A Day At Wonderland

Our company family day was held June 23 at Canada’s Wonderland. Staff were provided free tickets – a maximum of 4 tickets per family including food vouchers, free parking and lots of discount coupons for the stores inside the park. The package was certainly appreciated by everyone. My family comes here every year but it is great when it is free 🙂 We hope this perk happens every year!

Canada’s Wonderland which is located in Vaughan, Ontario, suburb of Toronto is rated as one of the top 10 theme/amusement parks in North America. The ride selections – 200 in all with 65 thrilling rides with the most variety of roller coasters are more than enough to statisfy the appetite of those seeking the ultimate adrenalin rush experience. The new Splash Works – a 20 acre water park is a great place to soak up in summer and in the cooler fall(water is heated). It also has an outdoor music theatre where concerts are held all summer long. Another interesting fact is Canada’s Wonderland is a seasonal amusement park ( opens in May and closes in October ) and its attendance is tops amongst seasonal parks in North America in 2005 and 2006. It is also a great provider of jobs to high school and college students in summer.

The Wonderland roller coasters riders are wicked and it is pretty common to see hats and shoes flying all over the place, for those that understimate the power of these beasts 🙂 I ‘ve done my time chasing these coasters and I don’t want to subject my body to the G forces which gets to the extreme with these modern day monsters hehe . The Tomb Raider which is in fact a flying coaster is one interesting monster. It offers a different sensation – that of flying rather than rolling 🙂 Heck, I’d have to take this ride hungry, with my stomach empty 🙂

Here’s a video of Xtreme Skyfler . The good thing about this ride which resembles a bungee jump is you don’t have to take it alone. It can handle up to 3 people which means you can be with your buddies – if that gives you a little bit of moral support – and you have someone to hug and shout till your lungs almost break as you fall within 6 ft of hitting ground 🙂 This is one ride I wouldn’t take unless I am between Paris Hilton and Linsday Lohan and they better be scared shit LOL 🙂


Will had tagged me for the 15 facts about me but since this blog already contains 12 facts about me, I’ll do only 3 this time 🙂

1. I was hooked up on Chess in my teens and younger years and played in the Inter-Commercial Chess Team tourney in Manila representing my company where I had a chance to play with nationally rated players. I played National Master Ramon Lontoc to a draw in a simultaneous game. I played with Grandmaster Eugene Torre and English Grandmaster Raymond Keene in a simul exhibition but lost in a long end game ( as expected hehe). I have stopped playing chess for many many years now and play very rarely but I still manage to surprise people every now and then 🙂 Napoleon Bonaparte is known to have said ” If you want to destroy a man, teach him how to play chess”.

2.When I was in my younger years I wished I was much older so people in my office would give me more respect 🙂 At 28 years I was assigned to manage 17 people, most of whom were older than me 🙂

3. I’m pretty flexible with my palate but I can’t seem to eat paksiw na isda. Maybe it had to do with my abhorrence with this dish when I was a kid.


Last week I attended a disaster recovery presentation of one of the companies our technology infrastructure supports. The meeting was quite long which took us to lunch. The recovery coordinator was excellent in his presentation except when he touched the section on handling of pandemic occurences and the issue of employee absenteeism was touched. The poor chap couldn’t pronounce the word “absenteeism” even after drinking water, taking lunch and downing coffee to stabilize his nerves 🙂 He gave up on the word after way too many attempts LOL 🙂 He was one of us, an employee of the corporation so we took the issue quite light heartedly. Man, if this was a sales presentation it would have been a debacle. And this is a country where English is the first language !

I remember when I was in high school, a few of my classmates couldn’t get a handle on the word “executioner”. It wasn’t so bad because they would ultimately get it in three tries. I am laughing now but I am questioning myself – am I dead sure I could pronounce all the words in the darn dictionary ? Funny tounge twister stories, anyone?


36 Responses

  1. I can’t remember the last time I rode a rollercoaster. It’s probably at least ten years. hehe

    So you played against accomplished chess players. You must’ve been really good then. So…umm… where’s the link to the other 12 facts? 😀

  2. Wow, I like that company outing. Those are good rides you have there. Unfortunately I am a big coward when it comes to something going on a sudden dip. I think I can take bungee jumping than roller coaster or ferris wheel for that matter. duwag! 🙂

    lol…the paksiw na isda is good combo with fried rice. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen that Skyfler thingy on the Discovery Channel once. It was an episode featuring extreme amusement rides. Man, they ARE scary, even if it was only on tv. 😀

    You’re right, the engineers designing and building these stomach-turning rides are really pushing the envelope just to get ahead of the competition.

    You can’t eat Paksiw na isda? But you can eat raw oysters, right? 🙂

  4. BW! Wow! You played with Eugene Torre! Ang galing! 🙂

  5. None of those pee in the pants inducing rides for me! but that was really generous of your office to give away family fun packages like that. You should try fried or grilled paksiw na isda or the ilonggo “Pinamalhan”.

    Tongue twisters for bisayans:

    Rendezvous, InterCollegiate, Catholicism, Psychological, Sygmoidoscopy, Moisture, Fornication.

  6. You must be an awesome chess player 🙂

    At small gatherings, some newly arrived Pinoys in NYC had a hard time pronouncing hippopotamus correctly.

    I’ve given up on those thrill rides when I turned 30 🙂

  7. Wil – i studied hard to understand how the game is played, with books and analyzed games sometimes up to 3 hours a day so I can be competetive. That was when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I don’t think I’d ever go back to that stage again 🙂 It is just too demanding and my rust is more or less permanent 🙂

    I may have more than 15 actually :. Check these out :



  8. Ipanema – better safe than sorry. I know someone, a woman who took the giant Collosus roller coaster in Magic Mountain in California and had gotten a big heart after the long ride that had 13 dips 😦 It was very unfortunate.

    I know they say paksiw and fried rice is tasty but I can’t seem to take the langsa of the paksiw hehe 🙂

  9. Rhodora – I played Torre and Keene in a simultaneous exhibition game where they played 30 people at one time LOL 🙂 They’re realllly good ! A draw would have been a victory to me hehe.

  10. Eric – I haven’t played so so long and I remember many years ago I visited a local chess club
    here in Toronto and was totally intimidated by the vast number of Russians and Eastern Europeans who look like they’re chess grandmasters who immigrated to Canada LOL 🙂

    Same here, I’m passing up on those thrill rides man 🙂 No sense in beating your self up hehe 🙂

  11. buti nabasa ko itong post mo sa dec nagbabalak kami pumunta ng toronto, isasama ko na ito sa listahan ng pupuntahan ko.

  12. That’s sweet! Free tickets to an amusement park. Wish we have that. 🙂

    I’m a coward when it comes to thrill rides. Hanggang kiddie rides lang ako. 🙂

    Galing mo naman sa chess. My teen-age nephew is in the chess club at his junior high. He got an award last year – sort of a chess champion. I don’t know if he’s getting another one this year. Smart kid, too. 🙂

  13. anything that is free is more fun. hehehe. i mis riding the roller coaster. it’s been years since i last rode one.

    you’re a chess grandmaster pala ha. even if you lost kina pareng eugene (naks!), okay lang. makalaban langsila is such an honor and ending ng matagal pa ha.

    tongue twister? dme kong case nyan. especially if there’s TH like three or theme. bulol ako. hehehehe ;p

  14. I have high regards for people who play chess well. They are patient and deep thinkers. Bow ako sa yo, tsong. 🙂

  15. Bokbok –

    If you could come 3 months before December it will be much better 🙂
    Wonderland closes in the fall when the weather gets colder ! Better be
    prepared with your winter clothes if you intend to come in Dec 🙂

  16. Niceheart –

    When we came back to work Monday, there was an email sent to
    everyone to return those that weren’t used! The tickets were only valid on the family day.One funny thing was at the park I took a shot of my daughter and when I looked at the pic, an office mate was in the background LOL 🙂 Small
    world eh?

    Chess is OK but it can be a distraction. In my case, it was big time distraction or addiction and I was glad I left the country early 🙂

  17. Tin-tin –

    Well, if you’re here, we could ride the Xtreme Skyflyer together..
    Remember that I am the scared one hehe 🙂 Eugene Torre is my idol though and I could say my hero and role model at that time. He was one reason why I got interested in the game big time. Playing in an exhibition and chatting with him afterward was a previlege, like meeting a big time celebrity for me that is 🙂

    Know what, strangely, people here say Thai or Thailand without an h. I remember when I went home to Bacolod in ’05, I was chilling out at the bingo hall at the Robinsons Mall with my bro and nephew, and there was this guy who was
    announcing the numbers like :

    B – thoo
    I – twenty thoo

    LOL 🙂 What’s with the emphasis on TH 🙂 It cracked me up big time.. Soo utterly hilarious but the folks were oblivious.. Perhaps they thought it was normal and I looked like a crazy idiot laughing about nothing 🙂

  18. Abaniko – I don’t know about being patient LOL 🙂 I used to get beat in chess by the neighborhood kids and one day I thought I need to know how this game is played so I bought a book, then another book and games with analysis and annotations and they couldn’t beat me anymore 🙂 I don’t know if I have an inborn talent because if I did, I shouldn’t have to use books 🙂 But chess has its own theories and principles of strategy and it is up to you to know and exploit it 🙂

  19. Oh yeah! I would wanna try that Xtreme flyer thing and see how much I could stomach it. Hehe. The video’s just crazy

  20. That Extreme Flyer looks like a really mean ride for me. The image of it alone send shivers down my spine. I wouldn’t want to be in it I bet. I can’t even stomach a Ferris Wheel ride. Felt like I have that fear for heights.

    Good that you had a good time at the theme park…

  21. Ferdz – all of the rides in Wonderland are free, except Xtreme Skyflyer where you have to pay 15 bucks per person and sign a waiver that if something happens, you cannot sue the park 🙂

  22. Major Tom – it’s mean indeed. Other rides are pretty scary too. Just recently a little girl lost her feet at thrill ride in Kentucky when the cable snapped and severed her feet below her ankles.

  23. Hi, BW. I wrote a long comment here yesterday. I’m surprised that it didn’t register, grrr. 🙂


    Anyway, just wanted to say that I’d try that Xtreme Skyflyer anytime. I’m the adventurous type. 🙂 (Sure feels great to receive things for free. How I miss the perks I used to get as a Manila-based tourism and lifestyle writer. Now, I have to pay for everything.)


    Paksiw na isda? Yuck. My Mom loves it so much, though.


    I’m not surprised that you’re a very good chess player. I wonder why.

  24. i am terrible with rides. but kay is so much into it, a thrill rider in it. napraktis kasi nung bata siya nasa duyan siya at inuugoy up to the ceiling he he she will enjoy those thrill rides at Canada’s wonderland.

    i eat paksiw na isda, especially paksiw na bangus. but these days, parang ayaw ko siya, hindi maganda pag hyperacidic ang kakain.

    absenteeism and executioner, mahirap i-pronounce? that can seem to others as unbelievable. pero there are people really who find it difficult to pronounce words that to others are easy. cant remember those words that i have difficulty pronouncing.

    you are chosen, please visit my site! 🙂

  25. Oh, I’m really a spoilsport whenever I go to amusement parks because I couldn’t get into those rides. 🙂 Still, I’d get those free tickets… love the atmosphere in those parks… parang ang saya-saya parati. Wow, you must be really good in Chess!

  26. maybe if I’m there I will try that Xtreme Skyfler..not that I’m brave or something but what the heck. I tried the rocket something ride in Enchanted Kingdom…of course the rides we have here is incomparable to the ones you got there but it was nerve-wracking. My eyes were close the whole time and I had a hard time maintaining my balance after the ride hehehe crazy!

    About the tongue twister..that was funny. Sometimes I also have the P&F or the B&V syndrome hehe but I can pronounce absenteeism…the word I’m having difficulty with is “vocabulary”. I mean I have to have a great deal of concentration before I can pronounce it. correctly.

  27. Jayred – blogger is going nuts sometimes. I found that it is always better to verify if the comment
    had gone through by clicking on the bog page again. Sometimes these funny spam letters are incorrect and we seem to overlook it 😦

    I didn’t realize your a risk taker too 🙂 Sure you can ride the Xtreme Skyflyer with me hehe 🙂

    With being a chess player, I’m just what they call a wannabe 🙂

  28. Vernsky – sure, let’s take the Xtreme Skyflyer together and I’ll see how brave you are hehe 🙂 THeres many more rides
    here that can make you woozy 🙂

    BTW that bingo announcer at the Robinson’s Bacolod looks like he’s bading siguro kaya medyo over young pronounciation ng “sixty thoo “. Hindi naman bungal yung ngipin sa harap pero bakit ganoon magsalita hehe:)

    I’ve seen Pinoys who have stayed here for twenty years still kill the f and v and say ” can you do me a pabor? ” Yucks 🙂

  29. Hey, we used to get treated to such events but not anymore after all the layoffs and cutbacks. Good for you to have fun with the family. My first visit to wonderland, I was so brave to take alot of rides. Now, I get dizzy so quick even in a merry go round. So I avoid roller coasters.

    I used to have a problem saying the word “inventory”. I always get corrected (at least by my hubby) on the way I pronounce it. Now I get conscious everytime I say the word.

  30. We also have company outings, and we can choose among 1)Disneyland, 2) kabuki theater, or 3) baseball game. We always opt for #1, hehe.

    But as for me, I will never, ever, ride a roller coaster. Or any of those thrill rides.

    So you’re a chess player, huh? Galing, you played with the grandmasters of chess! 🙂 Know what, I have never learned how to play chess. We only played scrabble at home. 😛

  31. I love tongue twisters! It enhances one’s speaking abilities no matter how fast you talk! If you’re bored, you have the option of doing something fun!

    Try this tongue twisters:
    1. Nakakapagpabagabag (10x)
    2. Black Bug’s Blood (10x)

    That’s two of the most difficult tongue twisters that I’ve encountered, and still practicing it!

    This will be my new site now BW, I’ve deleted my eccentric.wordpress.com site.

  32. FYI. absenteeism is a word commonly said in call centers, that’s the reason it’s no longer a tongue twister in that kind of industry.

  33. what’s that xtreme flyer ba yun….. i will call lohan and hilton, pero hindi pa rin ako sakay dyan. kaw na lang with them….

  34. I am altophobic but I’d go on that ride in a heartbeat! hehehe… I have a compulsion to dare myself when something scares me.

    Wow! You played with Mr. Torre? I am amazed. 🙂 I love how his name can translate to the tower/ rook in Filipino. I play chess on occasion and I’m fairly good but not competition good.

    Absenteeism… LOL I can pronounce any word as long as I can hear it said to me. But reading an unknown word and guessing how it is pronounced, I can make a fool of myself sometimes. 😛

  35. how would you say absenteeism? I’d rather do it 🙂

    also got hooked in chess in high school, even studied chess openings using several books; dropped it to pursue electronics and music 🙂

    disaster recovery? oh no…seems like i’m working again hehe

  36. Sorry for the delay in my responses. My time had been taken over by a major project I had been working on lately and didn’t really have time to bog anymore. It’s now complete which means that my next step would be to rest and do absolutely nothing hehe 🙂

    Leah, – we use to have free tickets to Ontario Place and the Ontario Science Center, the Royal Ontario Museum so I don’t know what will be up next year. maybe it will be at the Knights of the Realm 🙂 Whatever it is, all staff can do is appreciate the gesture 🙂 Hey, I was at the Blue Mountain in Collingwood during Canada Day. They had some Canada Day programs there plus fireworks when the sun finally set at around 930pm . I thought it was nice 🙂

    Kathy – Hey, Disneyland isn’t bad at all ! Well I learned chess at the age of 16 so that’s pretty late I think. Again, I am not one of those guys with big egos who go for the win at all cost. I play it like a gentleman’s game. Maybe if I was hungry like a wolf with my ego I could have gone further hehe 🙂

    JV – welcome back bro – that was a real long hiatus ! I’m glad you reemerged in the blog world 🙂
    Those words are nasty tongue twisters LOL 🙂 Hey, I check out your new and enhanced site for sure:)

    Jeff – LOL 🙂 with the amount of stress in call centres, absenteeism is a major plague 🙂 Here, because of the liberal nature of society people go for short term disability aka stress leave 🙂

    Rheiboy – LOL 🙂 ayaw mo lang si Paris and Lindsay hehe 🙂 let’s replace them with the local hot
    actresses sa Pinas – siguro sasama ka hahaha 🙂

    Alternati – don’t forget you have to sign a waiver that if something happens, they are not responsible – that’s why some people are scared to ride 🙂 How about I ride with you hehehe 🙂 I totally agree with you that there’s no guarantee we can pronouce well every darn word in the Webster’s dictionary ! I heard someone mispronouce a very simple word as ” chaos” !

    Tutubi – I’d rather do it too LOL 🙂 I quit chess too – it was too time consuming and I’m gald I did. Yep, disaster recovery planning isn’t a fun thing to do because we all know when shit hits the fan, everyone goes their own way – in other words – utter chaos. But as long as procedures are set – that’s really the name of the game hehe 🙂

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