Happy Holidays

It has come to that time of the year when you hear that buzzword “ year end change freeze” in the IT world. It means that no major or infrastructure changes are allowed until the year is over which literally means prevention of potential screw-ups LOL. For those of us who make a living making these changes, it is truly a reprieve when we can take a breather and simply think about the systems cruising on their merry way until the new year. In terms of blogging, I’ll wait for beta blogger to heal itself. Hopefully Google would be able to prescribe the right dose of prozac to beta blogger’s chronic paranoia. No sense in stressing myself really. It is just a matter of time when super blog templates would be tossed around for free in cyberspace.

Incidentally, I don’t plan to have anything to do with Frosty the Snowman this Christmas holidays 🙂 Nothing personal but I’ve had enough with roasting chestnuts in an open fire, white Christmas and winter wonderland and yes, shoveling snow in my driveway 🙂 I will be celebrating Xmas but with Santa Claus in shorts for a change 🙂 Darn, Frosty will be waiting for me when I get back though 🙂

I would like to wish you all my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for your friendship and company. I had fun blogging with you guys. It sure was one heck of a year. Although we are for the most part engaged in a virtual relationship, I feel that the friendship is real. I could ask nothing but that you be blessed with prosperity and success in your respective endeavors. I wish you and your family a safe and happy celebration of the holiday season 🙂

Hope you guys have fun with your loved ones. Don’t be scrooges:) Buy them a nice gift !

Thought for the Weekend

I probably have a couple of posts left for the year before packing up for a much needed respite. With the teething problems of beta blogger I am thinking of suspending my blogging acitivity during my hiatus this holiday season. The year had been so terribly stressful for me work-wise that I had seriously entertained thoughts of changing careers. I thought of selling my house and all my assets and relocate to a far flung island, live in a shack beside the sea, perhaps work as a lowly groundskeeper in a nearby golf course and do only two things – play golf and fish. I was thinking – what would be the ultimate stress free life a person could ever have? Perhaps there is no such thing as a stress free life unless you go back to being a little child again. Whether you are a company CEO chartering executive jets for $5,000 an hour or a proletarian plying the public transit night and day you are bound to deal with the beast in stress. I am a survivor. I fought a tough battle this year and survived again. Perhaps that’s enough reason for me to smile and pat myself in the back. Strangely, as I was getting ready to finish this post after coming home from work my dentist’s office called to reschedule my cleaning appointment this Saturday instead of next weekend. Cleaner teeth – that’s even a better reason to smile I thought 🙂 I am generally a happy and sanguine person but I think I need to smile more. As the ending of a great Tony Bennett classic song SMILE goes – “ you’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile” 🙂 A smile not only lifts the person but brings sunshine to the person he’s smiling at. Just look at my buddy in the picture ! Isn’t he irresistible?

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Stalker’s Tale – Too Obsessed or Crazy ?

We are all familiar with stories of celebrity stalkers following their idols wherever they went, sometimes crossing continents just to be in the neighborhood, to stay close. The force of attraction is extraordinarily strange because the odds of the stalker engaging in a face to face conversation with the celebrity is utterly slim if not nil. But the thought of being around the corner is good enough to assuage the anxiety and the hope of an eventual meeting and possibly a communion is ever present, the consummation of which would be tantamount to a trek to nirvana in the afterlife. The stalker never loses hope as in the case of Gerald James Klein , 59 years old and stalker extraordinaire. Klein had been stalking a woman he met at a wedding party when he was 29 years old and has not stopped since. The woman is no celebrity but Klein has vowed never to stop pursuing her until she acquiesces to his marriage proposal. Klein claims that the woman broke her promise to marry him and declared that it would take a “supernatural intervention by God himself” to make him give up his goal. As Klein was twiddling with his thumbs for 30 years hoping for her to come back, the woman had moved on with life and got married, had children, got widowed and remarried. Klein sued the woman 4 times and was recently handed a 3 year jail sentence for criminal harrassment. The man refuses psychological treatment hence the reason for prolonging his agony and the misery for the poor woman.

I am not a psychologist but in my humble mind, I’m asking the question – what the heck is wrong with this dork? I’ve had my share of going nuts over women but I would never give up 3 decades of my life hoping for someone to like me! Where is the self-respect? It took me a while to realize that summer baseball and the winter hockey leagues that kids go through isn’t just for fun. It teaches children how to feel the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It teaches them how to rejoice in victory and grieve in defeat. It prunes the sore loser syndrome out of their system. How should the state deal with a guy who refuses to accept defeat , appeals his case to the higher courts and continues to harrass and stalk the poor woman? Let me wear the robe and cast my verdict.

BW’s verdict : straightjacket, no more appeals – off to the mental institution

On Pacquiaomania :

As I watched the replay of the Pacquiao-Morales 3 fight the other night, I can’t help thinking of this scenario – what if Pacquiao enters politics and runs for public office ? Will it affect his career which is at its peak at the moment? Pacquaio today is heralded as one of boxing’s top draw, a promoter’s golden boy, a boxer who commands a respectable $3-$5 million purse per fight. Whoever advises Pacquiao MUST consider this once in a lifetime opportunity, a lucrative and productive 3 year stretch until he turns 30 where he can make the most money and retire without any misgivings. Pacquiao had been quoted saying that he wants to return the favor of politicians who helped him when he was down. This is the kind of statement you do not want to hear from Pacquiao because it spells only one thing – distraction. Politics can wait but boxing can’t. Youth in such a demanding sport is an asset – play it with focus and with fresh, young legs. Unfortunately the crocodile politicians cannot wait. It sickens me to death to see these vultures exploit people for their own selfish interests.

Jimrex Jaca lost the fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Many thought he jumped the ladder too quickly. The opposition was too strong. The fight was also riddled with contractual controversy. Jaca’s Pinoy promoter claims Jaca violated his contract by accepting the fight with a U.S. based promoter. Here’s the rub. The Pinoy promoter offered Jaca a paltry $7,500 for the title fight while his U.S. counterpart pledged $42,000. During the pre-fight , TV announcers talked about Jaca getting paid an equivalent $1 for his fights back in RP. Sounds too incredulous to me but the point is made. The poor chap is too underpaid for what he does for a living. The full details of the contractual squabble between Jaca and his Pinoy promoter was not disclosed but Jaca mentioned something about his desire to make decent money for his family prompted him to switch promoters. As long as you did not do anything illegal, good on you Jimrex. Enough said of exploitative promoters.