Today’s Kids

I still remember vividly the first day I brought my daughter to the day care. She was only one and a half years old. The thought of strange people around her traumatized her so much that bringing her to day care everyday was an ordeal for all of us. In time she had gotten used to it and made the morning drop off ritual became much easier. Now she’s a fairly independent 5 year old. We never had to toilet train her in fact. The day care folks taught her a lot of things in the area of being independent. She was just a gem when she took her vacation with my wife back in Pinas. She didn’t cry to beg for attention at all, unlike her 6 year old cousin who can’t even go to the bathroom by himself and cried for anything he needed. Not trying to chastise practices from home and I’m one who grew up with the yaya (nanny). All I am saying is we strike a balance between social assimilation which she gets from the day care and the much needed love and care she gets from us at home and it seems to be working, for now at least.

These days we demand too much of academic progress from our kids it seems. Parents are brainwashed with the notion that starting them early with academic skills makes them geniuses in the long haul. Whatever happened to playing ? My parents who were both educators never taught me with homeworks and assignments at home. When I was in high school I was besieged with homework. My bag was so heavy that if I would have become the Hunchback from Notre Dame if the ordeal lasted for a few more years. Once I was having dinner at a Chinese fast food mall and I saw this Chinese boy who must have been in his early primary grade sitting beside his tutor doing the usual session while his mom was sitting 10 tables away sipping tea and visibly monitoring his son’s reactions. Man, I would hate to be him doing the darn lessons for hours every night! Why not just give me a brain transplant instead 🙂

My wife was checking a Barbie footprint PC replete with all the colors and trimmings for my daughter and I didn’t agree with the idea. The PC would have been an another adornment to her room. She’s still quite young and it would be a little too initimidating for her. Computer based educational toys are just about right for her age I think. Nowadays kids are just pampered with all the hi tech gizmos and gadgetry. It is common to see young kids toting cell phones nowadays. With some phones having GPS features nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised that phones can be fitted with such for tracking purposes only , i.e. to know the whereabouts or the exact coordinates of the cell user, i.e. your child. I heard they implemented this in Pinas for a fee but failed miserably due to inaccuracy. As usual, the carriers were more interested in making money rather than delivering accuracy and efficiency!

News is bouncing around that the song kids love to sing during Xmas – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – didn’t exactly fare well with Rudolph’s sentiments ( Click on icon)


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  1. Funny cartoons. I like the Rudolf one the best. Revenge is sweet. hehe. I feel bad for that kid being tutored while his mom monitors. School’s not everything, I say. She probably has him penciled in on when he can have fun, too. Poor kid.

  2. Wil – they never let poor Rudolph join any reindeer game so that’s what they got hehe 🙂

    Agree – school is not everything. Too much pressure can be harmful 😦

  3. Nowadays kids have a mountain of homework to finished before they can go to bed. I don’t get it because during my time we do have assignments but not like the ones they have today which are really advanced and they are saying pa na kids daw today are less educated, academically speaking, when they got tons of homework compared to what we had.

    What happens tuloy is that the parents are the ones doing the homework coz ang bata hindi na kaya. Hindi na rin syempre nakakalaro kasi drained na.

    Oh well…

  4. Verns – very good point! If they have more homework than we did
    ( ehem.. assuming magkasabay tayo.. konting una lang naman ako LOL) how come kids today are being labelled less educated ? I suspect that the information deluge, i.e., boatloads of homework aren’t really effective and adds more strain to the already challenged educational system we have 😦

  5. Chinese education is quite different. They study the same subjects in 2 languages – 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Even in China, parents INVEST a lot on their children’s education. Something that is unheard of for some. Tutorial for them is part of studying as these students can’t study on their ow or parents are too busy making money or parents don’t know the subject. I used to moonlight as tutor and mostly Chinese students. For some, sending their children to tutorial is status quo. I charge $80-$120 per child/subject. That’s a lot for parents who send 2-3 children. It’s a form of material measure for some.

    I too was never tutored by my parents. It was a DIY for all of us. It’s better as tend to be confident with our work. We can be independent learners this way.

    Yes, today’s children are more techies but sometimes these are a boon to their studies. Those who dont know how to use it properly will suffer more. Parents should monitor them.

  6. Funny cartoons! I like the one saying it takes 9 months to download a baby ! 🙂

    Like in everything we should find a middle ground. Enough of everything (play and work).

  7. hahahaha di ba 5 months lang agwat natin? 5 months and 30 years! hrhrhr just messing.

    Yeah seriously. That’s what they always say nowadays. Maybe that is also the reason why they bombard these kids with homework thinking that homework can address the concern. Hindi mo rin kasi masisisi. Today there are lots of distractions. There’s internet gaming, cellphone (texting), PS2 and the like so the kids are more inclined to do these stuff than studying their lessons. Ano lang ba distractiong NATIN (ayan kunyari classmates tayo) noon. Di ba tv lang? Then most of the time di pa tayo makarelate sa shows kasi medyo matured topics na yung pinapalabas. Batibot at Ang TV lang naman ang pambata noon.

    That’s why parents should really be there to guide the young minds. Uhhmmmm but really..tayo noon, like Ipanema said, wala namang tutor..di ba?

  8. kids forced to study too many things. let ’em play!

    learning should alwaysbe fun for kids to learn to learn new things on their own

  9. Ipanema – I’m sure they really invest on their children’s education. They see to be set apart with the rest of the world on how serious they are looking at education. Great part time job for you though ! I’m sure they’re getting their money’s worth from madam teacher 🙂

  10. Sidney – kids are into the net so early these days man 🙂 Agree – balance is key I think. Once the curiosity for education is established, you don’t need to push too hard 🙂

  11. Verns – anong exchange rate ba ang ginamit mo – US Dollar? Nasobrahan yata ng laki. hahaha.

    Distractions, distractions… that’s the name of the game. If the parents aren’t around , problems happen 🙂

  12. Tutubi – spoonfeeding doesn’t always work true. It’s easy for someone to forget something that’s slammed in his brain they say ! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  13. Re kid’s education these days, you should see the stack of books my two young nieces carry to school everyday. They both have two bag-full of books each, one in the morning for their English classes and another for their Chinese classes in the afternoon. And they’re only 8 and 6 years old! 😦

    I went through the same thing during my time, having English and Chinese classes everyday, but we never had that much books. Grabe talaga ngayon…

    BTW, that last cartoon is hilarious. Kinda reminds me of the works of my favorite cartoonist, Gary Larsen. 🙂

  14. My daughter was only 10 months old when she started daycare. It was also tough the first few weeks. It was especially more difficult when we took vacations lasting 2, 3 weeks…it’s like starting all over because she had to get used to being around “strangers” again.
    Regarding education, we are carefully considering which school to send our daughter to – Japanese school or international school. I heard that the Japanese system is too taxing for children, and tutorials are the only way to go for the kids to catch up in school. International schools, aside from being more expensive, also have small classes – it doesn’t sound much fun if there are only 3 or so second graders in school, does it? I still have two more years to think this over, though.

  15. my daughter and my son did not go to day care when they were little. i remember the time i was trying to persuade my son to join a neighborhood day care sponsored by hubby’s relative. he insisted that he still dont want to go to school and added that he will go to school when he’s 4. and true to himself, he went to school at 4 1/2 as a kindergarten student, was transferred to a private school at 5 1/2 as grade one because he passed the exams – the reason why he’s only 14 now that he’s already a 3rd yr high school student.

    i believe parents should not impose and should not force their children at an early age. learning can start from the little things at home. after all, most of life experiences are best learned not from school.

  16. erratum: that he still doesnt* want to go to school

    my fingers are faster than my thoughts he he

  17. So all the other reindeers after the lead Rudolph must be all “Clones”. Oh boy that Santa, not only he has that toy shop up north, he also has a state of the art lab.

    Chinese parent are known to instill early study habits discipline on their children, the results we sometimes assume that they are smarter than other nationalities, when in fact they carry those habits to their univerity studies. You can see it all over the universities and colleges in North Amrica, sometimes you think you are in China. Is it good or bad for the child? If the ends justify the means, then it might be good, but not in all instances, I’d rather let a child grow up normally and let her or him compete with others in the right time and proper age…

  18. I agree with you. Kids that young shouldn’t be given their own desktops or laptops. I’d rather give them a large box of crayons or Legos 🙂

  19. Sngl – the task of learning in two languages adds more stress to the student I think 😦 I know someone who put his two kids at a French immersion school here and the demand of learning 2 languages , let alone the academics is just way too stressful.

  20. Kathy – many people are concerned about the high ratio of students per teacher. A very low ratio isn’t bad as in your case, provided the kid learns the social assimilation part of school. Day care, esp the established ones are expensive. The amount you pay is about the same as what you’d pay for university tuition and I’m not kidding 🙂

  21. Bing – very true. Kids learn from both school and home. The good part of having my child in day care is she developed the sense of independence and social skills. It is the place where they find their way through the crowd so to speak. Besides my daughter doesn’t have a playmate at home so the day care provides her that environment that she can enjoy with other kids 🙂

  22. Vic – very true and most Asian folks are deluded with the notion that school is only about academics, about grades.

    I have been here for many years, but I have yet to see someone getting an award for being the top in the class in a primary/elementary school. They don’t have that kind of competition here. Absolutely nil in the elementary grades. They just rank the child is he/she if the skills are above the class average, within or below the class average. Kids are growing and maturing everyday and the real intelligence will manifest itself in high school or even university 🙂

  23. Eric – same here. Crayons and legos are excellent for the development of creativity. The gaming toys however proliferate the stores these days and parents have to be wary in not getting their kids addicted to it 😦

  24. it looks like you have trained you daughter well. you are right letter her enjoy her life while teacher her at the same time is better than forcing the children to be serious in school at a very young age.

  25. My two younger kids also went to daycare when they were babies up two years and three years old. They didn’t have a hard time adjusting. Actually, I think it was me who had it hard. The feeling of guilt. 🙂

    I for one, don’t do my kids’ homework. They ask me for help, and then I guide them and let them come up with the right answers.

  26. Kiko – trying bro. As we very well know, medyo iba rito and cultura. I’m very liberal when it comes to education. I don’t want to pressure her at such a young age.

  27. Niceheart – actually most mothers do. They feel guilty that their kids are being cared for by others. we are also very wary of day care providers here. Alam mo na, there’s incidents of child abuse that you read in the papers everyday.

  28. Here in Korea they also value education and pay a lot to tutors, specially English language tutors.

  29. Oo nga… I read in Time or Newsweek yata, that children, especially in Asia, are so stressed out with school, sports, ballet lessons, kumon, etc.. And they’re studying Calculus and Trigonometry in Grade School. They’re stressed out by the time they’re seven. Whatever happened to good old playing piko or patintero? You’re right… there has to be a balance somewhere.

    Siempre, mayabang ako at kunwari ang dami kong alam… pero wala naman akong anak… hahaha! 🙂

  30. Irrealis – looks like every Asian country has the same attitude towards edcation. Wonder who will be washing the dishes and sweeping the streets if every one gets a college degree !

  31. Toe – ineteresting you mentioned that coz yesterday the papers here say there will be a shortage of some 1.2 million trade workers in the next 15 years or so. Apprenticeship into trades is something that the govt is encouraging high school students these days 🙂

    Don’t worry about your not having a child and speaking about education 🙂 I’m sure sooner or later you’ll have one. I know a friend who had her first baby 12 years after she got married 🙂

  32. i had a yaya til.. idon’t know what age. can’t recall. hehehe. and i remember my dad telling me to study in uplb so i’ll learn how to be independent. but when i arrived in lb, i was like independent already. though i don’t do household chores (buking! hehe), i did great in lb. yabang! hahaha

    weird lang coz the younger the kid is, the more books is required sa school. or more things. basta! heavier bags. kaya daming di tumatangkad eh. hehe.

    but when i was growing up, i wanted to have electronic toys din. mejo bad trip nga ako kse wala pa masyado nung time namin. that’s why i always enjoy visitng toy stores. kse may mga toys na wala pa nung time na bata ko. hehe ;p

  33. Oh, I love this post. Makes me remember when my kids were still in preschool age. My second son was so ‘makulit’, every time he came home, he would announce: “Mama, Teacher Luisa made me stand in the corner again!” Hahaha!

    I can see your daughter growing up to be a fine, independent lady. Keep up your parenting style! Kudos to you and your wife!

  34. Tin – really appreciate your coming out of your mini hibernation to comment on my blog 🙂 I’m in a sort of micro hibernation too 🙂 The office had finally restricted access to blogger comments which means that I can’t blog from the office which is great. Now I can finish more work he he:) I’m just getting toi watching TV and reading this week it seems.I might not be able to post nor even bloghop this week 😦

    Great to know you’ve graduated from a good school 🙂 Hmm. .. mukhang spoiled ka ng dad mo ha 🙂

  35. Rhodora – I think there’s a grain of truth to the saying – “naughty kids are the more successful ones”. It sounds odd but stats seem to support it.

    About my daughter, medyo pilosopo na at hindi na mauuto hehehe. We just hope we don’t lose our grip on her when she grows older 🙂

  36. hahaha… Rudolph is a badass.

    My niece is already better at the computer than my mom. She’s turning 5 on March. I guess it’s an evolution of sorts. Funny how here in the PI, kids learn using the comp at a young age but it seems they’re holding twice the size of my bag I had when I was their age. I thought “compacting” is a thing of technology. Oh well…

    AND of course it doesn’t get any better when they get to highschool and college.

    Although, I’ve always believed that kids are very resilient.

  37. My mind is also so filled with this sort of concern nowadays since almost all of them, age 6, 5, 4 and 2 are almost always glued to cartoon shows on cable on a daily basis. I often argue with them that kids as young as them shouldn’t be watching too much TV coz it will dampen their skills in schools; but they just couldn’t resist it.

    I had to make a painful solution for them by erasing the cartoon channel while school is on, and bringing it back only on weekends.

    I believe also that there should be right balance between play and school.

  38. I’ve always noticed that kids learned a lot more when at play than forcing them to study.

    Onga kalungkot nga that most kids nowadays no longer play outdoor games as they used to be, now they spend most of their times with those electronic gadgets and computer games.

  39. My daughter’s home work usually are for reading and spelling . She is only in SK. I’m sure next year, she’ll have more homework.

    We only let her watch Treehouse but she gets her doze of the toon networks with all the advertisements at the sitters.

    I do notice that they get alot (good and bad) from watching these shows.

    We try to incorporate more play and craft and other activities when she’s with us at home.

  40. Kids born between 1985 to 1995 had a somewhat different experience. I think it was the period of the transition from what it was to what it is now.

  41. “Why not just give me a brain transplant instead.” ha ha. I guess this must be it.

  42. Alternati – Rudolph is a real badass eh? hehe. It’s scary to think of what technology these kids may have to deal with many years from now!

  43. Major Tom – you’ve got a great brood there bro! Keep it up 🙂

    I know what you mean. TV can be a real distraction and it is your decision on how to balance things out and maintain order in the house 🙂

  44. Ferdz – it’s really debatable if slamming information into pre school kid’s brains works for the better 😦

    Talking about toys, gone are the days when we played with real toys like wooden toy cars – nowadays it’s all high tech 🙂

  45. Leah – my daughter also watches Treehouse most of the time. It can be distracting sometimes but she also learns something from it. Nowadays she’s going bonkers about Baby Bratz!

  46. Jeff – and incidentally, the internet started to proliferate around this era!

  47. MyePinoy – transplant – wouldn’t it be dandy ! Or maybe consider our brains like a hard disk and load it with info or reformat it when it goes haywire hehe 🙂

  48. I still believe kids should enjoy their childhood and play is a major part of that. Every person should go through growing phases and not force them to excel prematurely in academics. Happy kids are more likely to succeed in later life because they develop better EQ’s. We already know that IQ alone won’t be enough for one to become successful.

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