Fat Myth ?

As I was browsing through Discover Magazine’s January 2007 edition running through the brief outlines of the top 100 science stories of 2006, I was drawn to two topics that were of special interest to me. I’m still battling the bulge trying to close down two inches off my belt ; therefore, any knowledge that may help in understanding the ramnifications of diet on our bodies would be beneficial.

Here are the two topics :

53 Low-Fat Diet A Bust?

Everybody had been jumping on the low fat diet bandwagon believing that fat intake causes all sorts of problems, making people susceptible to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Apparently this is no longer true. The problem isn’t the fats we eat – it’s the getting fat that matters. They’ve narrowed down the villains as trans fats and saturated fats which have to be avoided whenever possible. The secret to a healthy life now appears to be avoiding becoming fat rather than worrying about eating fats.

38 Lab Cooks Up a Healthier Pig

I’ve been brainwashed to believe that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish is one of the best things you can feed your body so I make it a point to include a bit of fish in my daily diet. Pork had been unfairly characterized as full of fatty grease, hence bad for health. A reporter in the Pinoy local paper here once wrote an article about the 3 poisons in the Pinoy diet – tuyo, baboy and beer. The good news is pigs can now be genetically engineered to provide omega – 3, much like fish ! That’s great news to those who miss eating pork for fear that their arteries might be clogged with fat. It’s still a toss up whether the FDA will allow the generatically altered pig to be consumed by the public.

#53 and #38 are welcome news indeed.

Talking about genetically altered food, I once bought a dozen eggs. The price was more expensive than the usual one I’m buying but I shrugged it off. When I tried to make omelette for breakfast, I noticed that the egg was slightly bigger than the ones I normally bought. When I broke the egg, I saw two yolks. This was the first time I saw double yolk ( pardon my ignorance) so I thought this must have been an abnormal egg. When I was little we had a poultry farm and I know some eggs come out funny, in some kind of an elastic brown sac, minus the white shell. The second egg yielded the same two yolks. When I saw the packaging – it had the label – double yolk. I immediately googled the net to check if these eggs were genetically altered or something. I found that the double yolks are an indeed an aberration, in other words abnormal. Double yolks occur in 1 in a 1000 eggs. Boy , if they can come up with dozens of these eggs, they must have a real big farm 🙂