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The Canadian Idol season is in full gear, the contestants down to 9 men and 9 women. Within a couple of weeks the froth will clear and the cream of the crop, the top ten will battle it out until one man is left standing. But hold it – what’s Rob James doing in this crowd? Rob James, cool dude and the other half of the classy duo of McMaster and James trying to become the Canadian Idol? Luke McMaster and Rob James had hit the top of the charts in 2000 with their bouncy and percussion laden hit song Love Wins Everytime ( makes you think Sheena Easton was on the drums ). They had a bunch of other good songs like Thank You and One Emotion. These guys had been on the road and opened concerts for hot stars like Cristina Aguilera. Should an experienced artist be allowed to participate in the Idol contest? David Moffatts of the group The Moffatts was a contestant last year and made it to the top 10 but was booted out with his lame aping of Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed. But Moffatts and James are of a different league you see. What knowledge would the judges impart to a guy like Rob James who’s been there, done that and cut hot selling records? The Canadian Idol is produced by Simon Fuller, the producer of American idol and the rules should be no different. My theory is because Rob James and David Moffatts weren’t solo artists and were part of a group, they were given the chance vie in the Idol contest with the hope that a win would launch a much needed solo career. Rob James is Rob James but the 8 other men in the group aren’t pushovers by any means so James has his hands definitely full.

Who really cares about American nor Canadian Idols when we have bunch of hot looking Pinoy Idolswho could bring the house down!


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  1. The Philippine Idol is also on its way here in the Philippines and I can’t wait to see if the production values are at par with the others.

    There seems to be a loophole on the prohibition on professional artists (those who have already recorded a major release album) where as a single individual, one can still join the contest when you were part of a professional group or duo. It’s more of a circumvention.

    The Filipino contestant who made it to the top 16 in the previous edition of the American Idol was in fact already part of a boyband group from San Francisco; they even went here to perform in the Philippines.

    I guess, American Idol’s mentality is to “bring em on”…Being a previously recorded artist anyway does not guarantee you can win over the other contestants, no matter how wet they are in the ears. Although, it surely can create undue advantage especially that this contest is a popularity contest at most.

  2. BW, I can’t believe you linked that now famous video “Keys Me” and labeled the link “Pinoy Idols”! LOL. That was tricky. LOL. Hope your foreign readers will see it as a joke. Di rin natin alam, baka they will take your last paragraph seriously. LOL.

  3. Major Tom – fyi last week Rob James was in the bottom four for the men and was nearly booted out by the voting public! I think fame or being a has been can be more detrimental to the contestant. THere’s always that feeling that the contest must be strictly for amateurs and should not be forum for resurrecting one’s career.

  4. Jayred – I was on a short hiatus having not blogged for a week due to work plus the usual summer activities. As you can see my blogs are becoming increasingly shorter! The “Keys Me” video is definitely hilarious and I was supposed to allude to it as
    a joke – the last sentence should have been “” bring the house down ( with laughter)!”but changed it. Maybe I should put it back. Well, a bit of enunciation techniques
    could have helped this singer! The lyrics are just so hilarious and I can’t help crackling
    up everytime I view this video
    ( great therapy ). I don’t know how the words” leaf me” and
    “fathers melt” got entangled with the song LOL! Anyone who views the video would know it’s a joke but you need a DSL connection at a minimum to view it properly.

  5. Very embarrasing yet funny. That’s what we call murder of the English language.

  6. Well, that must have been regrettable for him. It’s kinda very embarrasing when popular individuals would put themselves into such a situation, it’s like a shock to the ego.

    Maybe he’d wished he had been somewhere else when it was announced that he was in the bottom four.

    Or maybe Rob James is just taking a fun ride through all this. Is he that good as an artist. I never really heard of him except when you wrote about him here…

  7. i learned something from major tom about the filipino contestant of american idol.

    but i also thought the contest is for fresh talents. for those not yet really exposed to showbusiness 🙂

  8. The popularity of this kind of shows might have more to do with the reality TV aspect of it all — where audiences have a say to who wins and who gets booted; not to mention the obscene amount of money one gets for having first crack of the producing/recording contracts of the winners (I think the brutally honest Simon gets this privilege as part of his contract with American Idol).

    Be that as it may, if seriously intent on searching for real talent with a more innovative style, the best places to frequent would be jazz clubs or obscure but intimate clubs near college campuses. They may not have the good looks of made-for-TV pop idols, (think of Lyle Lovett, Martha Wainwright and Elvis Costello) but these artists’ inherent talent and unique sound, as well as their eventual profound influence on the music scene guarantee them a much longer drawing and staying power. Same may be said about our local artists.

  9. BW, that “Keys Me” video is really hilarious. Every time I feel depression creeping in, I just go to YouTube and view it. It works all the time (yes, laughter is the best medicine). LOL. My husband absolutely loves this video and asked me to bookmark it. LOL. Pampasaya in a very serious society like the Swiss’.

  10. Mwahahaha, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that infamous “keys me” video two weeks ago. BTW, that video made the rounds of the local blogosphere.

    Someone told me that she guested in a tv show after that and was asked by Joey de Leon to sing the same song, live. Kawawa naman… she had to repeat it all over again.

  11. ‘keys me’? Utterly hilarious.

  12. Major Tom – Rob James was on the bottom four for the men last night. He survived again and moves on to the next round with 14 contestants left. You should have heard of McMaster and James songs without knowingit. Try to download Love Wins Everytime and Thank You. They sound very much like John Secada – with a bit of Latin touch although a bit spunkier. I like their songs.

  13. Tin – yep. It should be for amateurs and not even has-been professionals. It is not fair. For example,when one ofthe judges assessed Rob James’ rendition of Heaven by Bryan Adams the other nighthe said – “I could hear the real you – what you sound like on record”. But my wife says that Rob Jamesdoesn’t have the “it” or charisma so he may not make it to the final 10.

  14. Senor Enrique – sure there are tons of talent out there but I guess the Idol show provides a short cut route to that
    break rather than waiting for a discovery. There’s an age limit though – I think 29 is the max. Simon Cowell is making a heck of a fortune with his Idol brainchild which started in London and went to the U.S. and then Canada. Interestingly, the networks werent interested with Idol until the daughter of the owner of Fox television who liked the London Idol show urged his father to finance the venture in the U.S. and boy was she right and her dad must be forever grateful of her suggestion.

  15. Irrealis.. utterly hilarious I totally agree. I can’t even figure out how Charles Barkley’s name got mixed up in the lyrics. LOL!

  16. I haven’t caught up yet to this season’s Canadian Idol.

    Is that video for real? First time I’ve seen it. I hope she didn’t win. 🙂

  17. The Idol show is on and BTW, Rob James, in fact the McMaster and James duo are from Winnipeg!

    Re the video, it’s just a joke but very funny at that.

  18. Very funny talaga. I think we should stop replaying the video after 10 p.m. or else the Swiss neighbors will file an official complaint na. Kasi we always laugh out loud every time we watch it.

    Happy weekend, BW.

  19. Sadly, I don’t watch these idol-idol things. Perhaps I’m tired of singing performances here and there. I want real acting. In fact, I’d appreciate a stand up comedian doing funny acts onstage.

  20. Jayred – hope you had a nice weekend too..

    Abaniko – I find the Idol shows quite entertaining, perhaps because it is the only show me and my wife who are music lovers like watching together. I’m not a fan of reality TV showslike Survivor, Amazing Race, the Apprentice, etc. I love stand up comedy too. Since I have 3 TV receivers in the house, I don’t have to fight with my little daughter over Treehouse and my wife with soap opera shows so I end up watching my sports, news and History Channel shows in the basement.

  21. ha ha that keys me performance is truly hilarious and that singer-wanna-be seemed to be so self-satisfied of what had happened to her ‘career’ (as if there is already one). i just couldnt believe how she could take all the sarcasms thrown at her. she’d managed to even thank everybody. totally gone nuts.

  22. Bing – here’s the link to the sequel ( Keys Me 2)..LOL..

    For the record, here’s the correct lyrics to the song KISS ME sang by Sixpence None the Richer :

    Kiss me out of the bearded barley
    Nightly, beside the green, green grass
    Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
    You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

    Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
    Lead me out on the moonlit floor
    Lift your open hand
    Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
    Silver moon’s sparkling
    So kiss me

    Kiss me down by the broken tree house
    Swing me upon its hanging tire
    Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
    We’ll take the trail marked on your father’s map

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