may bequest all his properties to anyone he or she desires to designate in his/her last will and testament. He can even choose not to tranfer anything to his children and the children can’t do anything about it. Unlike here in the Philippines, the law on succession requires that the decedent leaves at least two-third of his property to compulsory heirs (sons and daughters or if there’d be none, the next nearest relatives).

  18. Major Tom – an absence of a last will and testament can be disastrous and expensive when the government steps in and decides who gets what. This case is magnified because of a famous celebrity. I can also say that the flamboyant and sometimes obnoxious attitude of this celebrity ( you ought to watch her show) adds more controversy to the case.

  19. so what if she’s the wife of the old man. it doesn’t necessarily mean that she should be included in the will. maybe the old man saw that she is indeed a gold digger that’s why she’s not included anymore in the will.

  20. That’s what most people think.. the old man was an astute businessman after all!

  21. What is absolutely AMAZING to me is that every one of you Canadians is able to cut throught the BS of this case and get to the heart of the matter. I am not being sarcastic here.

    Take the same group of regular people in the States and they will say the most bizarre reasons to give Anna money “just because” (regardless of what the documents say).

    I think it says something terrible about our culture in the States when any objective Canadian can see what’s happeneing here. But the vast majority of Americans think stealing from somebody because they are wealthy is okay.

  22. not in the will, not part of the picture. period.

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