Home Alone

My wife and daughter are now in R.P. on their extended vacation and I’m home alone for the next few weeks. My wife left a boatload of food in the fridge so I don’t have to cook while she’s away ( I declared the lechon kawale rancid the moment she boarded the plane .. he he). In my desperate battle with the bulge I’ve been eating the food but minus the rice. Man, it’s just barely a month that I had a great time with my daughter during our Xmas holiday. Darn, I miss my little girl.. oh, and of course, her mom too 🙂

I thought I would have plenty of time to catch up with things but not quite enough, strangely. I’ve been diligently trying to get to the office early daily so I can get many things done. The first task on the list for me is the stop at the pantry for the coffee. If I’m early, I’d be likely the one to put on the first brew of the day. Darn, I can’t seem to get my adrenalin started until I get a dose of that Colombian concoction. Until that first sip gets into my system, the only thing I can do is look through the glass window and check if the long awaited snow had eventually fallen 🙂 I can’t seem to muster enough drive to open my voice mails or emails. I feel like I’m half wake and in some state of trance.

As soon as the caffeine had worked its way into the my cerebral system, the action starts. The phone starts ringing, meeting reminders start flashing on the screen, my mind starts hallucinating about deadlines and cutover dates.. in short, the game is on. I can’t possibly allow office politics to overwhelm me so I play things smart. Yeah.. After all, this is just a friggin’ job isn’t it? So I must ride with the flow. I can’t keep my mind off a dude’s T-shirt I saw the other day at the train station. BORN TO PARTY, FORCED TO WORK. Aha ! My new found motto!

My lunchtime is normally spent at the cafeteria with the folks in my team. I’m not a big lunch eater so a bowl of chili or soup of the day and crackers downed with coffee and an apple by mid afternoon can sustain me until I head to the train station in the evening. I like to do a bit of walking after lunch and I always see our “smoking officemates” huddled in front of the building. They seem to be a declining specie these days 🙂 I would say hello and chat with them for a few minutes. When I was younger I thought smoking was cool. I desperately tried to smoke but my throat couldn’t stand it. My system can’t seem to take it. As in blackjack, I was forced to good.

At times I would get a call from a friend, or someone I met at a party asking for employment referral. Some would call and ask for opinion on a career shift to information technology. I also occasionally get calls from headhunters who are complete strangers and if I decline the invitation, they would ask me for a referral. I always gladly oblige and give a colleague’s name but in retrospect, I’m thinking, how the hell did the headhunter know my existence? A colleague must have given him my name! Hmmm… vicious circle?

At the end of a long day, I would walk a block to get to the Union Station, sort of the Grand Central equivalent of NYC to catch a train home. The 30 minute ride allows me to browse the daily paper and doze off a bit. The drive from the local station to home is also a breeze. I live a little over a kilometer from the local train station. Knowing my wife and daughter are away, I feel I got all night to do things… ah, freedom… thou art sweet 🙂 After dinner and checking out the latest news on TV, I head down to the basement, open my laptop and ta daaa… BW lives again ! My alter ego had donned his horned helmet 🙂 Welcome blogosphere !

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  1. Poor you! Too bad you couldn’t get an extended vacation with your family!

    He,he… funny post! I guess you summarized daily life quite well !

  2. Sidney – too bad I couldn’t come but my wife and my kid are having a swell time with her family minus the distraction – me.. ha ha. She had agreed for me to go home by myself for a couple of weeks sometimethis year.. hope she doesn’t change her mind ! 🙂

  3. that good thing is there is computer and internet where you can run to in times of boredome, relaxation, or even during the time of missing your family.

    it looks like minsan ka lang maiwan sa bahay, so better enjoy it while it last, hahaha

  4. its monday again, and as expected heap of works are on top of my desk, got confused on what to do, so i checked few blogs to calm me down, haha.

    i know how it feels being away with the family, hope you can still enjoy life in times of being alone.

  5. Hey! Thanks for letting us have a peak of your office life. Well maybe you can make use of your time being alone there. Surprise your family when they come back

  6. Hehe, I remember that feeling of being free as a bird whenever my ex takes a month-long vacation with her siblings. 😀

  7. Oh, it looks to me like a very interesting work routine for you there bro; it looks fairly eventful. Hope it won’t get too hectic at times…

  8. Hahaha… funny account of “A Day in the Life of the Man Known in the Blogosphere as BW.” 🙂

  9. so, have you lost wieght already? why didn’t you join your wife in the extended vacation? hehe

    speaking of coffee and RP, hmmm.. when will i get to taste Starbucks again? hahaha

    but you still can combine the two. time management. hehehe

    i haven’t tried smoking and i don’t like to

    maybe you’re famous in your field and you’re just not aware. or you’re just really humble

    and welcome back to the blogoshpere! as if you’ve been gone for a very long time. hehehe

  10. i love the images in this post… especially the last one… that would change my views about stress hehehe 🙂

    I hope you’re feeling ‘adjusted’ now (with being alone)…

    Take care! 🙂

  11. Maybe our lives here is in a little altered state because of a relatively warm winter, but don’t you worry, I could see the snow coming down today and the temperature is slowly but surely creeping down to ‘normal’.

    I myself have this addiction to Tim Hortons, that comes blizzards or knee deep, I have to have that cup.

    Well before you know it, your darling baby and mom will be back, enjoy the snglguy while it last..

  12. Yeah, that’s a shame you didn’t come to Pinas with them. But I guess you had to get back to work. Maybe next year, huh?

  13. hi, i’m new here. 🙂

    i’ve never been home alone for the longest time…but in the times when i had to leave home for a week or so, i always feel like shouting, “FREEDOMMMM!!!” ala Mel Gibson in Braveheart. enjoy your freedom while it lasts, so they say.

    me too, i can’t start my day without my morning coffee.

  14. Iskoo – what would it be like without internet, blogging to be precise ? I remember many years ago the online forums were a hit and it was chaotic! Without the internet RP would have …more babies 🙂

  15. Cruise – so you blog first to relax your mind before attending to your heap load of work ha. Blogging with coffee in hand would be the complete relaxation recipe then 🙂

  16. Sngl – .. free as a bird..that’s some stress relief bro ! Guess what, I tried to call my wife’s cell 24 hrs after they left for Manila and she answered. Global roaming.. you’re never too far these days 🙂

  17. Toe – what happened was I had a directory of cartoon graphics in my PC ( which I collect when I get a chuckle ) and I was browsing through them, I thought, why not blog about a story and relate it with the images 🙂 I tried it with me first to be safe 🙂

  18. Tin- I still sport a little pot belly ( really nice to get rid of it though) 🙂 I wanted to come but there’s an event I really want to
    attend back home but didn’t fall on their vacation date and I’m gearing for it. Famous ? Yes, within my family maybe he he 🙂 Hey, we are on for Starbucks 🙂

  19. Sayote_Queen – the last image could have been a post by itself ! I have it clipped on my bulletin board at the office 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Eric – this time I had them stay with my wife’s family all throught out their trip. You know us Pinoys. We always spend time with both sides and in short vacations time is a real constraint. There’s one event I’m raving to attend back home and I’m
    reserving my vacation days for it 🙂

  21. Yes bw, I heard Tim’s announcing the expansion in Northeast and said they will do it gradually like the 3 decades of growth in Canada. Florida where lots of Canadian spend an extended vacation will be their next target. Won’t switch it for anything…

  22. Ah, we finally got a glimpse of BW, although still shy to show his face. 🙂

  23. While reading your entry, Richard Gere in the movie Shall We Dance kept on flashing in my head. His role in the movie sounds like the life you lead. I might be wrong of course…I hope you’ve seen the movie so that you can confirm if somehow you’re life is like his or not 🙂

    Anyway your wife is thoughtful and sweet. I remember my mother doing the same thing for my father 🙂

  24. Vic – that’s great news that they’re rolling out Tim Horton’s further down south. With the Canadian snowbirds or retirees flocking down south during winter, it could be a hit 🙂

  25. Niceheart – I’m still intent of blogging anonymously… for now at least..so I’m still shy 🙂

  26. ha! hiya pa daw sya oh. Now, you’re free. Don’t waste time at the car park of the train station, ok? 🙂

  27. Verns – I saw Shall We Dance on the plane and didn’t get to finish the movie but if I recall, Richard Gere was living an unexciting life despite his successful job and needed something to juice it up and he found some teraphy in dancing. In my case, it’s more of striking a balance between work and private life, making sure that work doesn’t overwhelm me 🙂 Our natural tendency is to find a job that earns more and requires less work.. he he but more often than not, that’s not the case, at least in this part of the world 🙂 Blogging helps in the diversion but it can also become a distraction 🙂

    She did cook some of them – others she bought from the Pinoy store. I’ve eaten out this weekend too.. healthy food whenever I can 🙂

  28. Ipanema – hahaha.. That’s clever.. A little bit of excitement helps sometimes as long as not taken too seriously 🙂

  29. is it you in the first pic with a little girl?

    too bad that after the holidays, the workload screams its welcome. but you’re right, it is jsut a friggin’ job.

    it is lovely to be free once in a while, aint it? 😀

  30. Bing – yep, that’s BW minus his horns 🙂 Agree , freedom albeit short can be quite exhilarating 🙂

  31. Born to party, forced to work and work is forcing us not party.

    BTW, where in Ontario is Waterloo City? Just curious about this.

    Thank You.

  32. Myepinoy – forced to work all the time eh! That’s dangerous 🙂

    Waterloo, ON is about an hour drive west of Toronto. It’s in the same vicinity as Kitchener, ON hence the usual reference of Kitchener/Waterloo, aka twin cities.

  33. Oh I was expecting you to say “yeah I am actually thinking of taking dance lessons” hahaha buti na lang mali ako coz balance pala yung concern hehe Well I don’t know which is harder to attain, excitement or balance. I guess for someone like me na single pa…excitement is something that we’re looking for coz sometimes life can become routinary. Probably if I’ll get married and have kids at the same time working, balance naman yung magiging concern ko hehe 🙂

    Anyway I hear ya! blogging is a big help…don’t have to pay a shrink for therapy sessions hehe however distraction din sha coz like now, I am bloghopping wala pang nagagawang trabaho…bad! lol

  34. Verns – funny what you said about blogging as I’m drafting my next post in response to Ipanema’s meme on the same theme 🙂 There’s never a dull moment in my work though 🙂 My only wish is it doesn’t get to the point where I’m living to work and not working to live 🙂

  35. Well you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul hehe if you let work control your life then that’s what it’s going to be but I don’t think so. I mean you get to travel naman and you have a wonderful family. I know you have a life 🙂

  36. Verns – thanks. They say make it a point every year to go to a place where you haven’t gone before to maintain your sanity 🙂

  37. born to party, forced to work?! Story of my life. That little girl holding your hand is adorable…

  38. Irrealis – tks..how’s things? haven’t heard from you in a while. Story of your life eh? You must be having a ball partner 🙂

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