Can’t Say NO?

Last Sunday afternoon as I was browsing in a sports store at a mall, I noticed my wife chatting with a saleslady at the sunglass section. I was speculating she was trying on the good looking Paula Creamer line of Sundog sunglasses so I went on with my business checking things out. A few minutes later she showed me the sunglass that came in a little cute bag which I thought was really nice. It wasn’t overly expensive and I overwhelmingly approved of the purchase but when we reached the car she told me she really didn’t like it and the savvy saleslady coaxed her into getting it ! She wanted to return it the following day but at a different store branch at the other side of the city because she was embarrassed to face the saleslady. I insisted that there’s absolutely nothing wrong if a person changes her mind and besides, she had at least 7 days to return it if she wanted to. We did return it at another store branch the following day and she got her $60 dollars back but couldn’t the aggravation been avoided if she simply said NO ?

Heck, I thought that saleslady was cool though and I’d like to have her in my team πŸ™‚ Can’t blame a person if she’s doing a good job. I’m not going to get into the art of saying NO discussion here but aren’t we free people living in a democracy ? πŸ™‚ My wife is a very considerate person by nature and sometimes she has that tendency of getting railroaded by pushy sales people. She’s one of those who will not attend any sales promotion events for the sake of freebies when she knows she’s not buying anything unlike me πŸ™‚ I always think freebies are compensation for my time wasted and I have no qualms about receiving it and whether I buy or not is another issue altogether. She always tells me I’m rude when I tell telemarketers over the phone that I am not interested in what they have to sell and I make excuses that I am having dinner πŸ™‚ It in fact it is my own way of protesting the invasion of my privacy and I’m just being brutally honest and laying down my cards.

Saying NO can be difficult sometimes especially for Pinoys who are by nature very hospitable people. I say the main reason why people feel obligated to purchase something is when they think they have taken a lot of the salesperson’s attention and feel embarrassed when they leave without buying anything. If so, then don’t try on all the shirts in the rack if you’re not intent on buying ! Make up your mind quick with a yes or no decision. Sales attendants in this part of the world are normally paid commissions as incentive so they would try their darnest best to take your money πŸ™‚

Worst Jobs with the Best Pay

Here’s another category – jobs that suck but pay well ( arranged from highest to lowest pay). According to an article by Business Week, the worst jobs are those β€œthat are typically high-risk, high-pressure, low-glamour, and physically (or psychologically) demanding or all of the above as in the case of crab fishing.β€œ

1. Gastroenterologist
2. Podiatrist
3. Private Security Contractor in Iraq
4. IT ( Information Technology) Worker
5. Crop Duster Pilot
6. Crime-Scene Cleaner
7. Roughneck ( oil driller)
8. Toll Road Collector
9 .Long-haul Trucker
10. Embalmer
11. Sewer Inspector
12. Crab Fisherman

Are you in one of these jobs? Are you now thinking of getting out? Or trying to get in πŸ™‚


46 Responses

  1. Selling or closing a deal is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. There’s more to it. For me the most important thing is for the customer to be satisfied and happy with his purchase because that would make him return thus giving you a repeat order or repurchase. The challenge naman kasi is not closing a deal, it’s maintaining a client or in this case, a buyer.

    I believe the saleslady was very effective. Now there’s more of us in your basketball team hrhrhrhr πŸ™‚

    But I didn’t know that you can return purchased items with a cash refund there. Here kasi you can return the item but they won’t pay you back. You have to replaced it with a new item or something.

  2. In a car dealership, I’ve seen this smooth salesperson sweet talk his way into the bank account of a Pinoy nurse on her first car purchase and she just sat in that little cubicle of torture(financing deal part) dazed and confused. You know what I despise the most? Supposedly friends who invite you over on a weekend “kasi matagal na tayong di nagkita” and then you end up in a roomful of other fools who fell into a trap for a sales pitch for some stupid investment scheme..taken advantage by afellow pinoy because they know fully well that you’ll never say no to a “Kabayan”! But ika nga eh, “Matalino man daw ang matsing, ay napag-lalalangan din!” so I eat as much as I can, drink as much as I can at the pseudo party, give them bullshit about my commitment to their scheme, sneak out while the pitch is on, and erase them from my Christmas list and address book and put block on my phones for their numbers.

    Worst job with the best pay:

    A decoy for a hard core anti drug prosecutor in Colombia or Mexico.

  3. Oh, I hate pushy sales people and telemarketers. I have learned how to say no to telemarketers. Once they start selling their products, I’d say I’m not interested right away. And if they still continue to convince me, I interrupt and reiterate that I’m not really interested and that I’m busy.

    But when I am at department stores, I notice that salespeople are not that pushy anymore. They’ll ask me, “can I help you?” or “did you find what you were looking for?” And if I say that I’m just looking around, they would usually leave me alone.

  4. I also have problems saying no, especially when I attend those things where they give out free tickets to a show or something. The catch is that you have to listen to a one hour sales presentation. Ugh. I’m still paying for that thing I bought, too. ahhhh.

    Podiatrist is one of the worst jobs? It can’t be that bad. you’re still an MD even though it’s only for the feet. πŸ˜€

  5. Big Bro the saleslady was effective but I doubt she will make your wife repurchase from her again πŸ™‚

    Actually I don’t doubt that…i believe that lolz

  6. In my case, I don’t generally solicit the assistance of sales people, say, in a department store when I know I’m not buying anything and am just canvassing. But when I’m sure I’m buying something, it would be nice to have the ‘support’ of these sales people. However in Switzerland, I’ve noticed that customer service is not that good. I mean, I’ve seen lots of sales peole who don’t care if you buy the merchandise or not. It’s probably because they don’t own the business. This is especially true in big department stores. However, I somehow like it when there is no one following me all the time when I’m deep into the “process of product selection.” In the Philippines naman, over solicitous naman ang mga salesladies. Mapapabili ka tuloy kahit walang kabalak balak. πŸ™‚


    Naku. it’s hard to be an embalmer ha. But I think the embalmers in the Philippines are not that well-paid as compared to their counterparts in the First World.


    P.S. I think you’re married to a very nice lady with a big heart.

  7. Bro, I am surprised at the nos. 1 and 2 being included in the list of the jobs that suck but pays well. Of course that is unless you literally have to suck the toes or the stomach contents with your mouth… πŸ˜€

    “Saying NO can be difficult sometimes especially for Pinoys who are by nature very hospitable people.” – So true… must be an Asian thing.

  8. I’ve bought children’s books, magazines subscriptions, insurance and hey I even won free vacations over the phone. I’ve learnt my lessons though and I can say No pretty darn well now. Thanks for call display, I can screen my calls.

    In dept stores, like niceheart, I always say “just browsing , or just looking” if someone asks me if I need help unless ofcourse I truly need assistance, I gladly ask and even look for a sales associate.

    You’re in IT right? so you must be raking in the big bucks. Unfortunately, I’m not in the list.

  9. I’m surprised seeing IT at number 4. Part of my job is in IT and yes it pays well but in truth I no longer like to do some programmming. haha

    People should try to learn that art of saying “No”. Being able to say “No” somehow shows you have power over other people no matter how convincing they are.

  10. For some it’s really hard to say no, especially in your wife’s case. Sometimes a good sales talk is all that matters that we blindly buy things. Only after reaching home one snaps out of the salesperson’s magic words.

    A roughneck [is it an ordinary driller? Most of them are engineers] certainly earns loads. And there are many incentives, being assigned in foreign shores, salary in US dollars, medical, housing, car-transport allowance, first class air ticket, etc. That’s if you’re with big oil companies. πŸ™‚

  11. More “Worst job with best pay”:

    …”Speech writer for Erap and Jinggoy Estrada”…

    …”Kim Jong Il’s Hairdresser”…

    …”Archivist for the Batasan Pambansa”…

  12. I also find it difficult to say NO especially to relatives and friends but to strangers, I don’t have any problem turning their offers/requests down. I agree with you when you say that it’s a Pinoy trait to be accommodating but one’s hospitality is more often than not abused. I’m trying to learn how to say NO these days.

  13. Verns – the product was great so the sales push was all that was needed to sell it. I think my wife entertained her to the max that’s why at the end, she was cornered hehe..

    You bet, the saleslady was great and she’s part of my team… and as I continue blogging, it’s now
    a football team πŸ™‚

    That’s the best part about the system here. Customers are allowed to return the item except when
    it is super discounted or clearance sale and the no return no exchange rule is invoked πŸ™‚

  14. Noypetes – LOL’re extreme bro πŸ™‚ I have been through many of these meetings you mentioned and had participated in them esp. the network marketing ones, paid my dues and never moved my ass, not even once !

    And the decoy job pays a ton, in hard cash πŸ™‚

  15. Wil – I’ve gotten into sales presentations where I thought the freebe they gave me wasn’t enough for the time I wasted ! THese
    guys have finesse and when you start giving them the idea that you are really interested they can corner you big time πŸ™‚

  16. Verns – I think my wife will see that girl again if she is really intent on buying πŸ™‚ My wife is a good sales person herself πŸ™‚ Back In Pinas she worked in corporate sales and was able to sell the products to movie celebs. She works for a sales and service team at a bank here but when it comes to her , down to crunch time, her Pinoy ways overpower her

  17. Jayred – here most sales folks esp in dept stores get commissions on sales so they’d be after you πŸ™‚ The trick is not
    to get too much attention from the sales person until you are fully intent on buying. If I was the sales person I’d be pissed if a customer tries on 20 clothes and buys nothing !

    People to are interested in embalming I believe are truly a special breed. Not saying they’re necrophiliacs but you got to be at ease or like to work with corpses to be able to do the job ! I’m not saying it is evil or anything but I know a friend who had a classmate in high school who was intent on pursuing a career on embalming ! They pay good money here. I think there is a TV series called 6 FEET UNDER which provides an insight on people who work at funeral parlors.

    My wife has a big heart but if I have horns she also has hers hehe:)

  18. Leah – I even get telemarketers who speak Spanish to me at greeting just because of my last name ! I’m tempted to recite Jose Rizal’s Adios Patria Adorada so he’ll think I’m crazy and he would shut up and leave me alone hehe πŸ™‚

    I you look at the article survey, IT workers have the most stressful job amongst the list 😦 It think it is true with those working in financial institutions like me. If you search my blog, stress is probably the word you would get the most hits πŸ™‚ Two managers in my office had heart bypass operations and that’s pretty scary.

  19. Ferdz – glad to hear you’re in IT. If you are tired of programming and I cannot blame you, perhaps you should go into system design or project management πŸ™‚ There’s lots of opportunities in these area as well.

    Very true. There’s an entire course on teh art of saying NO, esp in the workplace environment application.

    BTW congrats on being in the finals with the Travel photoblog category πŸ™‚ Very well desreved and hope you bring home the big salami bro!

  20. Ipanema – the roughnecks are the drillers, the guys who tough it out in the field drilling oil, either on land or sea. They work
    long shifts and get paid good money. The mechanical, electrical, geodetic and instrumentation engineers also get paid very well for what they do.

    I knew one guy who was hired as an instrumentation engineer and had to work 24 hour shifts. It is crazy and in the Alberta oil sands they have built camps in the remote areas so the families can be with the workers.

  21. Noypetes – LOL ! Would be quite sickening to create speeches for these two stooges let alone being near them πŸ™‚ Kim Jong Il needs a total hair transplant I think hehe πŸ™‚

  22. I want to become a politician in the Philippines! πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes it is difficult to say no to salespeople but I don’t think they would succeed in making me buy something I don’t need. I am too thrifty for this! πŸ™‚

  23. Ok. πŸ™‚

    lol @ Noypetes. Apply ako hairdresser ni KJI! Madaling gawin. πŸ™‚

  24. Sidney – absolutely. Same here and I bet you won’t be trying out 20 shirts if you don’t need one !

  25. Ipanema – I’ll hazard a guess that Kim Jong Il and his wife have the same hair style LOL πŸ™‚

  26. This post reminds me of this guy who called one evening, asking if we’re interested in buying a condo unit somewhere in the city. It started fairly predictable, with all the good intentions and oozing politeness expected of Japanese salespersons. But 20 minutes later, and he was still yakking even when I told him that 1)No, we don’t have time to check it out, and 2)No, we really are not interested. He just kept pushing. I think he was really desperate to make a deal, and considering how stumped I was in answering his questions in Japanese, he thought that he had me cornered. In the end I just hung up on the dude. Sorry na lang siya. Di makuha sa mabuting salita eh (or the lack of it, hehe).

  27. At least the store gets back its item. Take a look at the Home Depot,Rona and other big BoX stores, where the customers have a cart load of paints mixed and between the mixer and the cashier changed their minds and leave their stuff and the stores end up with a technichcolor of paints for sale at less than half the price.

    Number 8 – toll road collector is a dangerous job and we got away with ours, we only have one toll roadway and no human collector on duty, all electronics, high tech, right bw, TR 407….

  28. Kathy – if I were you I’d pretend like a beginner who cannot converse well in Nippongo ( is that the official name of the Japanese language?) and make him feel that I am not getting the gist of what he is saying and maybe he will stop out of frustration..hehe πŸ™‚ And the best part is – he’ll never call the number again !

  29. Vic – very true, people here sometimes abuse the previlege ! I see people returning items that looked like they’ve been used πŸ™‚

    Yep, Canada doesn’t have toll roads like the U.S. and loos like the only one we have is hi-way 407 and does not have toll booths but snaps a shot of your plate and bills you later πŸ™‚ It’s definitely hitech but look at the toll charges we’re paying ! It’s more expensive than if there were humans πŸ™‚

  30. …EMT’s and Firefighters..Ski Patrols…Ranger Mountain Rescue Teams…Cadaver Dog Handlers…Highwaymen…Rescue Divers..all cushy high paying stressful jobs.

    What is that toll highway called between Kamloops and Hope, BC called?

  31. lol BW, crewcut and hair spray lang yun. Yung lab op mi layp nya eh long hair. Dati nyang secretary. Something like that ang kanyang lab estori. He’s got a love story and it sounds romantic. πŸ™‚

    off topic:

    *I cant post comment sa old blogger. 4 na sites na these 2 weeks, di ako maka post. hmmm…

  32. Noypetes – you are right and I stand corrected. There is a fixed fee toll road in BC called Coquihalla highway which was the one and only toll road in Canada ( aside from toll bridges) before hiway 407 in Ontario came in 2000.

    The 407 is however a real toll road because cars are billed dependent on the entry and exits they travel. The system is hi tech – it takes a photo of your plate and bill you through mail. Frequent travellers can save cost if they buy a transponder. The controversy of this toll road is that it was handed over by the government to a private company who is then responsible for its operations and maintenance. THe BC government also thought of handing over Coquihalla hiway to the private sector years ago but I’m not sure what happened to the plan.

  33. Ipanema – that’s nice. Didn’t realize KJI has a nice love story to tell. It could be made into a movie but they may have a hard time constructing his hairdo LOL πŸ™‚

    Blogger says that Beta Blogger is dead which means that it is now in production. Beta is another word for test. I wouldn’t be surprised that old Blogger would be declared EOL ( End Of Life) sooner than later and all blogs will need to be forklifted to the new version πŸ™‚
    I think all Blogger users must migrate to New Blogger as soon as possible.

  34. Irrealis – I think your wife just suffered from a bout of fickle-mindedness πŸ™‚ I am also the same.

  35. The scariest sales people are those that sell Timeshare. Because you go to their resorts for holidays, they think you are absolutely loaded. They treat you for a breakfast, a massage and sauna, then by evening they’ll open a bottle of champagne. And the sales pitch: buy a week to use a luxurious villa in any of their resorts worldwide. What now, after you drank that lovely bottle of bubbly? I have to say, it helps to think that they’ve wasted the precious time you would have spent looking at artworks you have no idea about in public museums. Or giving directions to another daft tourist looking for a free toilet.

  36. On our way home from Jasper National park in the summer of 2005, I remember passing by Coquihalla(thanks for telling me the name!)and payed 5CDN$ for my bike to go through that very windy highway overlooking Hope, BC

    I love your highways there in BC!

  37. Irrealis – LOL.. I agree with you there πŸ™‚ Also, trying things on if you’re not intent on buying gets you in trouble. BTW, do they allow to return items bought in Korea?

  38. Howling – that’s very true. One must be careful in dealing with the timeshare sales pitches ! I know an officemate who was lured into signing only to sell it on Ebay six month later at a loss 😦 Good that the loss wasn’t that large.

  39. Noypetes – you paid 5 bucks the whole stretch? That’s so cheap ! You could pay that much at hiway 407 here for a 50 km trip if you don’t own a transponder 😦 Well hiway 407 was built for those who want to avoid the traffic on the main hiway 401 so I guess it has its purpose.

  40. I really have a problem with some salesladies at times, especially the kind that seem to egg you to no end, and even if you were just about to approach a certain rack, they’d be rushing towards you and do salestalk even if she or nhe do not have an idea of what you are interested in.

    I’d like to do my shopping when given time on my own to peruse on the product and the price.

  41. honestly, i have a hard time in saying no especially to my friends. pero kailangan matutunan ang pagsabi ng no.

    malaki nga daw sweldo ng toll collector. even hee in the philippines. teka! diba you’re an IT consultant or something. basta connected with IT. that means you really have a highpaying job. hehehe ;p

  42. masai.kenyalol. πŸ™‚ Thanks for that info on blogger.

  43. Did about 75% of my shopping online while in NYC; groceries I just have to see and touch beforehand, but the rest on the Internet. For clothing which I needed to try on, I favored Bergdorf Goodman Men’s store. Their sales staff were trained to remain invisible from their customers, until the customers may have some questions or ready to make a purchase. I love that and this I was willing to pay extra for. Here in Pinas, I haven’t even approached an item that fancied me yet, I am already being met by one or two salespeople — disconcerting, indeed.

    I am like you with telemarketers. Actually, my immediate response would always be to ask how they got my number and to remove it from their database — NY law states that they must adhere or face legal consequences.

    I once met an embalmer at a friend’s party in Manhattan. He said that by law, they are required to attend a regular session with a psychiatrist just to check that everything is up and up in there. Toll booth collecting has always been on the top ten list of the most dreadful jobs; whereas dentists have the highest suicide rates — supposedly being associated with pain, especially by children makes not a bright image and disposition.

  44. Major Tom – these are what we call pro-active sales staff and they’ve been trained to do exactly that πŸ™‚ I normally say that I am just looking and if I need help, I’ll call them. More often than not, it is enough to get me my freedom πŸ™‚

  45. Eric – the NYC lifestyle as opposed to suburban sprawl living where I am is kinda unique really πŸ™‚ I definitely agree – it’s much better to shop at specialty stores like you mentioned, where no one is pressuring you to buy πŸ™‚

    That’s very interesting when you ay they are required by law to have a psychiatric exam every now and then. It seems to dovetail with my observation that they are a special breed that we ordinary folks can’t seem to understand why they are doing what they’re doing!

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