I Don’t Quite Get It…

Here’s an incredibly mind-boggling piece of news. How can one lose $12 Billion in hard cash with nary an accounting of its disbursement? The U.S. government reportedly did. It shipped $12 billion dollars by cargo plane to Iraq for delivery to Iraqi ministries and its contractors but no one knows who got what! So where the hell did the money go? Is this the reason why Iraqis are cutting each other’s throats – for the money? The sad part is Americans don’t really give a damn. The money isn’t theirs in the first place. They were the proceeds of the Oil of Food Program during the pre-invasion economic embargo and the recovered frozen assets of Sadam Hussein being returned to the Iraqi people. This war has turned real ugly inside out man. There’s just so many twists and turns and no one knows what’s really going on. I have no doubt that this war had made losers of everybody.


I am scrambling to finish this post before the Thursday deadline imposed by blogger SNGLGUY on the folks he tagged 🙂 Well, here are my thirteen confessions that would reveal a bit about the brighter side ( or the darker) of me 🙂 I won’t tag anyone but please feel free to respond to the meme.

1. I’m a salad/ antipasto/ soup kind of guy so I can stop right at the appetizers without going to the main course and I’m a happy camper.

2. I have a unique French sounding first name that people mistake for a girl’s name.

3. I am a good friend of a Pinay actress who hails from North America.

4. I once got lost in Austria because the travel agent mispelled the name of my destination.A mispelled letter caused me to stray 300 kms off my destination. Looks like a puzzle but true! Can you figure out the city name? Was I incensed? You bet. I nearly gored the damn agent.

5. I am a clock fanatic. I have 21 clocks in my house. I own 8 wrist watches.

6. I come to work 30 minutes late everyday

7. I am on my second marriage and I married a girl much younger than me. Maybe she was looking for a matured guy, responsible, etc.. or some other things too embarassing to discuss. LOL.

8. I have a crush on my cute neighbor at the train paid parking lot. I told my wife about her 🙂 My wife also tells me if someone makes a pass at her 🙂 Both of us aren’t the jealous type.

9. I always wear a magnetic sole inside my shoes because it balances the electrical charge in my body, rids of any aches and makes me a lot stronger 🙂

10. Re hunting, I’m looking forward to my first deer kill this year.

11. I am supposed to be in Manila next week to play in the annual golf tournament organized by Pinoys from the U.S. West Coast but my wife and daughter had to take the trip in January because a screw up with my wife’s vacation sked at work. A buddy of mine from Toronto is leaving for Pinas this weekend to play in the tournament. Sigh.. Tin-tin, hope we are still on for lunch and then coffee at Starbucks 🙂

12. My waist is precariously enlarging it seems.

13. I manage a technology unit of a multinational corporation, in charge of its Canadian operations.


39 Responses

  1. You have 21 clocks and 8 wrist watches and you’re late for work everyday? 🙂 You’re funny BW. 🙂

  2. @ Toe: hahahaha hindi naman kasi sinabi ni BW na ang silbi ng mga clocks na yun ay apra di sha ma late. Baka naman for decorative purposes lang hehe

    @ BW: you really wear a shoe with a magnetic sole and it really does balance the electrical charge in your body? Seriously?

  3. Man, 12 Billion smackeroos gone! It has to go somewhere, and your guess is as good as mine.

    Hey I didn’t know you were married before. Pareho pala tayong married once. At least ikaw married twice na, haha 😀

    Who’s that Pinay actress btw?

  4. Toe – yes, I have the compulsion to know the time all the time 🙂 Come to think of it, if I didn’t have these clocks, I’d be 1 hour late ! But the truth of the matter is, I also spend hours after work so it’s just fair 🙂

  5. Verns – yes, I do have clocks in every room of my house, sometimes 2 in one room. BTW thse includes the 3 appliance clocks in the kitchen. 🙂

    The soles are portable so i can move it from shoe to shoe. Yes, it does make me strong. I can walk and play golf for 5 hours without getting tired. I also have a magnetic blanket and a small magnetic mattress I sleep on if I’m puyat – I wake up so fresh even if I sleep for 3 hours only 🙂

  6. Sngl – a lot of people partook of that money for sure. Talk about the spoils of war man 🙂

    Hey, she knows my blog and she’ll kill me if I publish her name here!

  7. I’ve a few guesses for your French-sounding name:
    Jean…err, Luc
    How did I fare? 😛

  8. Where ever that 12 B gone, I know i didn’t get any cuz I’m stilll driving the same l990 junkie.

    I have a hunting license for years now, but I always shy away because it’s too cold and I already given away my hunting rifles and guess where? but don’t tell..I have an ex NPA friend who goes hunting and one time he went with bow and arrow and all he got some frostbites, now he uses slugs and win. 30-30.

    A also wear orthotic inserts and I can’t just believe the price of that suckers, a pair of insert costing $500. insurance covers 2 pairs anually.

    By the way, what do you think our Dinos chances for the playoffs? You think we can make to the second round?

  9. Kathy – nice try but you’re not even close! hehe. Chances are you’ve never heard of my name before. It’s kinda rare and I’ve confirmed – it’s a girl’s name 🙂 Pero bagay naman kaya Ok lang he he:)

  10. Vic – that friend of yours is darn lucky man. 30-30 is great for bush hunting. I’ve got my sights on a .270 actually.

    I am not arthritic and I use the magnetic sole mainly for strength and general health. It’s 87 bucks a pair and it works – at least for me 🙂

    Yep the Raptors are ranked 9th in the league but they’re a real scrappy team. They’re not to be taken lightly. I bet you they could beat any team in the league !

  11. pwede siguro gawan ng pelikula ang iraq war, tama ka dami twist, ganyang ganyang ang mfa nakikita ko sa movies.

    naging curious tuloy ako, mind sharing your first name? (I have a unique French sounding first name that people mistake for a girl’s name.)

  12. Cruise – the Iraq war has so many 64 dollar questions I agree. The shipping of $12 billion in cash is a wild one – totally unheard of.

    My email addr is just a moniker, not even close to my real name. Problem is if I print my name here, I wouldn’t be blogging anonymously anymore..hehe 🙂

  13. #4 – Seems like an adventure to me
    #9 – I should try that I always get static shock

  14. Ferdz – in Austria there are cities named Linz, in the north and Lienz, in the south! Pretty tricky, isn’t it 🙂 One letter can screw you up 😦

    Re magnets, they also sell pendants – supposedly stabilizes your emotions. The Golf Channel even sells them 🙂

  15. Ha! What a list. At least we know a bit about you. 🙂

    lol…always late? Ay, ok ka dyan. Ako naman mga 1 or 2 minutes….damn blogging!

    OMG…you really are a TIME bomb. I left my watches idle for almost a decade now.

    Eh asan ngayon ang actress? Pinas of N.Am? Active pa ba?

    lol. I know the the girl from the parking lot. 🙂

    hmmm…ok yung magnetic soles. Pag nag lightning ok lang? 🙂

  16. My co-worker is an Iraqi and she despise the U.S. There are so many innocent civilians who suffer and die because of these power mongers (not sure if that’s the right description)

    13 wrist watches – let me guess, TagHuer, Seiko, Citizen, or Timex? or all?

    Are you hiring? i promise , i wont surf the internet (as much)

    oh my, since you are here in T.O, you might be one of my bosses.
    hope not.

    does BW stand for Black and White or are those your initials?

  17. bw,
    The .270 is an all rounder and flat shooting also good for long range. One of my friends has a 30-06 and it’s just too much. I’m looking at .308, I believe just perfect for our type of terrain and enough power too and just abundance of ammo.

    Yes, I have the same assessment with our Raptors. What they lack in top talents, they make up in hard work and strong D. Have a good weekend and watch out that shovelling…

  18. Ipanema – you’ve got very exacting standards ! 2 mins for me is extremely punctual hehe 🙂

    She’s not very active on the Pinoy silver screen but still around.

    About my crush, she’s now driving a luxury car which makes her even more attractive LOL 🙂 I just feel I’m normal, getting attracted to women I mean. I would worry if it stops 🙂 Emotionaly adultery is harmless anyways 🙂

    The magnetic soles are great. Many people are skeptical but for me is a case of seeing
    and believing 🙂

  19. Leah – same here. THe war had caused more misery than the rhetoric about freedom 😦

    I got only 8 now and gifted two to my brothers. Being an outdoors person my watches should withstand the test of nature so the Timex wouldn’t make it LOL:) I also gifted a brother with an atomic desk clock which has a receiver designed to sync up with the
    cesium time transmitter in Colorado, Germany and Japan. I gave it away because it was a freebie from a conference I attended. Blogger Kathy ( who’s a physicist) desires to have one. Let’s hope I can get another freebie.. and Kathy’s wish might be fulfilled LOL 🙂 Yep, I’m willing to give it to her 🙂 I want the wrist atomic watch version 🙂

    Nope – I’m definitely not your boss hehe. So feel free to say anything !

    BW ws my moniker many years ago
    ( Buffalo WIngs) when I used to participate in the Buffalo Bills
    online forum . I became a fan of the Bills when quarterback Doug Flutie moved to theNFL by joing the Buffalo Bills football team . Flutie played in the CFL ( Toronto Argonauts) for many years.Buffalo being a border city and only 1.5 hrs away has tons of Ontario fans 🙂

  20. Vic – the .270 is an all around ammo. With a bigger grain load, I could use it if I go for bigger animals like moose or elk. It’s deadly accurate at 200 yards. I might also get a lever action .30-30 for deer hunting in the thick bushes. 30-06 is too strong I think.

    The Raps are definitely a dark horse and it’s never over when its over 🙂 I don’t think anyone in the league relishes the idea of playing with a scapper like the Raps who you have to play hard in order to beat !

    Have a nice one too bro ! Yeah, I did some workout with shoveliing this week 🙂

  21. pakilala mo naman ako sa

    3. I am a good friend of a Pinay actress who hails from North America.

    mahilig ako sa artista maganda 🙂

  22. Weird. Hehe, but I’m a pasta guy too. =)

  23. Regarding the names – waah, I didn’t get any? Drats! Eh it’s a girl’s name pala naman. 😛

    But I was happy to read your comment about giving me a free atomic desk clock – yay! Kelan conference? 😀 *evil grin*

  24. Now you intrigued a lot of people with your real name. You should come up with a name contest on your blog, give more hints and whoever gets the answer wins a prize. Call?

  25. Kiko – ha ha no problem, basta punta ka muna rito 🙂

  26. Jeff – I dig pasta lalo yung hinahalo sa salads !

  27. Kathy – you would definitely love a clock that loses 1 second every 20 million years hehe..I should be able to get you one I think 🙂

  28. Abaniko – problem is walang mananalo because it’s likely that none of you have ever heard my name before..hehe 🙂

  29. Regarding #3 — do we know this Pinay actress from North America? 🙂

    Like you, I’m also into watches and clocks. Glad to be in Switzerland for that reason. (I already gave some of my watches, though, to my family and friends.)

  30. lol..so now you’ll feel more attracted to her huh? 🙂

  31. Bambi killer!
    for shame!!!! hehehehe 😛

    Gawd! If this ain’t a conspiracy, I dunno what is. Missing 12 billion dollars… It would be infuriating if it wasn’t funny.
    Was there even the 12 billion to begin with?

    Are the Austria destinations Gmund and Gmundn?

    I doubt it. hehehe

    I’m the anti-clock owner, but I do come to the office late everyday as well, sometimes more than 30 minutes. 😛

  32. Jayred – definitely yes 🙂 She’s from the 2000 era 🙂

    The Swiss are still the makers of high end watches and yes they even sell watches that you throw away when the batter runs out!

  33. Ipanema – it’s really not the case of ” sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along” kind of thing ( remember that song by England Dan and John Ford Coley?) 🙂 Let’s just say she became even more interesting when the VW turned into an Audi.. hehe 🙂

  34. Alternati – aren’t we glad we’re on the top of the food chain? . I hate to be chased around by Rudolph LOL..

    I lost a day because of that Linz and Lienz error 😦 but I got compensated anyways.

    I know folks like you who don’t fancy wearing watches. I had a boss once who hated the idea of wearing a watch. And you know what’s the best reply when he asks what time is it? Answer : Time to buy your own watch he he:)

  35. The magnet is interesting. Never heard of it before. Does it make you smart too?

  36. Well, if your actress-friend is from the 2000 era, then there’s a big chance that I don’t know her. LOL. I’m already ancient. 🙂

  37. Well, if your actress-friend is from the 2000 era, then there’s a big chance that I don’t know her. LOL. I’m already ancient. 🙂

  38. Irrealis – I certainly don’t want it to screw up my brain LOL.. It’s supposed to harmonize the electrical charge of your body. If it does provide stress relief, then well and good 🙂

  39. Jayred – hahaha..well, I don’t she hadn’t done black and white pics – that I am sure LOL 🙂

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