Benedict Apologizes

I’ve been away for an extra long weekend in Quebec and caught up with Pope Benedict’s imbroglio on TV while on the road. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the double standard I see on the news and TV regarding what constitutes an affront to Muslims is starting to bother and sicken me. The war in Iraq had transitioned to Sunnis and Shiites slaughtering each other everyday and everybody is blaming Bush for it. Oh well, we know Dubya’s stupid. The world openly criticizes the Vatican for its hypocrisy, bash the pope for his view on birth control and gay marriage with total disrespect; some even cast doubt on Jesus’ deity but no one got beheaded – but when the pope utters a quote from a 14th century emperor about prophet Mohammad, the world cries foul! Ben XVI MUST apologize! Benedict should have retorted .. apologize? Whoa? .. who shot John Paul II in 1981?


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  1. This only means the pope wields tremendous influence/power. His words greatly matter. Had he been an ordinary person, his remark would have gone unnoticed.

  2. Ah, these people are overly sensitive. He was only quoting for heaven’s sakes.

  3. Abaniko – to think that a seemingly innocous cartoon depiction in a Scandiavian country would have resulted in burning of its embassies speaks volumes of the sensitivity of some people.

  4. Ipanema – some folks still find it hard to accept the apology. I think Benedict’s motive was sincere in opening up a discussion on the matter but many people were grabbed by it in a different way.

  5. What about a payback for John Paul II?

  6. This just shows you the hypocrisy that’s been going around in some Muslim community (yeah so sue me).

    These folks actually believe that they can openly criticize anybody or any religion because their religion is a pure and just religion and all that blahs and the rest can just go to hell. But say something that they percieve as an attack against their prophet and religion(they always seem to equate criticism as an attack), all hell breaks loose.

    Kinda reminds you of that cartoon controversy doesn’t it? And they accuse the whole non-christian world for being tough on the muslims…. tsk tsk

  7. Jose_Maria – payback might be a little out of the line. For one thing, Pople Jon Paul II forgave the man unconditionally. I also read that the man had served his sentence and is now a free man. I hope this would serve as an example to the world.

  8. Sngl – fyi some Muslim countries have not yet totally forgiven him. There were attacks at Christian churches in Palestine and a nun was murdered in Somalia as payback. To think that Pope John Paul’s shooter got him right at St Peter Square, in the Vatican grounds, and he was arrested, jailed and eventually became a free man after his prison term – quite laughable to some. If you shot the Ayatollah right in his turf as he makes his rounds in the mosque grounds – you would never see the sun again. You’d be chopped liver right there and then.

  9. i think muslims are really sensitive. coz you’re right an editorial caused riots also

  10. Christians behaved in the same way a few centuries ago! Indeed, too much of religion is poison.

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