Weird Things Meme

I guess everyone has his own weirdness, something that sets ourselves apart from others. Talking about my “benign” weirdness … here’s my response to Major Tom’s tag about 6 weird things about me:

1. I can’t eat inside a train , bus or subway. My wife hates me for this. In the few times that we go home together in the train commute, she would buy us a couple of take home burger combos to munch in the train, I would pass up. I just hate people looking at me eating. I would eat only if we manage to secure the two seater at back end of the train.

2. I’m a watch freak. I own a dozen wrist watches of different makes and models. In my house, I also have clocks all over the place – bedrooms, family room, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms and basement. With the clocks in my microwave and oven range not including phone displays, I have counted 21 functioning clocks in my house. My bedroom has 2 clocks – one LCD on top of the TV that gleams when the lights are all out and one on the wall . When I wake up , the first thing I see is the bright red LCD clock showing the time. The transition from EST ( Eastern Standard Time) to DST ( Daylight Saving Time) and vice-versa is a nightmare for me. I swear I could pay someone just to adjust all the clocks and watches my house.

3. I hate to take lessons. I played tennis all my life but never had a single lesson with a pro. I have been playing golf for about 4 years now, but had just a 1 hour lesson with a lady pro at a resort. I watch the golf channel on TV everyday, subscribe to magazines, bought instructional CD’s, books, customized my equipment but I just don’t feel the need to take lessons. I could have improved more if I took lessons. I’m not sure what’s bugging me . I guess I’m just plain stubborn or lazy.

4. When I get hooked on fishing, I could drive 4 hours to a fishing spot, fish the spot for 8 hours and drive back home for another 4 hours and do it again the next day.

5. When I’m stalled in traffic, I glance at billboards and sign boards and split words in bunches of two, then three or four letters. This seems to be what my mind likes to do when when it is idle.

6. I could live up the rest of my life without eating rice.

Talking about rice, we Pinoys eat rice with almost anything don’t we. My wife can’t survive a day without eating rice. Italians grasp in horror when we spaghetti with rice. Do we care about harmony in food at all? What about harmony of colors and texture ? I think the only beverage that blends well with a Chinese meal is tea. With Pinoy food, I am thinking coconut water. I mean we can serve dinuguan, spaghetti and sinigang in one sitting and it’s perfectly alright! Try eating them without rice – yuck, they won’t blend at all. But put rice on the table and they all taste great. Rice… the great equalizer indeed. Just today I gave my 5 year old daughter rice and dinuguan and two cones of cherry ice cream. I’m just thinking… If I take a photo of a bowl of dinuguan and 2 scoops of cherry ice cream of the side.. arrggh.. well, black and pink seem to go well together LOL.. Culinary disaster or extreme cuisine?


15 Responses

  1. That’s a whole lotta watch you get there yourself; I guess time is of real essence to you like you hate missing appointments and forgetting special occassions.

    Oh, rice…what are we Filipinos if we are without rice? It is very unimaginable.

    But you know, I guess westerners have started to make rice as a common food that can be had on arms-length purchases. I saw a lot of American movies set on grocery stores and I could notice some neatly packed rice with brands on em. In fact, in one of my most favorite movie of all time, Keiffer Sutherland and Jason Patrick were eating a lot of rice in “The Lost Boys”, rice with garlic flavors, just like pizza and were packed like fastfoods in colorful carton packages.

  2. Craving for rice is probably just a mind set. In a society that moves so fast that time is crucial, people like to eat food that they can hold in their hands. Sitting on a table with a plate, spoon and fork and with at least two dishes – rice and something 3 times a day is quite difficult although there a fast food chains where you can take out a rice dish.

    In my case it is probably the notion that too much carbo is not good for the body so I sort of pass up on rice whenever I can. I also sort of lost my craving for Pinoy food except probably for laing and pork with cadios beans. But I have started eating brown rice which doesn’t taste as good as white rice for health reasons.

  3. A lot of Pinoy dishes can qualify as extreme cuisine.

    If there’s one thing about having so many clocks in the house is that, you won’t have any excuse for being late for work, haha. 😀

  4. True.. and I have a full view of the clock when I’m taking a shower so I won’t be late LOL.. That’s because of my other weirdness. I normally iron my office clothes in the morning after taking a shower. Just can’t do it at night..nope, when you do it for years, hard to change.. LOL>.

  5. yeah, you’re weird. hehehe. now i know what would be a nice gift for you.

    we’re the same with number 5. i guess that’s why i’m good at texttwist, coz i love to form new words from words. 🙂

  6. Funny but mine is simply when I’m stuck in traffic or gazing at magazine covers, shop signs when I’m idle at a mall lounge. I do crosswords on the train but I’m not deep into written wordplay.

    I’ve also realized that I’m spending a lot of time and money changing darn wrist watch batteries every now and then!

  7. That is a lot of clock to adjust the time even if only you have to do it two times a year. It must drive you crazy. I, myself, don’t usually wear wristwatches. Not that I don’t care being on time. Because I do. Actually my alarm clock is always 10 minutes ahead.

    Your wife is like my husband. He also likes to have rice every meal. Even though I work at home, I only eat sandwich at lunch.

  8. that’s a nice collection – watches! really, that’s weird, and here i am, trying to avoid looking at timepieces. he he

    you can live the rest of your life without rice??? that is something.. maybe it is really the mindset, or when people get used to doing things this or that way.

  9. Niceheart – I have that funny liking for watches. I saw an atomic wrist watch adverised in a science magazine and my sights are on it! I am also a practical guy and I dont collect but I buy good watches that I need for various activities.

  10. Bing – funny because a few months ago I was about to blog about a giant mechanical clock being constructed through a science grant somewhere in California. The clock is self winding and made of quality metals, derives time through a mechanical model of our solar of our solar system, by calculating the distance of the earth from the sun and the other planets. This clock is supposed to be deadly accurate and would last for 10,000 years non stop.

    I can honestly say I lost craving for rice. I don’t despise it or anything it’s just that it feels heavy, esp if you eat it 3 times a day. I only eat rice at night if I eat together with my wife.

  11. In New York, like you, I can go on indefinitely without eating rice. Here in Manila, there are days I’d go without it. Once while in a local Pizza Hut near the university belt, I couldn’t believe it when I saw some people eat pizza with rice.

    My brother who died some time ago left me his collection of fine watches. Not much of a watch aficionado, I sold them to a dealer and got stuff I needed instead. But I do own a couple of fine watches (a must accessory while in NYC) that I rarely wear here in Manila and would cost me like two hundred dollars each to get cleaned every year. Aaargh.

  12. The weird thing about this road is the supposed imperfection is only manifested when you travel
    over a certain speed. That’s like a trap.

    I know what you mean. Some of my watches I have to take to their authorized service centre for a simple battery change becuase the battery man refuses to open them for fear he might damage something. Time is really critical that in most IT data centres, there is a dedicated time server whose job is to provide the correct time for all servers within the network for synchornization purposes. This time server is either feeding off real time from the internet but for ultimate accuracy linked up to satellite based time provider or has an atomic clock gear with receiver that syncs up with the radio signals emitted by the U.S. Atomic Clock transmitter based in Colorado. There are 2 other places in the world that provide time sync
    through Atomic Clocks – one in Japan and another in Germany. Atomic clocks are far more accurate than the quartz because it uses Cesium element whose electromagnetic radiation frequency is the most stable over time.

    In my last trip to RP I brought an ordinary atomic office desk clock given to me at a tech conference as a gift to a cousin, but my younger bro begged for it. I told him that he can’t possibly sync up with the atomic clock in Japan because it is too far so the clock won’t be accurate but I guess he just wanted to show off…

    the giant but accurate mechanical clock I mentioned being built at a lab in calif is expected to be a a world wonder. I undertand is fills the entire lab area.

  13. Senor – the first paragraph of my reply was related my other post! Tough to be posting on two threads at the same time.

  14. I could live up the rest of my life without eating…bread. 🙂 I’m a rice person!

  15. i’m sure you can get milgarosa in Switzerland :}

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