Shopping Boredom

The pic is actually a witty-words magnet sticker gracing our fridge door at the moment. Going to the mall and shopping my wife is akin to a journey to the unexpected – remember that sci-fi movie? LOL. We would be store hopping seemingly looking for nothing and if we stumble upon something of interest to her, we would be stuck like a truck with two flat tires. It takes me literally 1 minute to try a pair of pants and make up a buy decision. My pseudo – computerized brain searches for a few variables for a decision– color good? YES. waist fits? YES. Does it look good on me? YES. Price OK? YES. BUY IT! My wife seems to have a large database of variables like.. hmmm.. what’s the percentage of this blending with all my bags, shoes and sweaters in the closet? What would my friends think about this? My friend so and so says she likes this color. The other store sells this cheaper….

My kind of shop are the sporting goods and electronics stores. This is where I enjoy hanging around and checking items out for new models or items that are on sale. I’m bored to death checking out clothing stores with my wife. To alleviate my boredom , I let her shop on her own , make her own decisions while I go my way to my kind of shops. I also told her to capitalize on the generous 30 day return policy of most stores here. No need to waste time – buy it and if she changes her mind later on, return the darn thing. How’s that for a cure to impulse buying? The adrenalin rush , that passion for acquisitiveness seems unstoppable at the moment but when you get home, reality sinks in, the clothes don’t really look that great.. it’s expensive. Change of mind ? no problem, return it. You might end up empty handed but at least you had fun shopping.


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  1. I can identify with this article BW. So, what we do is I shop on my own whenever I’m in window shopping mood. I won’t dare bring the children. If my hubby is bored then children have this expression that makes me feel guilty. My husband will just ask me, if I’m buying something and if I say yes, he’ll saunter to the same shops that you do. I think it’s better that way. 🙂

  2. Haha. I can relate. That’s basically the difference between a man and a woman when it comes to shopping. I even have a graphic representation of this here.

  3. He he he. We were just shopping today and my husband separated from me and the kids and we just met at a designated spot. It’s better that way. And know what? I tried on 3 denim jackets today and I thought I got one that’s just right for me, but when I tried it at home, it doesn’t fit right. So I’ll have to return it. We only have a 14-day return policy here in Winnipeg.

  4. Good God, my eldest sister used to drag me along with her since I was a little boy. Despite such early training, as they would say, I grew up despising the idea of accompanying any female when they shop.

    I would enjoy doing it with my brothers and male cousins and friends because we get to flirt with the cute sales staff. Downside is, we would sometimes end up buying things we really didn’t want because we got charmed by them 🙂

  5. Ipanema – my little girl is now 5 and she can run around with me or my wife. Yep, it helps when she can have all the time in the world to shop without pressure 🙂

  6. Abaniko – he he the cartoon is so funny! Very true indeed. For me, I kinda seem to know exactly what to buy and if I in doubt, I sleep on it for a day and see if I really have the urge to buy it.

  7. Niceheart – aren’t you glad you can return it? Happens to my qife quite often. Unfortunately some store selling stuff with ridiculous discounts to rid of inventory make your purchases final.

  8. Senor Enrique – when i was a kid my spinster aunt used to dote on me and treated me like her adopted son. I used to go with her shopping every weekend. It was fun. But when I got married, I lost patience, specially going with my wife through a clothes fitting exercise. She goes inside the fitting room and comes out asking me – is it OK? Man, standing there waiting for her trying many clothes is an ordeal.. LOL

  9. It’s better to buy clothes at the factory outlet stores. They’re way cheaper but no return policy.

  10. i shop like that. the first thing i would consider is if my friends would like it. even if i’m the one who’s going to wear it. at least you can return your goods. i hope philippines would have that na rin. hehe.

    but i discover something, when i do impulsive buying, as in just buy and not really decide on it, they always turn out to be the best decisions made 🙂

  11. I HATE shopping! After 15 minutes I get big big headaches.
    Should I tell you that my wife love the shopping… 😉

  12. Oh man, you should see my ex-wife when she shops, especially in Hong Kong where she can spend practically the whole freaking day going to every freaking boutiques in the city, stopping only for lunch and dinner. And still has the energy to do the same thing next day.

  13. Irrealis – you bet. If I want to shop for clothes, I’d drive down to the factory outlet store in Rochester, NY . With the CAD dollar almost at parity with the green buck, you can get great deals. Their prices are outrageously cheap.

  14. Tin – you just reaffirmed the saying that women dress for their fellow women and not men! With regard to returning stuff, the generosity is being abused sometimes. If you don’t have a return policy, then no one will shop at your store.

  15. Sidney – I tell you that I get big headaches too.. esp thinking of the bill.. LOL!

  16. Sngl – same here.. When we go for a short holiday, the next think my wife asks is – are there malls or factory outlets nearby? Shopping is sort of therapy for her. I’m glad she has her own credit cards now..LOL..

  17. Actually I had longed gave up about accompanying my wife on her shopping activities, it could get too tiresome at times, going by from one shopping store to another, and even going back to some we had gone earlier to. I’d always end up complaining that we got to stop hopping somehow and just buy regardless if its cheaper somewhere or if the other ones on the other stores are better looking or not.

  18. Same here… Going round in circles searching for the right stuff really bores me. Looking at 10,000 things and wasting the sales lady’s time and not buying anything is kind of embarrasing to me.

  19. lolz. interesting sign! 🙂

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