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Does your astrological sign matter in the way you drive? A study conducted by Insurance Hotline.com on 100,000 drivers over a period of years apparently affirms so. People born of the Pisces sign are the worst when it comes to traffic violations and those of Libra the most prone to accidents.

Here’s the findings :


1. Pisces –Worst 2. Aries 3. Aquarius 4. Capricorn 5. Libra 6. Taurus 7. Scorpio 8. Leo 9. Cancer 10. Virgo 11. Sagittarius 12. Gemini–Best


1. Libra –Worst 2. Scorpio 3. Capricorn 4. Aries 5. Aquarius 6. Sagittarius 7. Pisces 8. Taurus 9. Virgo 10. Gemini 11. Cancer 12. Leo–Best

Do you buy this ? Not me. I think it’s baloney. I’m Pisces and haven’t had a traffic violation in 10 years. I hope the insurance company isn’t thinking of factoring people’s astrological signs in assessing insurance premiums because if they do, they’re playing with the stars ( no pun intended). That’s the problem with stats. You can sample the zodiac sign of every person entering the casino, find out if they lost or won when they come out and say the best gamblers are Virgo and the worst ones are Leo and hold your paper up and shout – I’ve got stats to prove it. Hogwash !
Going for Broke or Bust ? What’s in a name? Everything ! This enterprising bottler had chosen to name its high-energy drink something that leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth – COCAINE. To top it all, it brags with a slogan – “the legal alternative”. Quite an audacious move indeed but methinks this product may never make it’s way to the supermarket stalls. BW’s prediction? BUST.

Long Distance Driving Since I don’t have a GPS navigator, I use Mapquest for my travel directions whenever I go long driving. It is pretty accurate and reliable and when you print the driving directions in a colored printer, the interstate highway signs are printed as what they would look on the road, making it easy for the designated navigator, i.e. my wife 🙂 to spot, avoiding getting lost on the road. In fact, Mapquest eventually made my right hand the navigator, holding the paper since my left hand is always on the wheel, thereby eliminating headcount in the navigation department, making my wife a consummate passenger 🙂 I found out that I logged a total of 5,344 kms round trip. If I did this trip again this year, I would have almost covered 11,000 kms, the distance between Los Angeles and Manila 🙂 Huh?

Someone emailed this to me the other day. The title is a little tacky, but what would be the moral of this story? Never trust.. the phone ? 🙂



15 Responses

  1. buti nalang wala pa akong tsikot dahil kung nagkataoon ako para ay prone sa accident, dahil ako ay isang libre, huhuhu

  2. Cruise – ouch! We’re both on top of the list..That means I will not lend you my car.. he he 🙂

  3. Buti na lang ayaw ko na mag-drive. Nasa top din ang sign ko.

    The last time, natiketan ako two days in a row ng kotong cops doon sa may megamall at at saka doon sa Roxas Blvd. Ang violations, wala lang…

    sa atin, cops i guess have doctoral degree in psychology and they have ESP. they know exactly who they will make kotong. They can sense if you are in hurry and you will not complain.

  4. Myepinoy – how about doctoral degree in ESP? he he ..very true. Kahit dito, police also have a budget that they have to collect x amount of traffic fines every month to give to the city. The big difference is a. you can contest the ticket in court so it does not affect your insurance b. the fines go to the government…. not to the pockets of you know who 🙂

  5. The zodiac sign relation to driving is crap! I’m a Gemini and I don’t belong to the upper crust of good drivers… I was probably born in the wrong month.

    COCAINE… Gawd!

    The toon was hilarious. hahaha…

    BTW, I was browsing over your previous entry on the vacation. FAbulous!

  6. Alternati – thanks.. I guess it doesn’t matter what your zodiac sign is, the cell phone can screw you up when it rings while you’re driving ! This new drink Cocaine wants to beat Mountain Dew ( u must drink this when you’re mountain climbing in Baguio. hehe) in the high-energy drink market but TV survey shows that people esp parents abhor the name 🙂

  7. I believe in the relationship between driving and zodiac sign… especially since I am cancer and it seems we drive well ! 😉

    Love the maids plan!

  8. Sidney – good for you bro. Looks like you’re one among those who is aligned with the stars ! I’ll gladly lend my car to you 🙂

  9. I don’t believe in the zodiac signs and it’s relationship to the things we do.

    I enjoyed watching that animation. 🙂

  10. Niceheart – same here. A Gemini who drins and drives is worse than anything! BTW, hope you guys are OK there in Winnipeg. I heard there was a nasty cold front up in your area.

  11. It could be well true, if they statistics are devided into the Zodiac signs of all drivers they’ll come up with some figures.

    When I was young, I made up the average, because I got tickets left and right, especially with the old muscles cars, but as we grow older older our Zodiacs seem to mellow with our age. I’m a Scorpio, rated third in accident, only had one, was racing and was not able to avoid the guy going on the red light, hit him good, luckilly all he got was a broken neck and I got a good compensation for ‘suffering’ kuno and that was in ’84.

    For travel now I also used Mapquest and it is very convenient, especially if you plot your travel before hand. But way back then, with the old Mapping, I think I was lost more than I can remember…

  12. Vic – more than 10 years ago, an elderly man rammed my car at a country road north if the city. He was trying to rush to the hospital to visit a friend. Guess what, they were both rushed by an ambulance even faster. Nothing serious really and except for our cars, everybody was OK. I should have taken his zodiac sign 🙂

    Mapquest is really great. A buddy of mine bought a portable GPS from COSTCO and the first time he tried to use it he got lost and he was still in the metro area. The following day he returned it. Unfortunately, GPS are not created equal 🙂

  13. I’ve read this and was laughing because I didn’t believe in the results. 🙂

    OMG the maid! You know I hate people when they go blah blah and in the end tries to tell you a wrong number. Ugh, just a waste of time. And for that email, a dangerous one.

  14. Ipanema – the driving stats made a big splash in the news here. I think people were more amused than anything 🙂 It is irritating when someone entertains you despite knowing that they’ve gotten a wrong number .. gusto lang yata ng tsismis he he 🙂

  15. LOL on the animation 🙂

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