Travel Snags

Have you ever experienced your travel plans being delayed or abruptly changed by forces beyond your control making you mad with smoke coming off your ears? Well, I hit one very recently. I haven’t blogged for a while because I was working my ass off to finish things at the office before going to a much anticipated 2 week breather I desperately needed to preserve my sanity. On the Friday, the day before heading off for my vacation, my boss suddenly calls me to his office at about noon time to request me to come back after a week because of a sudden shift in plans that required my team’s deliverables completed earlier than scheduled . In short, I was being asked to take one week vacation instead of two. I was planning to take the family for a long drive and spend a week at the mountains of New Hampshire and then on to Connecticut to visit my sister’s family and then drive back home to spend at least 3 days to fix up things in the house. Dangit, I was so upset but mustered enough emotional intelligence to address the situation through a fairly decent exchange of words. OK, the man is almost begging me to come back and he is also my buddy, a good friend I have known for 10 years. I don’t want to screw up my team, my boss and myself duh so I gave him my word that I will come back as requested… I’ll deal with the wifey later I told myself. I’m glad that in my house I am the captain of the ship although my wife tends to snatch my job description occasionally, she hasn’t usurped my authority. I made the decision and broke the news to my wife over the phone. She was quite supportive of me which mad a heck of a difference since I didn’t have to fight on two fronts . But seriously, doesn’t this thing suck for heaven’s sake? Will I ever go through this crap again? &*%^@*&

Anyways, we headed to New Hampshire as planned. It was thoroughly refreshing to park and pause your brain from thinking and forgetting about dieting for one entire week. Office business was completely out of my mind although I received three legit calls from work throughout the entire week. With legit I mean I don’t mind being called for info but don’t ask me to do darn work – I’m on a friggin’ vacation. I’m back at home now and plan to go back to work Tuesday instead of Monday and when I win the lottery on Wednesday I won’t have to go back to work Thursday LOL!

My fondest memory of a travel snag would be the incident that happened aboard an inter-island ship plying the Bacolod- Manila route many years ago during my university days. After the final call for visitors to leave the ship in preparation for departure, the ship finally detached the ramp at the Banago wharf ( Bacolod) and veered slowly toward the open sea for the 19 hour overnight voyage. All of a sudden, at a distance we could hear a middle aged woman in her late fifties shouting at the crew demanding that she be brought back to port. She overstayed a little too long despite the series of announcements on the ship’s PA system. She was either deaf or her relatives didn’t understand English nor the local dialect. We weren’t far perhaps about 400 meters so the captain of the ship obliged and slowly turned the ship around. Putting back the ramp would require a lot of maneuvering so the crew decided to hoist her down to the wharf via the ship’s crane. The crane was fitted with a wooden plank where she stood in the middle, held in balance by three seamen to protect her from falling into the water. She was lowered down in an a slow but intricate maneuver and folks at the wharf and aboard the ship were clapping their hands, cheering her like a celebrity. Then with a few feet to land, one of her sandals fell into the water! Like a berserk dog she began pushing one of the crewmen who had to hold on to the rope to avoid slipping into the water, shouting – WHEE! WHEEE! get my goddam sandal! We were delayed which pissed many passengers for sure but this one was quite hilarious which amused some folks, myself included.


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  1. Man that really sucked to high heavens, shortening your leave by one week. But sometimes we just have to make some sacrifices for the sake of putting food on the table.

    So I guess this means that the company owes you one week paid vacation? 🙂

  2. well, one thing that could really make you sad pissed off and sad is not a broken heart but you’re all packed-up and ready to go then suddenly, you can’t come.

    you should have videotaped the incident in the ship so we can watch it. hehehe. and i’m amazed with the woman. she never was embarassed?

  3. That scene with the woman in the ship sounds like a scene from a movie. 🙂 Yeah, woman and their shoes. She’s lucky though that the captain turned the ship around. And I like that analogy, you being the captain of the ship in your house. In my house, I’d like to think that my husband and I are co-captains. So that’s probably where the problem lies. He thinks that he’s the only captain. 🙂

  4. Sngl –

    Fortunately it is a case of postponement which can be a small or big deal depending on how people take it. With some people this could be a startof a divorce.. LOL! If there’s one consolation, my boss owes me one – big time. I told my wife that this might translate into a bigger bonus at year end !

  5. Tin –

    Fortunately ( again) i haven’t booked any tickets that will result in financial loss for me otherwise they would have to foot the bill for it. Happened once when I was delayed for a week due to an abrupt resignation of one team member and we were getting
    an emergency replacement – they had to buy me another ticket. This time I told my boss my daughter
    had to go to day care when I’m back to work. I’m sure he’ll remember it during bonus time LOL.
    For the most part they’re very fair thast’s why I’m still hanging around.

    Nope no videos were taken. It’s a real bummer when the ship is delayed because of one person. But we had a laugh so that’s a bit of consolation.

  6. Niceheart,

    What’s the answer to the proverbial question – Who is the head of the family? Depending on what angle you view this issue from – religious, secular or feminist, there are a multitude of answers.One thing I know is the family is also an organization that needs a leader, manager, provider and protector. It is difficult for a very small organization to have many administrators wearing different hats. The most effective and productive family is one that has a respected leader wearing all the hats.

  7. Quite a snag eh?…I bet they’ve got to compensate for the lost leave in a big way.

    I think i had the same experience as that wharf hullabaloo that you’ve got yourself into when I was a child. If my memory serves me well, it was almost identical only that somebody had actually fell into the water below…such a coincidence.

  8. That ship scene in Bacolod is one for the books (and blogs). LOL. It should have been captured on video and posted on YouTube for all the world to see. LOL.

    As to your messed-up two-week holiday plan, well, one week is better than none, di ba? But I do know what you mean.

    BTW, the image you used for this blog post made me laugh out loud.

  9. I guess the higher up you go on the corporate ladder, the more needed you become, but then again, appreciative superiors are often generous as well.

    Glad to know you found time to unwind, though shorter than planned. Welcome back!

    That anecdote at the Bacolod wharf is hilarious!

  10. Major – someone fell into the water? LOL.. That could be funny but here, someone will get sued if the person happen to slip or some railing fell off!

  11. Jayred – it would have been a treat to watch the incident
    ( including the swears and invectives in Ilongo LOL..) on tape but no one expected it to end that way!

  12. Senor Enrique – I wish I was working for the government where people don’t multi-task like crazy!
    Yeah, I had relaxed for a week and it recharged me. You’ve probably been in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire. We were in a resort in the mountains for a change – calm, quiet and natural. It was 9.5 hours drive from Toronto via Montreal/Quebec down to Vermont and onto NH.

  13. What a scandalous woman! Haha. But that’s funny, ha? Good thing nobody from the ship got so mad for the delay that he/she could have just kicked the lady into the water.

  14. The fact that she had the captain turn the ship around meant she was a tough customer. She reminded me of my grandma who was a tough nut herself. She was the old hag version of a tough guy. Jeepney drivers in my town avoided her because she demanded that they don’t go more than 60kms if she was on board.

  15. Really, I remember that some individual had to dived into the water to retrieve rubber slippers…There were a lot of shouting that I remember that it wasn’t funny at all. I got so anxious that time.

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