What Should I Eat?

The other night I passed by a gas station convenience store section to get myself a cup of hot tea after a hefty dinner at a restaurant. The conversation of the cashier and a lady customer caught my attention. The lady was wearing tight jeans and long sleeves shirt, probably in her mid-thirties and a bit on the chubby side :

Cashier : Hi, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Boy you look so different! What have you done to yourself?

Customer : Really? Well I did go into a workout and weight loss program. I’m glad you noticed!

Cashier : Yes, it’s very obvious! What did you do? Did you have to buy a new set of clothes?

Customer : I did lots of workout, ate veggies and healthy food and stayed away from sugar and fatty foods. I donated my clothes to the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Yeah, I had to buy a new set of clothes!

Cashier : Boy, you really look different and I’m happy that you feel and look great! The last time I saw you was around March and it was winter. What a change.

Customer : Thanks so much . I gotta go now. We’ll see each other again!

Cashier : Alright. Take care and see you soon.

As I was stirring my cup preparing to pay, the man turned to me and said. “I can’t believe what I just saw. You know that girl is my regular customer and the last time I saw her she was wide – over 300 lbs! Man, I hardly recognized her this time around. “ I replied jokingly “ Well, she looked like she must be at least 200 lbs but hey that’s more than 100 lbs lost!

I came back to the car and related the story to my wife. She saw the woman walk out and thought she was pretty but couldn’t believe she had to come down from 300+lbs. Like most people, dieting and losing weight seems to be a game of seesaw. When you think you’ve achieved some weight loss, you slacken up. This girl obviously didn’t. She’s one of those who toughed it out and achieved the results. Good for her.

Losing weight to become healthy and losing weight to look good are two entirely different things although it isn’t hard to argue that losing weight to be healthy could make one look good. Besides, if my partner likes the way I look, why should I change? Flamboyant and controversial pro golfer John Daly , a fan favorite because of his long drives and great touch around the green, is every bit an anti-thesis of what a golfer should be – smoker, heavy drinker, pot-bellied, overweight. He typifies the ordinary guy and is nowhere close to Tiger Wood’s lean and mean physique. In his book “My Life In and Out of the Rough” Daly says that his lovely 4th wife Sherrie told him when they first met ; “ I don’t like blonds, and I don’t particularly like golfers but I do like fat boys”. Will John Daly ever try to lose weight?

Lots of exercise and eating right – low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol, low carb, no transfat, high fiber, etc. are just a few of the confusing terminologies that we hear a lot these days. Add to this the seemingly conflicting reports we get from the media on a daily basis. Coffee improves alertness. aspartame and saccharin can cause blindness, hearing impairment, palpitations, depression, etc. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. 8 glasses of water daily is urban myth– it can damage your kidneys. Don’t eat eggs – its full of cholesterol. Nope, there’s nothing wrong with eggs. Quit drinking alcohol. Have a glass of red wine daily. And the list goes on and on….

Perry confusing stuff indeed which begs the question – what the heck should I eat?


14 Responses

  1. That is so weird! I can’t imagine seeng a 200-lb lady who has already LOST 100 lbs! Good for her though that she’s continuing to lose weight. And her strategy seems healthy – exercise and a healthy diet.

    I’m so confused with what to eat too. I’ve read Atkins, South Beach, French Women Don’t Get Fat. I’ve read about transfats, carbohydrates, fats, GMOs, organic, etc.. AHHHH!

    It’s the fault of the developed nations. They introduce junk and processed foods and then they give us all these kinds of silly diets. 🙂

  2. I guess you can’t do wrong with a daily dose of lechon, a couple of beers and a pack of cigarettes. 😉

  3. I’m glad I haven’t gone berserk on dieting otherwise I would feed myself nothing but bran and low- fat milk 3 times a day just to be safe .. LOL.

  4. Sidney – ha ha ha . Are they not in the confusing list?

    BTW as I was composing my reply to Toe, your post came before mine! I find lechon kawale dipped in hot vinegar tempting but with beer around, it becomes irresistible! LOL..

  5. To effectively lose weight, exercise is important I think. I play badminton regularly and I’m able to maintain my weight even if I sometimes binge. Imagine if I control my diet a bit then I’d be extremely slim by now. 🙂

  6. You bet Abaniko – exercise really helps, esp with the heart. But sometimes we are lazy or have the presumption that it’s OK to pig out and lose the calories through exercise! With winter in the offing, I hope my treadmill doesn’t breakdown!

  7. Yes, it’s quite confusing what and what not to eat. The food seemingly has one or two negative aspects about them that when you go for a healthier one, it’s the same.

    A good diet and exercise help.

  8. Definitely diet and exercise helps. My doc told me to eat and enjoy veggies in their pristine, unadulterated form, minus the dressing. I’m thinking – what’s the difference between me and the goat who goes around eating leaves. I need the dressing!

  9. I find it confusing too. But I still believe and stick to a well-balanced meal. I can’t understand that no-carbs diet. We do need carbs, don’t we? Just in moderation I think.

    I’ve also noticed a weight gain lately and I’ve started walking everyday. This is one bad thing about working at home. I sometimes don’t find a reason to get out there, but this weight gain is definitely one. I need to exercise more.

  10. There’s an old theory that espouses eliminating carbo altogether, meaning you can eat meat and other high protein foods to your liking but never gain weight. This theory had been dispelled by modern science. Balance is key.

    Exercise is a necessity. My doc wants me to run on the treadmill 1 hour every day. I can only do 30 mins max. I can still lose some weight but I can’t seem to pass up on the weekend trip to the buffet and dim-sum. I sport a little belly but my wife thinks it’s fine and I can keep it..LOL..

  11. I’m very thankful that I have a very fast metabolism. Otherwise, with the way I eat, I would have been around 200lbs by now.

  12. Good for you. I know of people who eat a lot but somehow don’t gain weight that much… In my case, my weight jumps accoding to my food intake.

  13. yea, what should i eat? lahat ng bawal masarap!

  14. I can pass up on lechon as I have always done but not with puso ng saging with pork na ginisa sa gata and daing na bangus plus a bowl of hot , steamed rice. It’s just irresistible, man. Sira ang diet ko!

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