The IRAQ Debacle

The recent Democrat election victory had signaled the displeasure of the American people over their president’s adventurism in Iraq. From now until George W. Bush’s end of term of office in 2008, the name of the game is face saving or salvaging whatever is left to ensure a graceful exit from the Iraq debacle and avoid the dubious distinction of being the worst president America ever had, a label that is seemingly fixated like a halo over his head. When politicians, out of frustration over the worsening violence which had escalated into civil war proportions, throw in the proposal of partitioning Iraq into 3 autonomous regions for the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds with a sharing agreement on the country’s oil revenues, one can’t help to think – what the heck was the loss of 3,000 American lives and a staggering $500 billion war tab all about? Wasn’t the plan to liberate and not disunite Iraq? What about the thousands of innocent Iraqis who lost their lives? Was this enough justification to keep America safe? And is America safer now than it is before 911?

Those who wanted to see Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld go had very valid and compelling reasons for demanding the change. Other than the worsening conflict on the ground, Rumsfeld had been accused of blowing the defense budget. Defense contractors were in a non-stop cycle in designing producing expensive state of the art weaponry that weren’t needed for the Iraq war, plunging the government into a much deeper budget deficit. Political analysts theorize that the invasion of Iraq was a plan the moment GWB stepped into the president’s shoes. The invasion was to be the finishing act to George Bush Sr.’s war with Iraq in 1990 , with his inability to conquer Baghdad and topple Saddam Hussain. Old timers Dick Cheney and Colin Powell were supposedly in the executive office to strategize a plan to fulfill the goal.

Be there as it may, conspiracy theories or otherwise, the invasion is clearly a failure. Americans are justified with their change of heart. Iraq is in shambles, under a threat of a civil war and the security of the region is severely jeopardized. The Iraqi Shiites can form an unholy alliance with Iran tipping the region’s balance of power over to the Shiites, a more radical and militant Muslim group, a much more potent threat to America. When G8 allies France, Germany, Canada, Russia and Japan refused to join Bush in the invasion of Iraq, many felt something was terribly amiss with the plan. In retrospect, these countries had the fortitude to see beyond the horizon, that firing guns and throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work. Sadly, if there has to be a meaningful change in Iraq, these unwilling participants will have to roll up their sleeves and help clean up the mess that Bush had created.


12 Responses

  1. Nothing positive will be achieved unless the Democrat controlled upper and lower houses work with the president.

  2. the Iraqis are real losers in this war. they were liberated from sadam hussain but worse off now with kidnappings and daily assassinations. just another vietnam.kerry is also an ass.

  3. It looks like a curse in every Presidency. No one has been spared of any scandal or downside of being in the Office. While Pres. Nixon has the ‘Watergate’, the Bush(es) have ‘Iraqgate’.

    Clearly, the price of war.

  4. What still puzzles me is that Bush junior was elected a second time. Americans should have dumped him two years ago…

  5. Iravan – totally.. Partisan politics would derail any progress towards improving the Iraq situation.

  6. chester – the Iraqis have been freed from Saddam Hussain but the country is going nowhere and could ventually break up. As for John Kerry, the world knows he’s a master of flip-flops 🙂

  7. Ipanema – every president has his own scandal… Clinton had Monica Lewinsky to deal with 🙂 Only time will tell if the Iraq invasion would make the world safer from terrorists.. but from the looks of it right now, terrorism lurks at every street corner of Baghdad.

  8. Sidney – during the last election, Americans wanted Bush to finish the job. Everybody thought that the Sadam had weapons of mass destruction and the Iraqis would gladly accept a new government but it turned out that there were much deeper issues between the ethnic groups that they can’t seem to stand each other sitting side by side governing the country. It’s now a bigger mess.

  9. I guess it’s time the hardline Republicans eat crow. They were the ones who were raring to into Iraq. 😀

  10. Sngl – definitely crow eating time for Republicans. Now they have only two years to make up for lost faith . No one knows if the immigration reform bill they sponsored which could save their face in some way would even fly. Hard to do it when they don’t have majority in the houses anymore.

  11. Looks like President Bush has left a huge mess with Iraq and it would look like the Democrats will be the ones who will clean up his mess, since they seem to have a good hold now on the American electorate. It’s quite ironic ain’t it?

  12. And now Tony Blair had made some press statements saying thet Iraq is a bust and he wants Iran and Syria to help. In the meanwhile Bush insists on a strongman approach thinking that force always comes up with the best results. He obviously doesn’t realize that his enemies blow up their bodies willingly to achieve their own kind of results.

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