Absolutely Freaky

Over the years we have been watching breathtaking performances of David Copperfield, the dapper illusionist who married supermodel Claudia Schiffer and the impossible feats of maestro David Blaine but none had ever paralleled the boldness and freakiness of the grandmaster of them all – Criss Angel. Still in his thirties, Angel looks and dresses like a rocker and literally speaking because the man plays in a rock band besides being a master magician and illusionist. His illusions are top draws, never seen before performances which can range from amusing to mind-boggling to nauseating and terrifying.

Here’s some of his “tricks” :

He lies down on a hanging bed with a with a large , overhead
circular saw gradually descending towards his body. The saw finally sears into his flesh, splits his torso and the metal bed. His body is cut in half and his head and upper part of his body are very much alive, his legs and feet on the other half of the bed still wiggling.

At the park, he huddles with strangers, asks a woman lie down on a wooden bench then requests two people to pull her hands and two feet with all their might, like playing tug of war. All of a sudden the woman’s body splits in two and the upper body part starts crawling around with the hands to the horror of the onlookers. People who were freaked out started running away from the scene.

He walks with an umbrella then stops at the side of the building. He then places his left feet onto the wall, pushes his body using the umbrella so he could position his right foot on the wall, then starts walking upright until the top of the building very much like Spiderman. The stunt defies the laws of gravity hence absolutely mind-boggling.

And many more. How the hell does he do this? All the while Angel knew he had this “power”. He has pictures of him “levitating “ his mom at the house when he was thirteen. Work of the devil perhaps? Why was there no blood when his body was cut? One can also pitch the camera trick argument – heck, this is just television. I would be satisfied if I was watching these things “live” like touching his body as he is walking upright. Whatever , it’s still absolutely freaky!


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  1. I could never catch his TV special on cable — either too late or I was too sleepy. Those tricks you mentioned are indeed astounding!

    David Blaine I saw once or twice in the streets of NYC and last I saw of him was when he was inside a huge block of ice, which as usual, caused major traffic on Broadway at Times Square.

    But you’re right … Chris Angel is the man (for now, until someone greater and more enigmatic comes along!).

  2. i have never seen any of his shows and i would definitely want to see one. but i’m checking his site now. based on your post, it’s really freaky! body in half?!?!?!

  3. I’ve seen his show on cable before and he did the walking up the wall thing, I was like, WOW! And I thought David Blaine’s ‘levitation’ was wicked….

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those conservative religious folks believe he’s satan’s spawn. And he looks the part, LOL! 😀

  4. I don’t like watching that kind of magic. It just makes me think of demonic powers. What I like though are sleight of the hand kinds of magic. The ones you see at parties and other gatherings.

  5. Senor – if someone greater comes along I’m not sure what that state of illusion would be. Other than illusion, this guy Angel also punishes his body like crazy. At one point he lifted the front part a Vegas taxi up ( looked like a Ford Crown Victoria to me) to his knees, felled a full grown palm tree by pushing it, at the front of Alladin Resort and Casino. And he’s only 160 lbs!

  6. Tin – it’s indeed freaky. The woman cut in half was running around with her hands like a “mananaggal”. It’s best that you get his DVD, a compilations of his feats shown on the A&E channel.

  7. Sngl – his levitation performances are way better than Blaine. I mean this guy gave the public the first hand view of how “ascension to heaven” may have looked like. LOL.
    He water too at a public pool in Vegas.

  8. Abaniko – this goes way beyond the magician in a black suit. This one his illusion at it’s best. There has to be a physical explanation how this guy does it – we just don’t know how and it remains mysterious to us.

  9. SNGL – correction… he walked on water too at a pool in Vegas..

  10. Yeah, I saw that in one of his specials on cable. If he could just show us how to do it then we wouldn’t have to worry about wading through floods here in Manila. LOL! 😀

  11. it’s not only freaky but scary. who knows if he’s empowered by the devil? it requires an explanation, i think it’s not plain illusion at all (with your enumeration of his acts). i was told about him but havent seen the act yet.

  12. Never really heard about Mr. Aangel before but your right, his feats are quite mindboggling; like taking magic to another level, into another realm.

    If that’s the kind of feat he makes (like levitating his mom), I won’t be surprise if this guy becomes a household name in years to come.

  13. Bing – I am a skeptic, still assuming that there’s a physical explanation for everything, that the element of ruse is always in play, the reason why you don’t see a magician performing in the theatre wearing boxer shorts and T shirt! Check out what’s underneath that tuxedo! Illusion is another level but there’s got to be a physical explanation.

  14. Sngl – if you had this skill 2000 years ago, heck you could be God!

  15. Major Tom – welcome back bro. He’s pretty intense in his performances to the point of inflicting physical punishment to his body.

    In one of his tricks, he had a woman he randomly chose from the crowd of onlookers initial a 25 cent (quarter) coin with a felt pen to mark it. He then swallowed the coin, raised his sleeves and showed the coin travelling underneath the skin of his arm.. Before reaching the wrist area, he pulled out an exacto knife, sliced the skin of his arm and pulled out the coin – blood all over. And the coin had the woman’s initials.. Wicked indeed!

  16. That’s true! This guy’s going to be one tough act to follow!

  17. THe next masstro would bring illusion up the next level that this guy.

    It is easy to dismiss everything and charge it to the work of the devil. A buddy told me that Angel actually offered a verbal explanation to how he does levitation and I’m darn interested to find out how he does it.

  18. I share Abaniko’s sentiments.

  19. I’ve enjoyed watching David Copperfield and David Blaine. Especially Blaine’s last act where he submerged himself under water. But I don’t know. I think this Angel guy is too freaky for me to watch.

  20. Niceheart – freaky is a good word to describe his acts. I am amused, mainly because of his apparent defiance of laws of physics… which to me is nothing but a trick and I am awed perhaps because I have no idea of how it is done. Throughout the experience, I leave my brain and not my heart do the puzzle.

    Check this out.. A description of how he performs his levitation tricks!


  21. here’s the link again…

    forum/index.php? showtopic=57826

  22. oh my! how do they do it?

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