New Year’s Thoughts

I can’t possibly be posting this after a terrific holiday but with the recent news events I couldn’t help asking the question – we do live in a confusing world, don’t we? With all the religions and cultures that are divergent in values and aspirations proliferating our planet, could we really get along? Is there such a thing as law of absolute right? And if there is such a thing as law of absolute right, what would be its point of reference? Politics, terrorism, organized religion, corporations and globalization, global warming, oil crises, the IRAQ war, Iran and North Korea, the “firecrotch” episodes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, Pinoy actors turning into politicians – do we ever truly comprehend these things? As I travelled through the U.S. south ,the bible belt of America, passing through churches , Jesus billboards and gas stations that stack up New Testament books at the entrances of restrooms for travellers to grab, I asked myself the question – why did it take centuries for these people to discern that their black slaves were also human beings created by God? Confusing isn’t it? My 5 year old daughter illustrates the confusion whenever mom tries to make sure she gets a full meal when she remonstrates – ” but you are not supposed to feed a big girl. Besides we are not allowed to share spoons!”


” I don’t quite get it but this is just between you and me”. Don’t we behave like the chief sometimes?

I don’t normally pitch an overly dramatic new year resolution because I have come to a conclusion that I can only influence but never dictate nor control things happening around me. My two simple and achievable goals this year would be to eat less and run 30 mins a day on my treadmill – translated, lose weight. Dang, is it ever so difficult. But if there’s one thing that I wish to avoid at all cost is feeling miserable and that for me is waking up in the morning hating someone ( my wife excluded, LOL). I can’t think of anyone I particularly hate enough to rip the living daylights out of the person which is just great because it means I made my peace with the world. I am equally confident that if my mother-in-law doesn’t hate me, I’d be fine with others, he he. I was good at this last year and hope to do even better this year 🙂 Remember, bitterness not only kills but makes you look and feel miserable. So what’s your new year’s resolution?

Cheers and Peace for the New Year !

P.S. I had one heck of a vacation and took hundreds of shots.. tough to select 10 shots for my next post 🙂 I’m done with watching a movie under the stars in shorts and with beer in hand.. back to reality now.