Camping Out For a PS3

Would you camp out in the cold and rain of the fall weather just to lay hands on the hot new Sony Playstation 3? I definitely won’t but others did when the PS3 went on sale in limited quantities last Thursday. The euphoric and orgasmic high the new gadget brings were just too hard to resist for these die hard gamers.

Here’s some startling facts on the gaming genre ( courtesy of National Post) :

Playstation 3

Cost :

C$549 – 20 gigabytes
C$659 – 60 gigabytes

Ebay bid for a PS3 – US$1,550.31 plus $112.75 shipping

C$70 ( or less) cost of PS3 games Sony hopes to have during the Xmas

One million – number of consoles Sony hopes to have during the holiday

32,000 – 40,000 Number of consoles Sony hopes to have in Canada at

102 million – Playstation 2s sold worldwide

4 million – Playstation 2s sold in Canada

10 million – Microsoft XBOX360 sold worldwide

US$20 billion – games, consoles and gaming hardware sold globally last

$800 million – video game market last year in Canada

65% of Canadian households have a video game console

25% of all video gamers in Canada are over the age of 50

44% of all video gamers in Canada are between 18 and 49 years of age

117 million gamers in North America

33 – average age of a Canadian video gamer

The Pacquiao-Morales III fight is on this weekend but it’s on Pay Per
View TV and not on public TV here so I’m heading out with a six pack to
watch the bout at my buddy’s house with some friends. My buddy works for a
satellite TV provider and is always generous to invite us to watch PPV
events for free. We love this guy. I’m not thinking work this weekend
and I’m shutting down my Blackberry.

You guys have a nice weekend..


Here’s some shots I took with my new Fuji S6000fd digital camera over the long weekend up north. I’m still in the beginner to serious amateur category so I reckon I need a point and shoot camera with lots of sophisticated features that would make up for my inadequacies. I’m not quite ready for the pricey Nikons and the Canons yet! I couldn’t wait for Xmas so I headed to Pacific Mall, the biggest Asian indoor mall in North America and looked for the best price I could score with this baby. The best part was when I registered the camera online, I got a 3 year warranty. For a camera that came out in July 2006, I’m a happy camper with my new acquisition.

Collingwood, ON


30 Responses

  1. Exactly the same thing happened when PS2 was about to be released, hardcore gamers were camping outside the stores to be the first in line the next day. What some people would do for the bragging rights.

    Those are great pics taken by your new digicam. Crisp and clear. Looks like you’re seriously going into this digital photography thing.

    Have a great weekend too, bro. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks bro..I have a big vacation coming and I need a better gear πŸ™‚
    Some folks camped out for 2 days in the rainy and cold weather .. wooow.. these people are nuts! Talk about those fanatics who would rather pay almost thrice the amount from Ebay just to get hold of the item… Sony is making a big killing indeed.

  3. My kids had been watching for the release of PS3. Although they knew that we won’t be buying it because it’s just too expensive. Did you hear about that news in the States where a guy held up people who were waiting in line to buy PS3? He knew that people there were loaded with money because of the $600 cost of the game. Can’t remember now if anybody got hurt.

  4. My children can only get these gadgets from their father who gifted them the PS2. Not from me! My eldest who competes together with the national team here aspires to be a pro-gamer to my horror! But he wasn’t able to compete internationally because of his citizenship.

    Goodness this boy. Once we were in one Manila mall weeks ago, he asked me to pass by one internet shop. I left them there. When I came back, he was competing with the other guys(yes, very much older than him and in office uniforms).

    Lovely photos you have there.

  5. i won’t do that. or maybe i haven’t found yet my addiction/passion. hehehe.

    i like the pictures. looks like a quiet and peaceful to visit. where you’ll really find relaxation πŸ™‚

  6. Amazing figures! My son is also a game addict! 😦

    Enjoy the weekend and the fight! πŸ˜‰

  7. Niceheart – your kids will be thrilled with a PS3 but I’m sure the price will drop once the flow of inventory stabilizes.

    Poor decision for that chap to rob the folks. Most of these stores have cameras installed to monitor the people lining up outside, esp with the overnight camp out. You’ll never know what theys guys might do at night!

  8. Ipanema – looks like you have a future champ in the family! I know you’re probably concerned that it might distract him with his studies. If you look at the stats, there are lots of “adult kids” who are hooked with the game πŸ™‚

  9. Tin – agree.. it’s pretty lonely queuing up in the cold by yourself. What would make you fall in line that long if I may ask? LOL..

    The place is quiet because the pools are closed, boats are lifted in view of the coming winter. It’s a nice place to relax. There’s a couple of these places we come to every year in this area.

  10. Sidney – I’m sure your son will be thrilled to have a PS3. Hasn’t he bugged you yet? πŸ™‚

    Yep, I enjoyed the fight. I barely had one beer and it was over !Morales simply chose not to stand and fight after he went down the 2nd time in then 3rd. Wise move because he wasn’t going anywhere but down.

    Another Pinoy, Jimrex Jaca is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez next Saturday 11/25 and I will be watching the fight from a hotel room in Calgary.. Hope you enjoyed the fight too πŸ™‚

  11. Pacman wins.

    Yesterday I saw a video posted in youtube about this euphoria (whatever).

    The guy who posted the video, smashed and destroyed the PS3 unit he got few minutes after getting out of the store in front of the people who are waiting for their turn.

    The explantion given on the post is that he is doing this because he gets more traffic to his site and is earning money thru ads.

    The next thing he will smash is the Nintendo wii.

    Thank you.

  12. Myepinoy – lol..we don’t have shortage of weirdos don’t we ? Can’t call that creative – daring perhaps.. hope he gets more than $600 Adsense bucks for his effort!

    Hey – isn’t Pacman awesome? Man, the fight was so short that we had to replay the fight 3 times. My buddy has one of those satellite receivers with a built-in hard disk
    so we keep on replaying slow mo sometimes to dissect the fight. In our review, we found that Pacman’s right had is becoming as lethal as his left! Awesome.

  13. Exactly my sentiments. It’s destructive actually. I have to talk sense many times. At least he keeps his promise. Just now he came and I saw 2 application papers for next week’s friendly match. It’s alright it’s a holiday for them already.


    I think that’s a good idea. πŸ™‚

  14. Ipanema – now that’s a good boy.. asking mom for permission πŸ™‚

    Smashing the playstation and putting the video on you tube…i can see you’d be quite happy with the smashing part..LOL

  15. This is sort of a modern-day phenomenon. The last time I heard this sort of thing haqppened was of course when the PS2 was about to be released and when Guns N Roses was coming out with their blockbuster double-album “Use Your Imagination”. I am never really into console games—as I prefer PC ones—but if I had that money and I am in America, I would have done that, lined up for an early PS3 purchase—maybe just to be part of the experience, a rare moment if I say, one which you can tell to your kids or grandkids someday like “Son, I had been there when it happened”.

  16. Major Tom, if you see how the weather is like here, I bet you would change your mind.. LOL ! There’s an inexplicable urge that wants people to go way out of their comfort zone to acquire something like a PS3 that only they would know. From where I am, I still think it is silly.

  17. BW,

    You are right, Manny’s right hand is also lethal and Manny knew it. He spoke about this during the interview.

    Is the urge to blog and not to let the day without blogging silly too? ha ha ha. just asking…

    have a great week ahead.

  18. i like PS3 but still expensive here in Phils. A lot cheaper if bought in US or Canada.

  19. wow PS3 is very expensive! but i sure paquio can buy one of those for his kids for he is 200 million richer now! congrats to Manny…

  20. I’m not a gamer so I won’t subject myself to this condition just to get hold of the latest PS craze at a low price. But if I am into this, I think I will. πŸ™‚

    Your pics are sharp, BW. Nice.

  21. My teeenage nephew and niece who just moved to CA 10 months ago would love to have this PS3, but I guess their Mom and Dad trying hard to refrain them, since they both now realized it is not that easy to earn that $$ now they have to earn it themselves, not because they’re be buying them, but maybe feeling the hardship we had to endure when we spoiled their kids while still in PI. But still if they want it, always here to get if for them. Anyways, nice pixs there. I prefer olympus, compact and less expensive, but canon and nikon are top quality. But unless, you’re seriously into it, just stick with the one you have, pictures look perfect and sharp.

  22. Myepinoy – hope you had a great weekend too. I know yours ended when we just started!

  23. Iskoo – is it more expensive in RP? With the close proximity to Japan I thought the price would have been cheaper !

  24. Cruise – you bet Manny has more than PS3’s to give to his kids. Heck SONY could send him the stuff for free. He’s now a real hot boxing star. How about a new PACMAN Boxing game on the PS3:)

  25. Vic – agree with you bro. $600 can pay the rent so it’s serious money. No wonder why the ave age of gamers in Canada is 33 years πŸ™‚

    Olympus was one of my choices for the fact that it also uses XD memory like the Fuji. I have a smaller point and shoot Fuji of which I could re-use the 512mb memory card and this influenced my decision, although at Pacific Mall this Chinese guy was selling the 1 Gig for 45 bucks and the 2 Gig for 75 which are unbelievable prices. 512mb seems ok for my need right now.

  26. Abaniko – if we are crazy about something we do crazy things don’t we πŸ™‚ I could probably camp out in the summer but not in a cold, rainy and windy weather!

  27. I enjoy console games! But I think I can wait for its price to drop here in the Phil.

    The Fuji has very nice exposure by the way. Great pics

  28. As Sony increases its production of PS3 the price I’m sure will drop. There’s always those fanatics who want to be the first at all cost!

    Thanks and BTW you have an impressive portfolio πŸ™‚

  29. Aren’t digital cameras fun? Congratulations! Nice pictures, too!

  30. They’re definitely fun. Just like you I’m trying to get some lessons too!

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