Awards, Meme Tag and Quotes

I would like to thank those who had given me recognition as Thinking ( Major Tom, Ipanema, Bing, Verns, Kathy) and Thoughtful ( Ipanema, Bing) blogger. For what it means (up to now I’m not sure if I really deserve it !) it is greatly appreciated indeed and I apologize if I missed a name. The thoughtful part had made me think of changing my avatar for one 🙂 Now let’s get to the difficult part – my turn to bestow the awards 🙂 Not that I am avoiding getting in trouble ( and I already did.. once ..haha..), I honestly think that every blogger in my blogroll is unique and gifted on their own right. Everyone has a different style and I equally enjoy reading personal accounts, commentaries on current events, photos, jokes, hilarious experiences – I love them all. As such, I have no compulsion to judge one blogger over another in terms of intellectual content of the blog. It is also fair to say that in our interaction, we tend to develop an opinion of the blogger’s personality which is for the most part a case of perception. In my mind I have a virtual personality profile of each of you and I’m sure you do of me too and I hope it is positive 🙂 One day I hope to write a couple of paragraphs on the virtual profile that I have for each of you in the spirit of levity and fun 🙂 Blogging is really a free for all deal to have fun and friendship in such an unregulated medium as cyberspace where the only one unwritten rule reigns supreme – respect.

If there’s one award that I can probably criticize it is the Most Influential Blogger Award 🙂 I’m not sure how one can quantify a blog that has the “most telling effect” on people and does negative influence also count ? hehe 🙂 We just love constests and raffles, don’t we? We even have raffles on domestic plane flights! The Cebu Pacific flight I took once had raffles galore the entire 45 min flight from Manila to Bacolod. It was hilarious – like someone who can produce a nail cutter gets a free hat. Just imagine the resulting commotion inside the plane hehe 🙂 That’s just us Pinoys having fun with our competetive nature whenever we can 🙂

I believe the last one who tagged me with the “8 random facts about me” was Kathy. Sorry for the late response but here it is :

1. I sported moustache for my entire life but got rid of it about 5 years ago at the behest of my wife.2. I write down my “blog thoughts” into my Blackberry no matter how spurious so I can work on them later

3. I’ve travelled to 20 countries in counting but the farthest I had gone south is Dumaguete which is pretty sad indeed. I plan to make up for it and visit our lovely motherland more often.

4. I used to teach at my Sunday school in my church believe it or not. At some point in our lives we embark on that quest for transcendence and I got hooked with religion for a while…until I got discouraged with the arrogance of triumphalism and backed off a bit. I still have my guiding beliefs intact – no need to flaunt it I think.

5. I love falling asleep in the family room couch watching TV, sometimes until morning.

6. The best concert I ever watched in my life was Little River Band and Seals and Crofts in one show, in the early 90’s at the then Ontario Place ampitheatre ( open air) for an unbelievable 6 bucks – minus the chair , sitting on the grass hehe 🙂

7. I befriended an exiled Bangsamoro leader back in the late 80’s during the Marcos regime. It was friendship and had nothing to do with politics.

8. I am lousy with my blog grammar. I always discover spelling errors, missing conjunctions and articles after publishing my post which I had to correct countless of times.


George W. had caused a bit of a stir in at the APEC ( Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)Summit in Sydney, Australa when in his speech he referred to APEC as OPEC ( Organization of Petroleum Operating Countries). He further added insult to injury when he thanked the “Austrians” for their contributions in the fight for Iraq 🙂 And to cap the debacle, he went the wrong way when exiting the stage hahaha 🙂 A case of too much beer at breakfast perhaps ? The Reuters news report playfully refers to the incident as Bush’s ” gift of gaffe” LOL 🙂

A car plate on one of the SUV’s at train parking lot I saw the other day had this printed on the bottom corner “Pilots make smoother approaches“. I’m not sure if it means pilots are savvy, safe drivers or a just subtle show of tacky braggadocio. People certainly have strange ways of expressing themselves but this one kept me thinking – what in the world was the driver ( who I presume was a pilot) really trying to say?

David Lam, former Lieut. Gov. of British Columbia, Canada has this to say : “Tolerance is somewhat of a negative word. It can mean that you smell bad so I must hold my breath. “ Hmmm.. A bizzare, unexpected quote from a multicultural guy. In a multicultural society, tolerance is preached left and right and here goes the Lieut Gov. attempting to throw a hammer into the fire by saying that tolerance is tantamount to holding your breath, closing your eyes and letting the stink pass through. Was this the case of truth better left unsaid?


Have you ever encountered a corny and artless pedestrian joke that sounds funny not for anything but its sheer “corny-ness” ? Here’s two that I read in a Pinoy paper here recently which made me curse myself for laughing 🙂

Joke 1 :Man A : Pare, ang sama ng paganinip ko kagabi
Man B : Bakit, ano ang napanaginipan mo?
Man A : Pare, nasa beauty contest raw ako, napaligirin ng 50 lovely beauty contestants
Man B : eh, ano naman ang masama nun? Magagandang babae pala ang nakapaligid sa iyo e !
Man A : Oo nga, pero ako raw ang nanalo sa beauty contest eh.

Joke 2 :

Boy : Nay, kamuntik na akong mapiling No. 1 sa klase ko !
Nanay : Siyanga ? E di ang taas siguro ng mga grado mo!
Tatay : Ang galing mo talaga anak. Second place ka ba?
Boy : Sayang, kamuntik na talaga ako kasi ang napili ng titser ay katabi ko sa upuan


22 Responses

  1. No worries. It’s nice reading your personal stuff because you seldom post one. Everything is refreshingly new to me. Yes, at least we get a glimpse of you through your description.:)

    lol @ the jokes! BTW, I have something for you in my blog. hahahaha…pinasa lang sa akin eh. It’s up to you when you want to answer it. Walang deadline yan. 🙂

  2. I can relate to number 1 but also got rid of it when most of them moustache showing are white(grey)and maybe start growing them again when they are all uniformly white..

    I used to watch a few live shows at Ontario Place Amphitheatre sitting on the grass and could no longer remember whose and who. some of them were symphonies and I like the one when they timed the firing of the Cannons at the boat with the Tchaikovsky number…

  3. >>>I honestly think that every blogger in my blogroll is unique and gifted on their own right.

    That is such a cop-out, man. hahahaah. kidding. 😀 I also think that about the bloggers on my blogroll. Although ….. hehehe ….. I do enjoy reading some blogs more than others. 😉

    20 countries? hey, that’s impressive. Not counting airports, I’ve only been to two.

    I think the pilot joke refers to pilots being better at approaching women, meaning they’re probably better pick-up artists. 😉

  4. Here’s a very corny joke for you.

    “What do you call a Lesbian with a kid?”

    Scroll down

    Ans: “A MotherFather#%*&@!”

  5. Uy, finally! 😉
    Thanks for doing the meme. It is indeed a pleasure to read about your “random” things.

    That part about teaching Sunday school was really surprising! I don’t know…maybe because you didn’t strike me as that religious, hehe. But that info puts into proper context why you know the Christian song I mentioned before (As the deer panteth…).

    I used to head our youth fellowship in church before (seems like eons ago). So I could totally relate to your experience. Suffice it is to say that I am not so lofty and idealistic nowadays. 🙂

  6. I am surprised about the Sunday school teaching too.

    You are a well travelled man and it shows with the way you write. I guess you speak from experience too.

    I was tagged witht 8 random facts as well. I’ve yet to write it.

    And congrats on your awards. Well deserved. And thanks for your comment on my awards as well.

  7. I also had the same thoughts on the so-called most influential blogger award. I mean, what does it take to become an influential blogger anyway? Numerous comments? a hundred hits per day? Anyway, it’s a free country, they can award anything to just about anyone with enough votes… 😀

    Hey, I used to sport a mustache too, in my early twenties. That was until people (my parents especially) began to comment that I looked too old for my age. 😀

    Re blog grammar, you’re not the only one who encounters that problem, bro. I for one am guilty of mangling the queen’s language very often, hehe. I guess that’s why even journalists have editors to check on their work before it goes to print. 😀

  8. Congratulations with your awards. Well deserved.
    Indeed this blogging world is quite strange… you get to know people fairly well without ever meeting them. Some bloggers are telling quite a lot about themselves in their site. It always surprises me that people are so open with very personal information. I tend to be more discreet since info disclosed on the internet wil never disappear.

  9. I always enjoy reading your random facts. They’re very interesting. And it makes me smile to hear a man say that he got rid of the mustache for the wife. Thank you very much. 🙂 Same here on number 8. I also do a lot of edits when I see mistakes on grammar, tense, spelling, typos. And luckily for me, I have a friend who actually emails me and points out my mistakes. It doesn’t bother me a bit. She’s like my editor. 🙂

  10. Ipanema – thanks.. I guess I need to post more things about myself ! You know these meme tags come about every now and then and they make you open up a bit about yourself 🙂 I will post my pic one day.. but I have to put a time trigger so the file deletes after 48 hours hahaha 🙂

  11. Vic – I got rid of my moustache because my wife idolizes Aga Mulach and she wants me to have a clean shaven face hike him hehe 🙂

    It’s a pity they reconstructed the amphiteatre to be the Molson Amphitheatre as it is known today – big and sprawling. It has lost its intimate , personal touch. I remember watching the likes of Santana and James Taylor in the big Molson version.. and of course our very own Martin Nievera who packed the 10,000 seats to the max 🙂

  12. Kathy – I underwent a metamorphosis in my religious journey – grew up from a Catholic background, went to a Catholic high school, made 2 pilgrimages to the Vatican and one time to Lourdes, France, changed gear in my midlife and abandoned the rituals and relics, found myself reaching out to young folks in the university campus, teaching in Sunday school and leading a bible group for years and at the same time nurturing and progressing in my professional career.. until…I got sick and tired of the arrogance that goes with the triumphalism of organized religion and the discrimination of “unbelievers”. Maybe it’s just my rebellious nature but I did teach Sunday school theology at an overwhelmingly Caucasian audience… Oh well, I just probably need a long break and lie low or a different church environment which I did for 2 years now 🙂

  13. Leah – I know people will be surprised .. I actually had to re-grow my horns LOL 🙂 I have a few friends who check my blog every now and then so I can’t tell tall tales if you know what I mean hehe 🙂

  14. Sidney – thanks.. It is truly unique and I have yet to experience an eyeball meeting with fellow bloggers and see if it will change my relationship with them 🙂

    You know what, I actually included a pic of me in this post with the moustache in this very post believe it or not and at the last minute, I removed the link ! I think I made the right decision after I mentioned of being a friend of an exiled and former Bangsamoro leader LOL 🙂

  15. Niceheart – I honestly did even if it had to do with Aga Mulach ( and I am not the jealous type) or maybe she hated Erap so much and didn’t want to see a moustached man LOL 🙂 Fact is I thought I looked better with the moustache on but had to give in to make her happy hehe 🙂 I wanted to show the pic of me in this post with and without the moustache but changed my mind LOL 🙂

    Good for you to have an online editor !

  16. I can most relate to blog grammar since like you, no matter how I edit and reedit my post countless times, there would always be something wrong that’s why I was thinking of employing a blog editor, someone who has nothing better to do than just to edit my content…But of course I can afford it..he..he…joke lang ha…By the way, I really liked the corny jokes you had there. pwede ko pang gamitin to sa mga kaibigan ko and there would surely be guffaws.. 😛

  17. lol…48 hrs? that’s too long. once you post something personal, oh you see the nosy brunch come up within minutes you’ve posted. they just go there to see or make usyoso, i won’t visit a page if i don’t want to comment. better not show urself huh?

    if you post a photo, write there it is you so that they have something to search or talk about…hahahaha. you’re going to laugh, i tell you. try it. 🙂

    it is ok to post about yourself if you have a personal blog. of course, how open a person is, vary. kanya-kanya lang yan. the thing is, we are not using our real name. even if one is using his/her real name kung talagang ganun ang tao, eh, wala na sila doon. 🙂

    I haven’t seen this Most Influential Blogger Award. Meron ba to? I tell you, the awards are getting exciting. 🙂

  18. Congratulations on your awards BW! 🙂

    I don’t have a blackberry but I jot down my blog thoughts in a spiral notebook. 🙂 Very interesting about the 20 countries and the Bangsamoro. I have several Muslim friends too and they are very nice people.

  19. Major Tom,

    I’ve given up on editing my post . As you said, no matter how hard I try, it seems that I can’t egt everything right 🙂 As for corny the jokes, I was having a snack with my wife at McDonalds and for lack of nothing to do as we were just giving some time for our daughter to play at their Playland, I asked my wife to read me the jokes of the Pinoy paper hehe:)

  20. Toe – thanks… well, at least you have a bag to put your spiral notebook on ! I’ve travelled quite a lot for the last 20 years and that’s how I got the country mileage 🙂 Yes, I have many Muslim friends too who are very respectable, quality people 🙂

  21. yihee! ayaw lang niya mag-tag. hehe. joke lang!

    i believe na you always write your blog thoughts. wala lang. i just believe it. hehe. and same here.. i always notice my wrong grammar when it’s published already and i read it after a month. so after mabasa ng lahat, dun ko makikita ang wrong spellings and grammar. hehe.

    you’ve been to 20 countries? inggit mode alert! hehehe. you’re from dumaguete? i love that place! coz that’s where i first tried scuba diving. hehehe.

    and re bush… haaay… bloopers day nga. hehe

    tolerance… ikaw ba? was that a case of better left unsaid?

    at corny nga yung jokes! hehehe. but when i received the second joke sa text before, tumawa din ako. hehehe ;p

  22. Tin-tin ,

    About the tag, it’s best we chat about this over a cup off coffee hehe 🙂

    I’ve come to accept that since blogging is free, grammatical errors are aren’t that critical 🙂

    Nope I am from Bacolod but the farthest I went south is Dumaguete the capital of the neighboring province and farthest north is BAguio 🙂 I went to Dumaguete when I was in high school yet. It’s a nice , quite city.

    Yes, it was a case of truth better left unsaid and so are many things in life 🙂 I know – The jokes are incredibly corny LOL 🙂

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