Spring Cleanup

Spring is finally here albeit late. For the first time in 2007, we tasted the long awaited 20 deg C weather and it came at the time you wanted it to come – on a weekend. I played my first 18 holes on a sunny 23 degree Sunday and basked in the sun for a full 5 hours with my buddies. It sure felt like seeing your girl you haven’t seen in months – pretty intense excitement indeed !

Spring also signals the massive cleanup of the house. Much like my daughter’s stuffed friends getting literally stuffed in one corner of her bedroom, spring time is when you dry clean winter clothes and stuff them in the cabinets, clean the air ducts and fireplace, rake in the dried leaves in the backyard, get the garage in order and throw things you have amassed over the fall and winter and make room for more things !

I haven’t blogged for a while because other than the spring cleanup, many exciting things have been happening. It’s not that I lost interest in blogging but I just didn’t have enough time to blog !The Toronto Raptors are in the playoffs, with their Cinderella type season culminating in winning the Atlantic division. The Toronto Blue Jays had their season opener as well, having about 50,000 fans jumping up and down on opening day. Work had been pretty hectic as usual and I’ve been mulling about replacing my SUV. The golf courses are now in business and the trout fishing season opens on the last Saturday on April. Whew, what else is new? Well, I’m going on my delayed spring break vacation this Sunday, off for 9 days to a place I could relax and renew my energy and revitalize my entire being . I always make it a point to go to a place I’ve never been before on my spring break and it does make me feel excited.


One UK newspaper ignorantly called Manny Pacquiao a politician running for “re-election” back in his country. In my observation, people in this part of the world really don’t give a rat’s ass about Pacquiao’s political adventurism back home. Politician or not, it is no big deal. Pacquiao is great and that’s what people pay with their hard earned money to watch – a sly, hard punching and exciting boxer who demolishes his opponents with a never ending flurry of punches right at the opening bell.

Pacquiao’s boxer of the year 2006 award is like the Oscar of boxing. Rarely do lower weight class fighters get the boxer of the year award. Rarely do lower weight class fighters make $2-3 million per fight. Pacquiao is hot . His fights are the most watched these days. Promoter Bob Arum treats Pacquiao, his money machine, like a prized stallion. Boxing analysts from HBO and ESPN as well as fellow boxers unanimously rate Pacquiao as the most exciting fighter in the world today. Hats off to Manny Pacquiao. In this regard, he gets my deepest respect.

On his political aspirations, I can say only one thing. When I see Pacquiao climb on the ring to fight, I get a sense that he is fighting for a much bigger reason than the prize money. I can sense him nonsensically over-burdening himself with that “fighting for his country “feeling. At the end of the day, he probably realizes that his victories have no impact on the plight of the poor that he identifies with, himself having overcome a life of poverty . Running for public office is a wrong move in my opinion. It is the wrong way to help the cause. Pacquiao has more to lose if he wins in an election and I need not elaborate, compared to a wannabe loser like Richard Gomez. Everybody knows that the inarticulate, almost monosyllabic Pacquiao is a bull in a china shop when it comes to sitting in the congress. He is not congressman material – we all know that. The good news is he is a damn good boxer and a future hall of famer and this sets him apart from the rest. I will not chastise Pacquiao for any malicious intent on his decision to run. I don’t think it has anything to do with greed either. I can only hope that the people in his riding puts him where he really belongs – in the ring.

As I was walking at the downtown the other day, a man was handing out this unimpressive, plain looking card(a little fuzzy on the scanner ). Hmmm.. It’s kinda hard to think of a $500 a day job that doesn’t SELL something. It’s probably the spring blues that makes me think un-creatively. What the heck could this be? And why am I asking when the phone number is right there ! I once saw a documentary on TV about a divorced woman and her daughter running a lucrative phone sex business from home. It was making so much money that her boyfriend did all the cooking and the cleaning of the house while the girls were doing their jobs 🙂 But then they were selling something 🙂


43 Responses

  1. Good that you wer able to take time off from blogging. Nice to be on the greens again huh?

    Well, your baby surely collected loads of stuff things. That’s cute!

    Pacquiao should concentrate on his boxing and veer away from his vice.

    lol @ the mother-daughter team. Lucrative nga! 🙂

    Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Wow! Ang cute ng mga stuffed toys ng daughter mo! Ummm.. I can smell spring all the way here.. 🙂

    On Manny Pacquiao.. well.. ay, Inis ako sa kanya, di niya alam ang ginagawa, mag run ba naman for Congressman! Duh!

  3. pacman should stay away from politics.

    he doesn’t know what he’s doing. giving dole outs or balato to people is not helping at all. it only instill a culture of mendicancy

    a congressman makes laws; pacman doesn’t even understand the repecussions of signing two contracts 😦

    syanga pala: ex links? 🙂

  4. Spring is here, too, but we couldn’t get any spring cleaning done because of the rain! Bummer!
    Enjoy the season, bw – but need I say it? Seems like you’re doing that already. 🙂

  5. …Spring is in the air alright, but cleaning? I should prolly spend some of my riding allowance on a couple of day laborers to clean up around my house…then I can ride free on most weekends!!!

    A true Pinoy! Manny Pacquiao is just plainly following pinoy traditions, Fame-fortune-poltics.
    Oh he’ll do very well hanging out with the likes of Jinggoy Estrada and his mom and the celebrities and actors click in the Batasan Pambansa. He will also serve as the sargeant at arms in some of their sessions where they discuss petty issues and throw accusations at each other. And as required, punch the mouth shut of those politicians who talk too much bullshit! He can also slap silly Lito Lapid back to his senses, Tito Sotto back to hosting his show “Eat Bulaga”, Tessie Oreta to “Totoy Boogie’s Dance Studio” in Quiapo. And maybe help the peace and order situation in the whole Philippines by showing the military and police the many ways a warrior like him honed the skills to be a fearless fighter.
    He’ll enjoy the toilet jokes among his future political peers during session breaks at the Batasan.

  6. So that’s what you’ve been up to these days, just puttering around.

    Hey, where’s are you off for your spring break vacation anyway? Florida again?

    re Pacquiao, I think he’s had one too many punches to his head.

  7. Hey, I didn’t got notice that Manny pacquiao won the Boxer of The Year award, it wasn’t even on the local news. I wonder why.

    You’re right, Manny may have no such wicked aspiration when he joined the election fray, unlike most. But my apprehension is this, he has no valuable experience and he may have a hard time doing his job as a lawmaker if ever, and it may also hurt his boxing career and instead having a good exit from the ring—like Michael Jordan from basketball—he might just be another hero to goat story; like what happened to Tyson and Navarrete.

    Congrats pala sa team mo—The Raptors—they are really doing well especially with Bagdhati leading the way.

  8. Ipanema – yep, I was pretty much preoccupied with so many things that I had to pause with blogging for a bit 🙂 One thing I’ve noticed though is I finished a lot of things I wanted to do ! Need to pause every now and then I think 🙂

  9. Rhodora – she has more stuffed toys in our room and in the basement! My wife has the habit of buying her toys everytime we go out which is bad, I think 🙂 Yep, spring is definitely here and everything is smelling good 🙂

  10. Tutubi – you are exactly right. For some strange reason, people in Pacquiao’s community think they “deserve” to be given something just because the local hero won a tremendous amount of money. It is ludicrous for Pacquiao to impose this burden on himself really.

    I’ll link you too .. and it’s my pleasure 🙂

  11. Kathy – it’s been raining here too and for some weird reason, we had a fluke winter sometime in the first week of April which depressed a whole lot of people. I’m quite late on the greens to be honest 🙂 But nothing beats spring really, esp when the flowers start to bloom 🙂

  12. Noypetes – to be out 5 hours on the greens on a weekend is a lot of time lost ! I also get people to clean my air ducts and the backyard so I can get time for myself 🙂

    Pacquiao would be a total joke at the congress… Well, they can make him chair the Security committee… the Congress Security Committee which manages the security guards in the building hehe 🙂

  13. Major Tom – he did win the boxer of the year which is biggg ! Considering the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton who are both undefeated, the Pacman is a much better draw with the crowd. People always expect a Pacman fight to end in a knockout.

    Yes, the Raptors coach Sam Mitchell won the coach of the year award. The Raptors management did a great job by signing young and promising players from the European basketball league. Well, they just might surprise even more people in the playoffs 🙂

  14. Sngl- I’ve relaxed a bit for sure 🙂 Nope, I’m not going to Florida this time. The sun is shining in this part of the world this time around so I would stay in the East coast this time 🙂

    Well Pacman took the 7am PAL flight from San Franscisco back to Pinas after the fight ended at almost 1am. I bet you the election was in the back of his mind. I still blame people who advise him to run. He should be boxing for 5 years more, have 2 fights every year and make P100M per fight.

  15. wow! $500 a day? I wonder what kind of job that is…I’m also curious 🙂

    About Pacquiao…uhhmmm….no comment kasi wala na akong masabi pa hehehe

    About your little girl’s stuffed animals..so cutteeee 🙂 I never had toys that much. Your girl’s pretty lucky 🙂

  16. Vernksy – I’m also wondering. maybe taking orders at home 24 hrs a day for a pizza company with the help a remotely connected computer.. hehe:)

    I didn’t take a pic of her best stuffed toy friends that occupies her bed during the day 🙂 She does have more toys in the basement. When you have a baby girl you’d be doing the same thing too. I doubt if my wife would be buying stuffed toys that many for a boy though 🙂

  17. Wow! After a few months of winter. I can sense the excitement to see a lot of green there and do some holes. Hehe.

    I think Pacquiao will enter a fight where the level of playing field isn’t fair. Good luck to him

  18. Ferdz – you bet 🙂 we hit golf balls in heated domes here all winter long but it’s not quite the same as hitting the ball on grass 🙂

    Pacquiao is definitely distracted by his bid to win the congressional seat. I think it will hurt his boxing career big time so the people in his riding better make a choice between a half-baked congressman or a superstar boxing champ 🙂

  19. Done with spring cleaning and now repairing the lawn is next in order.
    Well, so much have been said about Pacquiao, but for all we know, he could be something different from all other politicians. And the voters realizing that no matter who they vote ended up with the same results may just as well take their chances with a Proven Winner, might prove himself winner in politics too. What do we have to lose? that is their question.

  20. Just waiting for the weather to stabilize. I’m quite late with the lawn fertilizer 🙂 Can’t worry about the pool for now. I’d wait for first week of June to open it.

    Well, that’s we’re a democracy so anyone can take a stab at it. Problem with Pacquaio is he is a damn good world class boxer and people want him to continue to bring honor to his country. If I were Pacquaio I’d concentrate on boxing and make money and run for politics when I’m done with boxing ! Unless he’s getting sick waiting around for his next fight and has nothing to do so he runs for congress… LOL 🙂

  21. We’ve also been enjoying warmer weather here. We’re still waiting for the City to sweep the sand from last winter. You’ve seen how much snow we get and you can just imagine how much sand accumulates and is left after winter. Very windy pa naman these past few days kaya maalikabok. Maybe the rain will help in that clean-up pero mailap pa rin ang ulan dito.

    I guess it’s really different with girls. We don’t have a lot of stuffed toys, even with three boys in the house. Besides, my youngest was allergic to dust when he was younger so I really avoided buying stuffed toys.

  22. For sure being on a golf course is much more fun than blogging.

    I can’t blame Pacquaio. He has the right to run for a political post. I can only blame the people who will vote for him.

  23. We had a 20+ deg weekend including Monday and all of a sudden we were back to 10 deg and rain! I hope it climbs steadily from now on so we could get the sun back sooner 🙂

    I guess my wife spoils our daughter. She wastes money on her unecessarily with toys and clothes. The good thing is we can always pack them up and send them to Pinas 🙂

  24. Sidney – golf and blogging are both addictive I can say 🙂

    You hit the nail on the head Sidney. Pacquiao sees himself as a hero on a mission to save his country by running for Congress LOL 🙂 It’s up to the folks in his riding to give him a the right dose of reality check !

  25. Congrats to the Raptors. Looks like a great coach can make all the difference.

    Re: Pacquiao. I don’t really have an opinion on this. I mean if Lito Lapid, Imelda Marcos and tito Sotto can be elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if pacquiao also gets elected (if he throws his hat back in the ring). Now whether they’re any good at helping the country, that’s another issue. I do agree with you that his heart seems to be in the right place, so I can’t fault him for that.

  26. This post reminds/inspires me to go on with the spring cleaning.

    I like that white shelf…looks so clean. Your daughter sure loves to collect stuffed toys a.

  27. nagkaroon ako bigla ng idea kung paano i o organize ang room ng aking pamangking babae, ang dami niya stuff toys pero nagkalat lang, ang ganda ng ayos!

  28. i dont think there is malicious intent, too. he’s more brainwashed, i think. what with the many promises parallel to his desire to help. but he lacks lots of the requisites, and that’s why it is somewhat annoying. people like him should realize that boxing is different from the fight in the political arena. someone please tell him that.

  29. Wil – the Raps played very well under Sam Mitchell who won the coach of the year award. Speculation is he will not come back to Toronto and jump to another team to get better pay. The Raps are reportedly eyeing a European league coach as replacement. With due respect to Mitchell, the Raps have good European players that play unselfishly.

    Well, Pacquiao better remember that the moment he gets out of his boxer shorts and gloves, he’s just an ordinary Joe Blow. Politics ain’t boxing. More so dehins sya guwapo like Richard so his pogi points really goes down hehe 🙂 My guess is the folks in his riding would like to see Manny Pacquiao the champ and not Manny Pacquiao the half-baked congressman 🙂

  30. Jayred – I’m not finished with my spring cleaning yet. I have to make a trip to the dump yard to throw a lot of stuff 🙂

    My daughter’s room is white and pink actually. Her cabinets and dresser are all white, including her bed and curtains. My wife loves to dress her up, – siguro ganyan ka rin pag magkaroon ka ng baby girl 🙂

  31. Iskoo – if I took a full shot of the cabinet, the are more stuffed toys at floor ! I feel like I could still dump more on top of the heap in that picture 🙂

  32. Bingskee – they seem to have told her already but matigas ang ulo 🙂 I hope he’s not thinking of hanging his gloves the if he wins. I have a feeling his constituency wants a congressman/boxer Manny Pacquiao. If he quits boxing they don’t have anything to cheer about him anymore 🙂 The sad part is he can not excel in both arenas.

  33. on manny pacman, we usually say na sana matalo yung politician na yan, because we hate that politician, but to manny, i’d say sana matalo si manny pacman, not because i hate him, but because i care for him – i hope politics will not change the good man in him (have you ever heard a politician with no stain?)

  34. Rhieboy – very true indeed. Politics is dirty and there is no doubt in my mind that when a neophyte and ill-equipped person like Pacquiao joins the fray of professional thieves, he will be used. The bad part is, he might also learn the dirty tricks. We want to see a Pinoy world class boxing champ for the next 5 years so I hope the people in his riding don’t vote for him 🙂

  35. The cabinet looks like its about to give in to the weight of the stuffed animals! hehehe… A girl can never have enough stuffed toys.

    I have an admiration for good golfers. I can not drive or putt to save my life… People seem to run away from the driving range whenever I visit one. 😛

    I totally agree with you on Pacquiao… One can’t serve 2 masters. The award was gratifying even for a Pacquiao non-fan as myself.

    I am guessing the leaflet is for some pyramid scheme where you need to dish out cash to get cash (which most people don’t get back by the way)

  36. yeah, springtime…synonym to vacation…tanking new energy. me too is going to a much needed rest without the hectic schedule of work…on vacation here i go!!

    pacquiao is being used by some people..a pity that he doesnt realize that. politics is surely not his cup of coffee.

  37. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of his televised fights, but he should just remain as a boxing champ and stay away from politics.

    Spring is a much anticipated season, especially after enduring months of cabin fever. Enjoy the warmer weather!

  38. Parang anak ko rin, maraming stuff toys. I’ve stopped buying those for her now since they just gather dust. Although she still receives a few as presents. most of her old one and the ones she doesn’t like goes to good will.

    It looks like you really are enjoying this beautiful spring weather.

    Happy golfing, happy fishing, happy winnings for the Raptors and Blue Jays and happy vacation to you.

  39. Alternati – I’m on vacation right now and happen to hijack a wifi access point in the neighborhood with my patop which means I am accessing the net for free 🙂

    You bet, kids can never have enough stuffed toys 🙂 My daughter has already bought three since we arrived here 🙂 We have more to add to the pile !

  40. Curacha – are you going on vacation too? Good for you ! I’m having one heck of a time just doing nothing and bumming around 🙂

    Eric – I guess you’re not a boxing nut like me 🙂 Well, Pacquiao’s fights can all be seen in YouTube for free 🙂 Spring is really the time of the year when you get to come out of hibernation 🙂 I wish there’s only one weather – spring !

    Leah – we have already dumped a lot of her toys to Goodwill and given some the nicer ones to friends with liitle children, Dunno but my wife seems to buy her something when we go out. She’s definitely spoiling here unlike me 😦 Hey, I’m having fun right now, in fact when I open the curtains at the living room, I see the golf course 🙂

  41. interested in the job. hmmn, mother-daughter-boyfriend business, haha! i wonder what will happen once they have kids in the business….. i dont want to think anymore!

  42. Rheiboy – the daughter is an adult in her twenties so the mom is definitely
    not thinking of having a baby hehe 🙂 The business is going great anyways.

  43. Hi!. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but i think i’m getting lost!. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a couple of days to see if there is any more info.

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