Because of Blogging…

Here’s my response to blogger Ipanema’s meme tag, about 5 significant changes that happened to me because of blogging.

1. Blogging had made me distracted and unproductive at work. I try my utmost not to blog at work to comply with company policy but simply can’t. I estimate I waste a minimum of one hour daily blogging and browsing on the net – this is a rather conservative estimate – it could be more.

2. Blogging had reduced my TV viewing and reading time significantly. I miss TV shows I normally watch. I take my magazines and books to the train to catch up but I feel like I’ve been lagging terribly. I have movie DVD’s at home I didn’t get to watch yet. Since I’m a late sleeper, I like to blog when everyone had gone to bed.

3. Blogging had given me interest in photography. Whereas before I was content taking pictures of people, I am now conscious of sceneries and interesting objects to photograph. My approach to photography however is a little different. I have no compulsion of becoming an art photographer but just one who could shoot quality pictures without worrying about the complexities of aperture , shutter speed, changing lenses etc. I certainly respect those who are into art photography and there are many of them who consistently produce photos of superb quality. But I’m a fan of point and shoot smart cameras that compensate for the person’s lack of understanding of the technical side of photography. It is for this reason that I hesitated buying a true DSLR because given my limitation of time, I wouldn’t be able to harness the true potential of the equipment. I therefore chose an EVF( Electronic View Finder) or ZOOM class camera – one that fills the gap between the compact digital and the DSLR, at least for now.

4. Blogging had made me extra-conscious of things that are potentially “bloggable”. I made a habit of keeping newsbits and articles that are bloggable, only to misplace or lose them more often than not. I’m not the sit down and blog type. Once I embark on a topic, I work on a draft and develop the blog when I have the time. I have a couple of drafts sitting in Blogger since last year of which I am unable to finish. There’s one particular topic I’ve been wanting to write about since I started blogging but for some inexplicable reason, am unable to collectively gather my thoughts on even writing the first sentence 🙂

5. Blogging had given me friends. As my alter ego dons its horned helmet and journeys into cyberspace, I am in a different world , swapping all sorts of thoughts with my virtual buddies. I had made good friends, even exchanged gifts with some. The reason why I started blogging was rather mundane. For months I was content in commenting on posts until one blogger repeatedly asked me – “do you have a blog? I want to know something about you.” Not if I have to write HTML codes ! I finally decided to have a blog if only to gain respect when commenting 🙂 At one point monotony set in and I thought of winding down my blog and re-emerge as a totally new blogger. Funny because there was a bloggers summit held in Manila two years ago and everyone wanted to attend. Call me corny but methinks a collective eyeball to eyeball meeting only dampens the excitement of the anonymity and mystery that each and everyone of us exudes. It is OK for a blogger to met another blogger on a personal arrangement, I think but not in a collective, conference type setting.

Now, what do you feel about blogging? Do you think it is worth the effort?

I won’t tag any one, but feel free to take on the meme.


29 Responses

  1. I now also find myself looking for ‘bloggable’ material. I remember there was a picnic I was invited to. I didn’t really want to go, but then I thought that it might be good blogging material. So I went. 😀

    Blogging reduced TV viewing? That’s not exactly a bad thing, is it. 😉

  2. I pretty much would have the same answers as you. I also have news clippings and drafts that are piling up. I blog before I start working in the morning, for about an hour I would say, but not during the day. It’s also a big no-no in our company. Although I work at home, I try not to surf the internet while working because I know it would affect my production.

    And yes, the DVDs that I want to watch are also piling up. 🙂

  3. Thanks for being a sport BW. Wow, I found myself in most of your answers. How very true indeed.

  4. there are pros and cons sa pagboblog pero sa tingin ko di masyadong serious for cons. ako din sumisilip sa ofc pero kapag wala talagang gawa sa office hala sige blog ng blog, haha.

    halos magkahawig tayo kung bakit ako nawiwili sa blogging, may mga nababasa akong interesting articles, nakikitang magagandang pictures, at maraming nakikilala.

  5. Although blogging (mostly commenting) put a litle bulge on my waist for neglecting my daily 2 hours walks, I now at least can compose a paragraph or two like the old time when we used to write letters home; that was before the cheaper long distance (phone cards), text and yahoo or skype voice or text chat.

    I don’t worry much what to blog, since I do mine in long intervals, and if I run out of ideas, there is always The Babe to tell the world about. And she never, never ever bother to know what I’m doing. And she said she wants to take her student driver’s, but the California Licensing wants her to produce a school certificate that will qualify her as an underage (l6) student driver. She decided to wait to the proper age. What now? Worry, No- Mom said she doing very well in school, the money spent on private schools in R.P. was worth it…

    Also it is good excuse not to do anything, not even the laundry by spending hours in front of P.C.. In short it makes me a lazy, very lazy bugger…

  6. Wil – I went to a cruise+vacation with my family last Xmas holidays and while I relish the idea of it being a bloggable event, the blog part never influenced my decision to go 🙂

    The TV viewing only becomes bad when you go to he web to find out what happened to the eposide 🙂

  7. Niceheart – congrats to your company for maintaining productivity 🙂 I do blog for half an hour in the morning but I hate it when I’m late for the train. I always make sure I have a blog free day on the weekend, sat or sun – whenever I can. I seem to do better in summer though 🙂

  8. Ipanema – hey, you just saved me thinking about a topic to blog about ! Yeah, we all seem to be in the same predicament aren’t we? 🙂

  9. Iskoo – mas marabi bang pros sa cons 🙂 If you can control the cons, ok ka lang .. baka mahuli ka ng blog police sa office mo.. he he:)

  10. Vic – buti ka pa you have an adviser 🙂 At one point I limited myself to 1 post per week just like you.. Laundry piling up? What about other things piling up he he.. 🙂

  11. jeez I spend almost 2 hours just reading and commenting but I guess I do that because I got lots of idle time at work but sooner or later I don’t think I won’t have that luxury na so for now na hindi pa ganun ka busy hala blog lang ng blog.

    Anyway wow…although I can say that I am attached to blogging, in my case I don’t really take my entries seriously. Explains why I got lots of grammatical errors hahahaha I don’t make drafts but I edit twice or thrice my entries even after posting it.

  12. Verns – at least you can make use of your idle time at work 🙂 Like you , blogging for me is also for entertainment.. We all have our kicks doing it but bottom line is we do it for fun 🙂

  13. I guess you exactly told what most of us would say.
    I totally agree with #1 and #2. Blogging is probably a great waste of time. #5 I met a few bloggers in real life but don’t feel the need to show my face in the next bloggers meeting in Manila which will take place soon. I guess many people would be quite dissapointed to see the real face behind My Sarisari Store.

  14. Sidney – blogging does take its toll on our private lives. It is addictive but we get a kick out of what we do but it is up to us to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons 🙂

    I’m sure no one will get disappointed with you 🙂 I think part of the appeal of blogging is the virtual friendship and sometimes the anonymity 🙂 Just a thought though …nothing particularly serious 🙂

  15. Well I only have this to say about blogging, it changed the way we live our daily lives…

  16. You are so much into the writing process (collecting data and organizing it in such a way that it will become one cohesive unit). That explains why your blog posts are always full of substance of the meaty kind. (Does saying this guarantee me a gift package from Canada? 🙂 LOL. Just kidding.)

    I’m the sit-and-blog type. There’s no planning whatsoever, which somehow explains why my blog posts come out incohesive and, sometimes, incoherent. LOL. But then again I blog only for therapeutic purposes. 🙂 For fun. So, I guess that’s okay.

    P.S. Of late, I’m thinking of having an opinion blog so that I can write about other things naman other than my so-called ‘life’ here in Switzerland. 🙂

  17. I have a handful of drafts sitting there for months too. 🙂 And I’ve also been trying to be more observant about potential bloggables. 🙂

    Blogging has wreaked havoc on my eyes! Arrrrgh!

  18. Blogging has somehow made life more conscious for me. Mad me observe things better and also challenge s me to be more active on doing things as well. Yeah sometimes it can get a little distracting at work, but keeping things in control can also be rewarding. Also made some personal friends through blogs.

  19. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, but it was only been two months ago when I began exploring the networks in blogosphere. Feeling newbie tuloy. 🙂 But I’ve gained friends in the process (it never occurred to me before that that was possible!), and I would definitely say that it is one of the best things that came out of my blogging. I’m excited about what lies ahead. Here’s to more friends! 🙂

  20. oops…erase the “been” in my previous comment. sorry antok na eh. 🙂

  21. for me, blogging made me a better person. it is my outlet. it is where i can speak out my mind freely, or without inhibitions. it has developed in me a consciousness that was not there before, or maybe a consciousness that was awakened.

    because of blogging, i had the chance of meeting interesting people like you. 😛

  22. i learn a lot from blogging, diff ideas from diff walks of life. i can feel that blogging can distract me at work so i decided to get a dsl connection at home 🙂

  23. Sngl – it sure changed our lives 🙂 Blogging has suddenly competed with our traditional leisure activities like watching TV and reading. I would add that if we aren’t careful, it could be a serious interference 🙂

  24. Jayred – I also blog for therapeutic reasons he he.. Hey, at least where you are I can almost guarantee that the package will arrive in one piece! You’re a fine writer so please push through with your plan in creating an opinion blog. it will make you even busier 🙂

  25. Ferdz – I guess a photoblogger like you needs to keep his feet moving to take cool pics! I know photobloggers also share lots of ideas with each other.. I bet it’s fun 🙂

  26. Kathy – good that you’re having fun networking with other bloggers.. Nice to know that you are a Carl Sagan fan too 🙂 Well, your last post was great. I couldn’t remember the last time I commented 3 times on a single post, and seriously at that !

  27. Cruise – it would be a drag not to be able to blog from home eh? I too have a DSL line at home for my home office, paid for by my employer for remote access to our system . So I guess I can claim that I blog for free.. he he 🙂

  28. “But I’m a fan of point and shoot smart cameras that compensate for the person’s lack of understanding of the technical side of photography.”

    So was I, BW 🙂 But don’t be surprised if the bug to know more about exposure starts bite you.

    Blogging is definitely a wonderful cerebal activity! I can identify with what you said.

  29. Eric – I know what you mean. For now I’m in the process of learning. I can see that you’re fond of art and having fun with photography 🙂 I feel that it won;t be long and I’d be shopping around for a true DSLR 🙂

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