Nigeria Scam – Part II

Just as the world thought or hoped that the incessant and belligerent alert and warning campaigns had sealed the last nails on the coffin on the Nigeria email scam thereby purging it out of cyberspace , a new version of the scam surfaced in Canada. This time it had nothing to do with cyberspace but with the old dirty magic trick – turning paper into money! A group of hustlers claimed to possess substantial inventory of wads of blackened money coming from Nigeria needing chemical treatment in order for paper to turn into legit American and Canadian currency. An expensive chemical was supposedly needed to magically turn the blackened paper into real money. A few gullible prospects who were completely sold to the carefully crafted demonstration and the notion that wads of cash were in the offing forked out thousands of dollars to the hustlers who were to come up with the extremely expensive chemical, the wonder potion that would transform the black paper into real money. A total of $130,000 was collected by the scammers but never showed up to deliver the chemicals. The victims reported the scam to the police who are now hot on the scammers’ trail. It’s just me but doesn’t the overall scheme smack of illegal wheeling and dealing or perhaps even counterfeit operations? What was the trade-off? Give me money to buy the chemicals and we split the booty? The victims may have a lot of explaining to do with the police on the nature of their motive in acquiring money illegally. Remember that old trick at the streets of Manila? Someone pretends to find an expensive ring and asks a passerby if he wants to buy the ring at some ridiculous price? Turns out that the ring is fake.

Lucky Storekeepers?

The latest news of lotto store operators reportedly collectively winning some $500,000 in lottery winnings have raised concerns from the public that these operators have insider information or are scamming the public with their ticket winnings. It is common practice for ticket buyers to have their tickets scanned at the lotto stations in convenience stores and malls and the question is – are they being scanned properly? A win, even for a free ticket registers that familiar slot machine jackpot sound and a printout of the win details is provided to the ticket holder. The hoo-hah was fueled by the celebrated case of an 82 year old retiree who was scammed by a convenience store lotto operator of his 250,000 winnings. The case had been finally resolved after 5 years of legal wrangling, only after the old man sued the operator and the Ontario Lottery Commission (OLC) for fraud and engaged the services of the high profile investigative journalism TV show The Fifth Estate who did an outstanding job in expose’. The sickening part of the whole saga was the brazen audacity of the storekeeper’s attempt to settle the case with a 150,000 pay off to the old man. Admission of guilt ? Why the heck would you pay anyone that amount of money if you hadn’t done something? Cash the 250,000, pay off the man 150,000 and keep the 100,000 for yourself? Nice try. The old man wasn’t dumb after all so he declared an all out air strike and sued everyone who needed to be sued and got what he wanted. Good for him. The OLC is now planning to install do-it-yourself scanning machines at lotto stations. It’s about time.


10 Responses

  1. My goodness these people. They’re up to their old tricks again? Pity those who fall for it.


    I don’t have any winning streak when it comes to lotto. I must work my butt hard to earn. How sad when other people get lucky by the millions. 😦

  2. Those Nigerians are very creative. What always amazes me is that there are people so stupid and greedy to believe those odd stories.

  3. Kudos to those tenacious Nigerians. What’s next to these guys? Hawking the good ole Brooklyn Bridge? I’m sure there’ll be takers as well.

    Amazing how that old adage rings true even in the 21st-century — “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

  4. Ipanema – we would be wondering as to who would fall for this seemingly unsophisticated, obvious trick? Hard to tell until you know who the victims are and their association with the culprits.

    Some people are incredibly lucky.. and there’s even this guy who won the jackpot twice!

  5. Sidney – smart and creative indeed. They keep on inventing new techniques, much like magician Chris Angel coming up with new illusions.

  6. Senor Enrique – you’ll really never know that these guys will be up to next time.. There’s a story of this Nigerian family that applied for refugee status in Canada and was found out to be creatively renting the big house the govt welfare assigned them. The discrepancy was discovered after two years and the family was deported. The mother of the family wasn’t about to leave the country in disgrace though. She told the press that the scheme netted her $20,000 in savings which she will take back to Nigeria and thanked Canada for being a graceful host! She was one heck of a hustler and Canada looked like a frigging buffoon blushing in extreme embarrasment.

  7. Hard to believe some people still fall prey to this old scam. The only reason why these guys still do it is because there are still those who are dumb enough to believe it. Greed and the want for easy money can really consume you, and your life savings.

  8. Sngl – that’s the really scary part, when people compromise their houses and life savings due to greed and the desire to make quick, big bucks.

  9. Blackened money? Haha! Very creative of them.

    BTW, the e-mail scam has not yet been totally obliterated. We still get warnings from our Home Office of people getting victimized or at least receiving these scam e-mails.

  10. Toe – very creative indeed. Maybe those folks who got sold on the scammers trying to buy their businesses with blackened money wanted out of their losing ventures. Maybe their businesses were not doing that well. Just a speculation.

    Are the emails still floating around? Man, these guys will never stop picking on naive folks.

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