It’s the Bloody Wrong Guy!

The recent incident of a prestigious, world class TV station such as the BBC interviewing the wrong guy live on air seems unbelievable but yes, it did happen! The mix up happened when a man they thought to be Guy Kewney, an editor of a techie magazine was rushed into the newsroom for a live interview regarding the long standing legal wrangling between Apple Computer and Apple Records. The man wasn’t Kewney but a cab driver named Guy Goma who happened to be in the studio at the time applying for a job! Goma didn’t entirely botch the interview and managed to ad-lib well enough to keep some sense of spontaneity until the ordeal was promptly and gracefully terminated. Goma had to dig deep into his cranial cavity to hang on – thanks to his business studies degree from the Congo! I could imagine the studio staffers frantically screaming to the anchorperson over her headset – it’s the bloody wrong guy. Stop the interview ! I hope Goma got the job he was applying for as compensation for the embarrassment he had to go through.

Talking about the wrong guy, Elliot Yamin was booted out of the American Idol competition in a very tight semifinal race ever in the history of the contest. Yamin garnered the lowest 33.06% of votes while fellow competitors, Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee were also in the 33.xx percent level, but just a tad higher. It sure was anybody’s race. Many consider Yamin technically superior over McPhee, but the latter’s gorgeous looks saccharine singing style may have been enough to boot out Yamin , a regular looking guy who had been unkindly described by news articles as a distant cousin of Frodo Baggins from Hobbitlandia and a look alike of Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, that half-man/half-goat creature from the Chronicles of Narnia. Yamin’s best song in the competition I thought was the classy and superb rendition of a Stevie Wonder’s classic-Knocks Me Off My Feet , an all time best, one song you can play in the car on a sunny spring morning that will cheer you up and make you feel there’s a lot in life to live for. My pick in the finals ? Taylor Hicks.


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  1. Mwahahaha! That was a funny SNAFU made by BBC. I wonder if anybody’s head is gonna roll for this booboo.

    As for the AI finals… It is gonna be a tight race indeed. This years finalists have been the best so far compared to the previous AI finalists.

  2. It’s hilarious indeed but I don’t think heads will roll on this one, yet. Looks like people enjoyed the booboo since the BBC blog was inundated with people high-fiving the poor cabbie!

    If the AI telecast is delayed in Pinas, then it would be anti-climactic as the web would have talked about it.

  3. hahaha. wanna see that BBC interview. well, nothing is impossible.

    sorry bw, but i’m for katherine mcphee 🙂

  4. You can check the BBC website for the interview. I have a feeling this cabbie might sue BBC!

    I won’t have any complaints if Katherine McPhee wins. With her looks, she can put many actresses to shame. Talent wise however Hicks is definitely the man.

  5. Hehe, I usually check out the AI result on the internet.:-)

  6. Here’s the script of the The interview:

    Karen Bowerman: Guy Kewney is editor of the technology website Newswireless.

    Face of horror

    KB: Hello, good morning to you.

    Mr Goma: Good morning.

    KB: Were you surprised by this verdict today.

    Mr Goma: I am very surprised to see… this verdict to come on me because I was not expecting that. When I came they told me somehting else and I am coming. So a big surprise anyway.

    KB: A big surprise, yeah, yes.

    Mr Goma: Exactly.

    KB: With regards to the costs involved do you think now more people will be downloading online?

    Mr Goma: Actually If you can walk everywhere you are going to see a lot of people downloading the internet and the website and everything they want. But I think eh It is much better for development and eh to inform people what they want and to get the easy way and so faster if they are looking for.

    KB: It does really seem the way the music industry’s progressing now that people want to go onto the website and download music.

    Mr Goma: Exactly you can go everywhere on the cyber cafe and you can take, you can go easy. It is going to be an easy way for everyone to get something to the internet

    KB: Thank you. Thanks very much indeed.

  7. hilarious! i can almost imagine the ‘face of terror’! ha ha but the guy seemed to have done his job well.

  8. I heard about the wrong-guy news from CNN. It was hilarous (both men share the same name).

    Heard he didn’t get the job he was applying for.

  9. Sngl – well, Katherine McPhee fumbled again today. She tried too hard on the third song, put a little too much of Whitney Houston on it when all she could have done was sing it normally. If America votes logically, she should be out but again, she is just stunningly pretty and I won’t be surprised if she beats the odds.

  10. Bing – hilarious indeed. If you read Goma’s reply to the first question, you would immediately sense that something just wasn’t right. But I think he pulled it off considering the extremely tight corner he was in!

  11. Jayred – what was puzzling was the original guy to be interviewed , Guy Kewney, is a bearded Caucasian man but they got a bald black man instead! Pretty bad mix up indeed. Dunno but if this happened in North America , enterprising lawyers could have egged Goma to file a lawsuit citing undue emotional stress and embarassment caused by the network’s inadvertence.

  12. Yeah I heard about this and i cpouldn’t believe it at first and even until now. Since you confirmed it thru this blog post then, it really did happen. I felt sorry to have missed it coz I always channel surf thru BBC. It would have been so hilarious. If it were up to me, this should go down as one of the funniest and most ludicrous moments in live television history.

  13. MT – still boggles my mind how this happened. I mean someone should have asked the guy – are you Kewney? before pushing him into the interview room. It just tells me that the BBC isn’t organized as we think it is.

  14. The Soul Patrol rocks- congrats to Taylor Hicks!

  15. Elliot looking like Mr. Tumnus from Narnia.. ha ha ha. That’s funny!

  16. OMG! That BBC interview is hilarious! That looks like something they’d do in a TV sitcom (like Less Than Perfect perhaps?).

    Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! 🙂

  17. It does look like a scripted TV sitcom but a really an honest mistake! If not for the kudos from viewers who were more amused than upset, heads would have rolled at the BBC by now.

  18. Irrealis – Mr. Tumnus is a good faun though, and Elliot’s good naturedness fits well with Mr. Tumnus’ character.. except for the goat legs and ears ..

  19. I was fascinated by Taylor Hicks from the onset — guess it was because he somewhat reminded me of Joe Cocker and Ray Charles. I’m glad he won, but will he truly sustain the image of an idol in America’s youth-oriented music scene. But then again, who knows?

    That BBC snafu was definitely hilarious! Wish I had seen it.

  20. you picked the right guy (Hicks)! maybe you should run BBC.

    congrats, Soul Patrol!

  21. Snr Enrique – people also think that Hicks looks a bit of Jay Leno/George Clooney. Staying true to himself and not going over the top unlike what Katherien McPhee did was his key to victory.

    If you surf around you should be able to find a video of this hilarious interview.

  22. TK – ha ha .. BBC is actually a pretty boring station and the booboo may have added a bit of popularity to it!

  23. Pair ratings :

    1. Paris and Al Jarreau – top notch.. totally classy.

    2.Cris and LIVE – awesome. They looked like twins!

    3. Kath and Meat Loaf – kind of operatic. Meat Loaf sang like he was Pavarotti’s chaffeur.

    4. Elliot and Mary J. Blithe – the way Mary J. Sang she wouldn’t make it to the AI top 10.

    5. Taylor and Toni Braxton – Toni still looks great – doesn’t she? She did well as background to Taylor.

    Most underrated but can sing – Lisa Tucker

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