The Hole In One Deal

You get invited to a customer appreciation tournament or you pay a fee to be able to get to the designated tee off and boom.. you hit the ball and when it goes into the hole you win the most coveted price – a brand new car! People often ask – what’s the deal with these cars in the hole in one contest? In an 18 hole course, there is only one hole designated for the hole in one contest. Other than the car being donated by a generous sponsor there are companies that specialize in providing cars for hole in one events in exchange for a fee . If the car isn’t won, they keep the fee. In other words, they are in the business of risk taking, betting on the odds that a hole in one is a real long shot. For example, the company might ask the event organizer $6,000 insurance for a BMW 325. If someone makes a hole in one, the car is given away but if no one does, the company keeps the 6 grand. A company rep is stationed rep at the hole as a witness to make sure that the hole in one claim is legitimate.

In some fund raising events, people who want to take a shot at winning the car pay for the chance to hit. In one event a few years ago at a local public club here, a Cadillac STS was showcased as the hole in one price. People were paying the 5 bucks ticket to hit for the car. One lady wanted the Cadillac but didn’t know how to play golf so a gentleman, a complete stranger asked if he could hit for her. She obliged , paid the 5 bucks and unbelievably , the stranger holed the ball! The Cadillac was won! The lady was jumping up and down rejoicing with the win- a spanking, brand new luxury car. The following day, the news hit the airwaves and people were criticizing the woman for being selfish. Many callers insisted the man deserved something; after all, it was his shot that won the car.

So what do you think people – was the man entitled to a share of the prize?


25 Responses

  1. If I were her, I’d sell off my old car and give the proceeds to the man who made the shot for me πŸ™‚

    But that’s interesting how some folks come up with enterprising ideas like this, though it comes with certain risks as well.

  2. That’s a great way to show gratitude Senor.. except if your car is a year old VAN or SUV that you can’t really part with !

    Yes, people have become very creative and enterprising these days. You can make money on almost anything nowadays.

  3. He was a good man and asked the girl so he must get nothing in my opinion.

  4. It’s a win-win deal for the car company anyway. After all, sponsoring sports tournament like golf is included in their yearly budget. And more importantly, the odds are in their favor. They are not just gonna give away cars if they think that the odds heavily against them… πŸ™‚

    As for that woman, she should have given the guy who won for her that car a little something. Pakunswelo lang. What’s a thousand bucks for a spanking new car?

  5. I agree. It’s so selfish of that woman not to give the man something for winning the car for her. If I were the woman, I’ll give the man a little “gratitude money”. It’s like buying the brand-new car at an unbelievable discounted price which is the “balato”.

  6. Well, it really depends on the old woman and the man. They should come to a compromise or something regarding the car. The callers and dissers complaining on the behalf of the man are jealous. That’s what I think.

  7. Sngl – yep. Most companies have budgeted for the insurance fee anyways so they couldn’t care less if the car is won or not.

    As for the girl, many think she should give him something others don’t think so. In the radio talk 80% said she must give and 20% said no.

  8. Jose_maria – that’s one hard line to look at it too. Remember the girl did not ask him – he volunteered so technically speaking, he was the “cause of his own misery” so to speak. LOL.

  9. Abaniko – that’s the thinking of many, that the man must be rewarded for his effort. The tough question is – how much does he deserve?

  10. Ric – yeah, I bet many callers were darn jealous! A luxury car is a hot item. I remember at the City Golf centre in downtown Toronto, a real estate offered a condo unit as the price of the hole-in-one ( part of promo), for 10 bucks a shot. Many people line up but no one holed the ball. It was a 153 yarder which isn’t too far but hole in ones are real long shots man.

    As for the man demanding a share of the price – hmmm..really don’t think he has that right. It really depends on the girl.

    I am bound to tell you what happened to this controversy at some point but I’ll wait for a few more posts!

    P.S. to SNGL – I kinda missed your point. Yes – these companies are in the business of taking risk, much like a casino. The odds are in their favor but they can have dry spells too! A couple of Beemers taken can be tough to recover within the year.
    I also learned that their insurance fees are proportional to the number of players in the field – the more players the higher the fee.

  11. i’ll keep the car and just give something to the man. the man doesn’t demand anything. and we haven’t talked about any sharing. hehehe.

    i don’t play golf and that’s the only sport (i think) that i really don’t understand. so i really dont know how hard it is to attain hole in one.

  12. The man offered and they got the car. I see nothing wrong with the woman claiming it for as long as she gave something to the man. Of course she can’t give the car.

    I’m not being selfish, I’m just practical. If they had an agreement then the woman should abide by that.

  13. The guy should get something I think, even if it were not the whole of the car. It would be so unnatural for the old lady just to leave the guy who had won her a car out in the cold…I think human nature would deem it that the lady should be a little generous.

  14. Tin – sure, it depends on the girl if she opts for a gesture of thanks. Yeah, golf can be quite complicated if you don’t play it. As soon as you start playing the game, you’ll get the hang of the scoring and the rules.

  15. Ipanema – giving the car would be too much and wrong. The car belongs to the girl. There wasn’t any agreement, just a friendly offer from a stranger. People are debating as to what would be a fair compensation to the man?

  16. Major T – generosity would be the proper response but again, the woman was just a recipient of a friendly offer. The woman doesn’t break any rules if she doesn’t give the man anything. It’s a case of por delicadeza really. She can shake his hands and say thank you, thank you and give him a big hug and a kiss, maybe cry a little and say au revoir..

  17. OK Folks.. Here’s what the girl did. After all the controversy and the radio talk show rants she sold the luxury car for something like 50 grand and split the money with the guy. She said later on that she wasn’t coerced by anyone but felt obliged to give the man a fair share.

  18. I’d say a word is a word. the man made an offer, made good an offer, man happy for the woman; woman happy for a brand new spanking
    STS. Give the man a hug, a kiss if he’ll let one.

  19. Vic – yes, he can probably get more than a hug and a kiss or even a date πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by.

  20. Did you won the brand new BMW?

    Maybe that woman should have offered the man to be her driver… πŸ˜‰

  21. Ha ha ..It would be real nice to have it for free. As a driver – with extra frills that wouldn’t be a bad part time job πŸ™‚

  22. The woman can give any amount of money to the man. Even as little as half a grand. In the first place, she didn’t request the guy to play for her. The guy volunteered. He volunteered not because he wanted to “help” the woman but to gratify himself. So the woman’s not really indebted to the guy.

  23. That’s very true but in the end the girl turned out to have a golden heart. Perhaps the rants and criticisms from the radio touched her conscience so she sold the car and gave half to the man. Well, good for both of them!

  24. if she wants to pay it forward, good. If not, hey, that’s cool too.

  25. yeah I guess bottom line she couldn’t be hanged for being an ingrate.

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