5 Things You Dont Want Know About Me ; IRAQ

Here’s my response to NICEHEART’s meme tag about 5 things you don’t want to know about me :

1. I’m not a handyman. I can fix minor faucet leaks, paint the rooms but for any other malfunctions in the house, I call for service. I can certainly fix things for survival purposes but not for restoration and show.

2. I only prepare my clothes the day I go to work which means I iron them in the morning. I don’t want my wife to prepare my clothes either. It’s a tradition since I was single that I am not able to part with for some reason. Amidst the rush, so far I haven’t messed up my color coordination so serious that I needed to turn the car around to change 🙂

3. I have absolutely no respect for people who have families but don’t work and free load on relatives the whole time. When I go to Pinas for a visit, I purposely show my displeasure to these people by not engaging in conversations with them. I feel that they are reneging on their innate duty to work for their personal survival. I feel this is one of the dark spots of our culture. I have blogged about this last year.

4. When I was in college I had a deep crush on my English teacher. Boy was I ever present in her class, glued to her 100% of the time. One day she asked me to stay after class. Is this the day I’m waiting for ? 🙂 Thoughts of the movie The Graduate was hovering in my brain , imagining her as Mrs. Robinson .. remember that movie ? he he 🙂 Then she said – “could you take these books to the library please ? I hope you don’t mind. “ Ouch. She probably perceived me ogling her from a distance the whole semester 🙂

5. When I was in college I broke up with my girl, got drunk and telegrammed her that I died 🙂 She finally called my home (didn’t want to talk to me again – cell phone wasn’t a fad then), I answered the phone and laughed 🙂


The war in Iraq is increasingly becoming a fiasco in the eyes of many Americans. The four year old war had already exceeded the cost of $500 billion. The Democrats aren’t thrilled with the idea of sending additional 20,000 troops as reinforcement, to quell the anarchy in Baghdad. The Democrats are hell bent on a drastic cost military cost cutting scheme to put the country’s finances in order.

You see Bush is so scared that the SHITE majority in Iraq might form an alliance with IRAN, whose ambition for harnessing nuclear energy might result in disastrous consequences for planet Earth. Not only will IRAN develop nuclear warheads and blast Israel and the United States out of the map, it could also pollute and harm the environment if not careful. The alliance will make Iraq more polarized resulting in an imbalance of power in the region. When Sadam was in power IRAN was wary about intervening in IRAQ’s affairs.

Bush is incensed by the Democrat proposal which is tantamount to backing out, making IRAQ war a failure and stamping the ignominy on the Republican performance record , guaranteeing a Democrat victory in the 2008 election. Bush is definitely not pleased.