Talking About Weird

Last Sunday, while checking out at the supermarket, the young lady cashier, a Chinese Canadian, told my 5 year old – hey, you look like me when I was young, although you’re a tad darker. Then she conversed with my wife, and we found out that she and my daughter have the same names! Huh?

As I was driving last night and listening to a popular radio talk show, the topic being discussed was a mysterious segment of a major highway close to the city where the talk show host encountered what he considered a almost paranormal event, when his car, barely one week out of the showroom, suddenly veered to the left lane, almost hitting another car. The most perplexing thing was he wasn’t able to control the car. It looked like some kind of a Bermuda triangle phenomenon where pilots of planes and boats experienced loss of control of their steering wheel. Then lo and behold, people started calling in, testifying of the same horrifying experience in the aforesaid portion of the highway. After about 8 callers, a retired professional race car driver called in theorizing that the particular segment of the highway in question had been degraded by large 18 wheelers plying the area and the road is having some imperfections that would cause the sudden shift to the left side when one is driving on the right ( slowest) lane at speeds over 100km/hr. Most peeople don’t realize it he said if they’re driving slow in heavy traffic. Well, I think the govt ought to fix this damn road! I’m glad it’s out of my way but it’s kinda scary.

Now, about weird cell phone users as blogged by Abaniko, I have a Pinoy officemate who actually hangs up his landline at home when he goes to work. If you call him at home, you’d hear that dit..dit..dit.. fast busy signal. At the office, his voice mail doesn’t announce his family name. No one knows his cell number and he told us that he ” borrows” the cell from friend so he can’t give out his number. When he goes on vacation, he unplugs his office phone from the outlet ( not necessary because there’s voice mail anyway). When you listen to his out of the office voice mail, he won’t say when he is returning to work. This guy is single, probably close to 40 lives alone in his apartment, no girlfriend, no car and we don’t have a clue of what he does with his salary. We don’t know what’s up with the guy but we’re not surprised why he’s still single.


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  1. That guy, your officemate, he might be a spy… or just plain weird. 🙂

  2. Dunno bro.. but he’s gone to the point of ticking off almost everybody. He is an amiable guy but I was told by someone that he doesn’t press the elevator door with his fingers but with a pointed object like a pen.

    One time, he even look off the label on his pager and placed a larger label but with a different tel number! So we asked – what the?? He replied, someone must have picked up his number and he is getting crank pages hence the decoy..wooo.

  3. what?? he’s really weird. and it’s like he’s really living a secret life. or he’s paranoid. but that totally over paranoid ha.

    and the race car driver is good.

    about your daughter, wow! isn’t she a relative to the 10th degree? hehehe

  4. weird! weird! weird!

  5. Tin – paranoid indeed.

    The cashier is half white so I’ll take it that she’s our relative from Adam he he.. Many years from now, grandchildren would probably not have any semblace of a Pinoy because of the inter racial marriages becoming common here.

    Jairam – I seriously think he should go for a mental check up.

  6. Could that guy have committed a crime and is trying to live a new life by cutting himself from his past? Or he’s simply paranoid?

  7. As I said he’s a very amiable guy and came here when he was in his teens and graduated from a science degree from a Canadian university but we wonder why he hasn’t even picked up the social skills so he could find someone to be with. I don’t think he has a dark past. My guess is he is suffering from some form of depression which he probably doesn’t know. They say it starts with the feeling of having unfounded fears..

  8. Hmm, that thing he does with the elevator button reminds me of that tv character named Monk.

  9. Yea..because hundreds of people press the elevator button all day. They say at one the great Frank Sinatra wouldn’t shake hands with anyone until he wore a glove. It sure is a reflection of insecurity.

  10. Does this single guy hold a high profile position? Can’t understand why he’d prefer to be incomunnicado.

    About that strange lane, I was told of a somewhat similar spot on the highway near Santa Cruz, Laguna, but from most accounts, cars would suddenly change course — from north to south or vice versa — and would occur at nights only. Hmmm … much too hard to accept as true.

  11. Nope, he fortunately doesn’t hold a high position in the company. An uptight person like him can sometimes act irrationally, like his insecurity about people hounding him for something. A normal person is transparent or open for the world to communicate with. He also doesn’t dig music nor movies , doesn’t play nor dig sports. His social ineptness is obvious. I once linked him up with a woman friend and the feedback quite was surprising, that the guy can’t seem to discern that he’s talking to a woman. he he.

  12. Well, like your ‘weird’ officemate, I do unplug our phone and turn off my cellphone for days on end when I want to be left alone. I also don’t give my contact info to just anyone. Guess I’m too private a person, or as my sister puts it, it’s the artist in me.” (I also don’t meet up with co-bloggers and blog readers as a rule. And I also don’t go to class reunions. But I do have friends — few but tested.)

    I think this guy is just being selective on whom he should trust. Most probably, he was “burned” (napaso) from past unpleasant experiences involving people who betrayed his trust or who gossiped about him. Or maybe he’s just plain introvert on the extreme level. I don’t know. People always have their reasons, and being unable to state these reasons out loud, they may look to others as “weird.” I’ve been labeled as such in the newspaper company I used to work for. But I didn’t really care.

    Truth is relative. What may be weird to you may not be weird to others. For all we know, this guy may be regarding all of you as the real weirdos. 🙂

  13. You’re right – we all look weird to him! We all have our idiosyncrasies don’t we. I guess you have to be able speak with the person to confirm his weirdness. There’s those who cross the boundary between eccentricity and weirdness.

  14. Ehem, uso din pala dyan ang pinag uusapan ang kapit-bahay?

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