Tres Sientos

Here’s a video clip shared to me by Noypetes, a segment of the movie 300 dubbed in Bisaya (Ilonggo). You may not throughly decipher the dialect but I’m sure you’ll be able to make out a few of it 🙂 It made my day when I viewed it LOL 🙂


I’ve been tagged quite a few times with this meme, the latest being Vic. Here’s my previous posts on this tag.

Vic tagged me for 6 and although my weirdness seems to increase as the days go by, I have identified 4. I think I have a few more but would too embarrasing to tell 🙂

1. I go bonkers when I get hooked on a hobby. This spring I bought my third golf iron set not including a new driver, a couple of hybrid clubs and a couple of wedges. I have 3 bags with full sets in my basement, not including a full set with bag I sold to a friend last year. I don’t know when this insanity will end. When I got hooked on fishing many years ago, I amassed a total of 20 fishing rods in my garage. I will have to do some serious auctioning on Ebay soon.

2. If I decide to work on the weekend to catch up on my backlog, I like to come to the office at night, around 7pm and work until midnight. I hate to be in the office when the sun is up unless I really have to work on an implementation.

3. When I’m in a plane, I have zero compulsion to talk to my seatmate and I don’t care if we are airborne for 15 hours. I hate to be talked to either. It might be due the air pressure or the engine noise but I turn deaf mute for no reason at all.

4. I am a sucker for women with great legs – not thin but sexy legs. Sometimes I think my attraction to women lies in the legs and nothing else hehe 🙂


During my last vacation in the Poconos we made a side trip to Liberty Park via Jersey City on our way to my sister’s place in Connecticut. It was an opportunity for my daughter to see the Statue of Liberty. I’ve been here a couple times before but it is always a thrill to take a shot at America’s famous symbol of freedom. Security checks for visitors wanting to get inside the statue was as tough as airports.

Here’s a shot at the Big Apple from Liberty Park on a muggy afternoon. One can’t help notice the conspicious absence of the World Trade Centre towers.


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  1. yan nalang ang isa sa mga dream na lugar na hindi ko pa napupuntahan, sana balang araw makita ko rin yan in person.

    sarap talaga papakin ang legs, yung chickenjoy ha, hehe

  2. I visited NY in ’98 and I have a photo of myself aboard a ferry with the twin towers in the background. It’s an eerie pic.

  3. Oh, same with Wil. I also have a picture with the twin towers. It’s just so weird that two structures so humongous aren’t there anymore.

  4. Night person ka pala. Baliktad tayo. When I have to work on the weekend, I want to start early in the morning.

  5. Hahahaha… I watched it from beginning to end and I almost pissed my pants laughing. Bunguton guid ah, macho guid ah, I lab yu (with the accent in the YU)…. Hahaha.

  6. Iskoo – paano mo nalamang mahilig akong magpapak ng chicken legs LOL 🙂 Incidentally there is a Chicken Joy fast food chain here in Toronto and I was told Pinoy raw ang may-ari 🙂 Mukhang dinala niya rito ang best seller ng Jolibee – buti na lang hindi yung pink hamburger kung hindi na lugi sya hehe 🙂

  7. Wil – we took the ferry too but from the Jersey side. I know what you mean. The twin towers was the kind ofthe highlight in the photo

  8. Toe – it’s good you had the pics of the twin towers as some kind of memorabilia. I heard they’re planning to construct and even bigger building at the same site !

  9. Niceheart – baligtad ako ano! Mas gusto ko kasing nagtatrabaho ako na tulog ag misis ko para walang istorbong tumatawag hehe 🙂

  10. Abaniko – I had a good laugh too ! Funny because the the voice of that woman who said I love you is actually a guy trying to sound like a girl hehe 🙂

  11. “I really have to work on an implementation.”

    – do you work in IT? it sounds like one. ;p

  12. I saw the You Tube vid a week ago and although I couldn’t understand a thing, except for the “macho guid ah” part, I was laughing like hell. And I think it’s probably the thought of Spartans talking in the Ilonggo dialect that did me in… 😀

    When you said great legs does that include legs that seem to go on and on?

  13. Your wife must have great legs! 🙂

  14. P.S. For some reason, I can’t view the video using my laptop. 😦 Will try again using the PC.

  15. BW, I was able to watch the video (from start to finish) twice. It really cracked me up! Hahaha! Grabe.

    The “macho” line, the “clean cut” line, and the “ano specialty mo” line (my favorite part) were so hilarious! I’m going to send the video link to my cousins in Bacolod and to my Ilongga friends in Zurich. Thanks!


  16. Jeff – yep, my line of work is IT/engineering.

  17. Sngl – the dubbing is done in a very colloquial aka “slang -ish” way that’s why it’s a little fast on the ear 🙂

    One funny line was when the boy was handing over the helmet to his warrior father ” Helmet mo tay “
    his father’s thoughts ( spoken with subtitle) translated was – ” I wish you could enter the PMA ( Phil. MIlitary Academy when you become older” LOL 🙂

  18. Jayred – I know someone is going to ask that question hehe 🙂 But this is related weirdness di ba so yes, she has BMW legs but there’s so many Porsche and Ferrari legs all over the place LOL 🙂

    It’s funny and in that clean cut episode, one of the leaders was saying that the clean cut guy – translated ” was probably a student taking up nursing” hahaha:)

  19. Of course I don’t understand much of what they say but to hear them speak like that is fun. Knowing Pinoy humor it must be hilarious.

    So, you like women’s legs…

  20. We noticed the man-sounding voice of the girl that my equally amused nephew who watched with me yelled “bayot” (gay).

  21. Sidney – it’s pretty hilarious and the dudes that did the dubbing were pretty creative 🙂

    Well, it’s summer here and people dress for the unusually warm weather and there’s legs a-plenty everywhere you go hehe 🙂

  22. Abaniko – I think the same guy dubbed the boy, the wife and Benjo – one man show yata LOL :)Yes, he definitely sounded like a “bayot” or “agi” in Ilonggo hehe 🙂

  23. Hahaha…I didn’t understand everything in that YouTube video, but I still found myself laughing out loud at some of the parts which I did understand. 😀

    I’ve never been to NY, you know. It still remains as one of the must-see places I have to visit before I die…hehe.

    Hey if you’re selling your golfing stuffs you should consider getting buyers from Japan…lots of golf-lovers here. But I guess eBay would be just as well. 😛

    (Btw, finally naaccess ko rin site mo. For some reason it has been taking forever to load for the past few days. I wonder why?)

  24. hahahaha…PMA pangandoy sa iyang bata…kicking fish, running rooster and dancing bunny… sus ano gani ang sunod? bitin! basin si benj gusto may mga bungotan na lalake…baklakesh ata…lol funny! Trust noypetes for laughs.:)

  25. The Statue of Liberty would have look so grand and majestic I bet. No wonder it was one of the final nominee for the new 7 wonders of the world, although I think it didn’t make it to the final list.

    I notice that it is gleaming in a bright blue color. Was it repainted most recently?

  26. Kathy – you have Visayan roots yourself so I’m sure you had figured most of them. It was dubbed in very colloquial Ilongo 🙂

    You’re a frequent traveller and I’m sure NYC will be within your reach. I know that Japanese folks are golf nuts. They even have gold plated clubs out there ! The most expensive ones are made in Japan 🙂 Ebay is good enough for me because shipping costs are not that expensive.

  27. Ipanema – they were very funny lines indeed 🙂 Benjo has a handful of these hilarious clips on YouTube hehe 🙂 Yes, NOYPETES is the man when it comes to laughs 🙂

  28. Major Tom – the statue of Liberty’s probably appeal lies in it’s symbol more than grandeur. To me it is a very important symbol that I have the greatest respect for – the symbol of freedom and opportunity. America is never perfect but it did give millions of people freedom and opportunity to live a life of dignity and prosperity.

    Right beside Liberty Island is Ellis Island where millions of immigrants were herded for days pending processing of their papers. There were then ferried by boat to the train terminal in Jersey City to travel to their respective destinations. These islands are small and the distances to the mainland are very short. There is a great historical significance and social relevance to the Statue.

  29. hahahaha. laughtrip yung video. bits and pieces lang naintindihan ko. anong bords? da best yung ilove you. hahaha. pinapanood ko din sa brother ko. tawa sya ng tawa. ewan ko lang kung may naintindihan siya. hehehe.

    bago ka magbenta sa ebay, sabihan mo ako. baka meron ako pwede hingin na lang. hahaha.

    gabi ka nagtatrabaho? hmmm… ano kaya trabaho mo at sa gabi? hehehe ;p

  30. also got the video of Brad Pitt with the same dubbing characters and I can relate kay Ilongo man ako. “agi” means bakla.

    if you ask me, the legs is the most sexiest anatomy of a woman. but it could be of different shapes and curves for different tastes… and the old man speaks..

  31. Tin- I’m sure with your Visayan roots it wasn’t impossible to pick up some of the lines 🙂 The I love you part was funny too, when the girl said – “I love you ang sinabi ko, ayus ah” yung sagot hehe 🙂

    I’m intending to go on a fire sale at ebay so there’s some items I can give away I guess 🙂

    I love working at night when there’s no distraction hehe 🙂

  32. Vic – I gotta look for that Brad Pitt clip man. I’m sure it’s also a knockout ! Also watch another Tres Sientos clip ” Benjo- Mangayo Ko Kwarta ” it is also hilarious hehe 🙂

    Agree with your the legs is perhaps the sexiest part of the exposed body of a woman. As for the shapes and sizes, it’s up to your taste LOL 🙂

  33. “I am a sucker for women with great legs – not thin but sexy legs. Sometimes I think my attraction to women lies in the legs and nothing else hehe :)”

    This reminds me of the hilarious scene from the movie, “Christmas Story,” when the father (Darren McGavin) won a lamp shaped like a woman’s leg wearing fishnet stocking. He was so enamored by it but much to the great disdain of his wife.

  34. Eric – my attraction to women’s legs is minus the fishnet hehe 🙂 so that I have every reason to say it hasn’t gone to the wilder side 🙂 The fishnet conjures images of you know what LOL 🙂

  35. YOGS BORDS! nadula na naman akon comment gapon hehehe

    When I first saw this video months ago, I was laughing my ass off! Pinasahi gid ya ang talent sang mga ilonggo…CLEAN CUT! hehe

    Anyway Big Bro you better check the Troy Trilogy…hilarious too. You’re gonna see Brad Pitt shouting “TON-TONNNNNNNNNN! TON-TONNNNNNN!” I think the keywords are “benjo and ton-ton”


  36. Vernsky – I’d like to watch that Troy Trilogy LOL 🙂 Benjo and Tonton clips are also hilarious, esp the Benjo – Mangayo Ko Kwatra episode hehe 🙂 Diin nila ini gihimo man. Pamatyag ko sa Iloilo gid 🙂

  37. oh c’mon BigBro, it’s Bacolod-made hehe gina-angkun bla ya haw hehe

  38. Verknsy – pirmi lang gina-mention ang CPU eh LOL 🙂 esp sa Mahulam Ko Kwarta Episode hehe 🙂

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