More on the OFW Brouhaha

I got this link through MyePinoy’s blog, about an article written by Manila Standard columnist Emil Jurado. Very interesting comment of Mr. Jurado, who opines that while the outrage over Malu Fernandez’s bigotry in her travel article From Boracay to Greece was “natural and forthcoming, ” , she also “wrote what she thought and sensed”. He also says “she told the truth. Everybody knows that”. I’m not sure if Mr. Jurado is trying to play knight with the shining mustache trying to rescue Miss Divalicious from the imbroglio, but what truth is he alluding to? The truth that MF is matapobre?

Jurado better stick to the subject when he talks about OFW’s needing to “behave properly and not to give foreigners an impression that all Filipinos conduct themselves the way they do”. We are talking about plane rides here aren’t we? Then why bitch about Pinay domestic helpers being blacklisted in malls in Hongkong and Singapore – what has this to do with the argument? He raises a big stink about Pinoy OFW’s unloading their luggage before the seat belt sign is turned off – well, I have seen this happen in Asian airports and even here in Canada and what’s the big deal anyway? Because his wife was nearly hit with the luggage? If Jurado is hell bent with “educating” our migrant workers with good manners and right conduct to protect the Filipino’s image, he better start his sanitation campaign with the Trans-Pacific PAL flights where life vests disappear and with the embarrassing note “ STEALING OF LIFE VESTS IS PUNISHABLE UNDER PHIL LAW” displayed in every passenger cabin. These flights aren’t OFW loaded flights but strange things happen which Mr. Jurado is ignorant of. On a couple of occasions in his article the good author wanted to confront the problem makers but his wife intervened and urged him to hold on to his horses. Come to think of it – if he did confront them and sorted things out, he perhaps didn’t need to write this article. Now Mr. Under D’ Saya must thank his wife, that he had to write this article and get paid for it 🙂

And here’s a classic suck-up, Johnny-be-good colonial mentality of the writer – “ I have nothing about them smelling bad or dressing with their usual uniform of T-shirt and denims with sneakers, because many foreigners, especially Americans, do the same while traveling”. Hahaha ! What a shallow, pedestrian, retarded, incongruous rationale that negated and obliterated any bit of sense this author was trying to make. This makes me stop right here. I have nothing more to say 🙂


How much does one have to pay for a traffic violation? Most countries have a schedule of fines based on the nature of traffic offences but apparently not in Finland , where traffic fines are assessed based on the offender’s net income !

A Nokia senior executive 46.5 mph in a 30-mph zone was fined a whopping $103,000! Blame it on his previous year’s net income of $5.2 Million ! If this happened to Tiger Woods who made some $87 M income his fine would $1.7 million? Ouch.. Now this is something, isn’t it ? The Nokia exec’s fine was ultimately reduced by the courts to $5,245 but probably not including the services of savvy lawyers who command ludicrous fees for their services. How much did the lawyers get to soften the fine? Definitely not a good feeling when a minor indiscretion can blow up your piggy bank. In view of their punitive fines I would imagine the Finns to be the safest drivers in the world 🙂 


Here’s a startling stat – the Greater Toronto Area government nets some $80M in parking fines every year. Last year the major contributors are three courier companies – Fedex, Purolator and UPS contributing $1.5M with some 33,000 tickets issued collectively to them ! Now these companies justify the fines as their cost of doing business 🙂 Problem is here you can’t ignore government issued parking tickets. If you don’t pay, they’d hit you with the fine when you renew your car registration – you can’t hide. $80M is serious money – perhaps that’s where they get the money for road repairs every year hehe 🙂


26 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, Finland’s traffic fines are really something! But I guess that would really make people follow traffic rules and regulations. Bill Gates better follow the speed limit while driving there. 🙂

  2. Toe – if they tag Bill Gates once with a speeding ticket they’d be able to cover the Traffic department’s payroll for a year 🙂 How about hiring an unemployed as driver ? hehe 🙂

  3. If only the MMDA would really do their job in apprehending traffic violators and issue tickets accordingly without the usual “doleouts”, then we could probably see a semblance of civility on our roads. But that’s like asking for the moon…

    As for Mr Jurado’s article, I’ve no comment. It is his column after all and it is his right IMO, but he better prepare for another onslaught of criticisms left and right a la MF…

  4. wow! i guess i should feel humbled paying less than $100 in fines, compared to what authorities in finland would charge. as in GRABE!

    as for this ‘male MF wannabe’, ay pwede ba hah, wala syang originality! i really think this person is just trying to ride on the so called popularity of MF. bad popularity nga lang! you preach about freedom of press, how about freedom of OFW’s and concerned citizens to express themselves. susme hah, kagurang na nitong hombreng eto eh mukhang walang pinagkatandaan. i thought ‘wisdom comes with age’, i guess NOT!

    ow bw, pls forgive me for my outrage. just got carried away for a moment there, thank you =)

  5. Whoa! I would say this traffic law in Finland would be a good idea to distribute the wealth and bridge the gap between rich and poor in the Philippines if this was implemented there, however, it really would not work knowing only the pockets of the politicians will benefit from this law.

  6. I believe Mr. Jurado had always been like that, speaking with a thundering voice (whenever he is on TV) but his opinions
    are just either too simplistic or lack of depth, I never liked him even from the start. Now he got himself in trouble with this bemoustached

  7. Snglguy – civility on the roads is a problem everywhere even here as long as cops become lax. During long weekends here the cops issue thousands of tickets esp to those maniacs who drink and drive 😦

    Jurado comes at a different angle and is not as bigoted as MF so I don’t think he will get a blog attack. I just don’t agree with a writer berating the an entire group of OFW’s – the domestic helpers because of a single experience in the plane which he failed to confront . I wish he did have the balls to confront them and then write about it instead of saying ah.. well my wife told me not to 😦

  8. Nell – so now you know that if you ever visited Finland, don’t drive hehe 🙂

    It’s OK, it’s not only you. We all get incensed when we read someone sympathizing with a self-avowed bigot 🙂

  9. Patrice – LOL.. if this is applied in Pinas, the police should catch the rich folks only to fill the quota quickly 🙂 But the first thing the rich would do is hire jobless folks as drivers . What would you charge for someone who has zilch income 🙂

  10. Major Tom – lol at the bemoustached braggadocio haha 🙂 Yes, he is indeed shallow by saying that it is OK for a Pinoy to stink in the plane because Americans and other foreigners stink too 🙂

  11. I’ll walk or take public transport if that is the system in Finland. Baka di kasya sa pagkain ko ang maiwan sa sweldo ko. 🙂

    aayyy! si Jurado na naman kakambal ni MF? magsama na sila! ayan, kumpleto na may male and female version! 🙂

  12. funny how birds of the same feather (or, in this case, writers with the same mentality) find it irresistible to “protect” one another. 🙂

  13. Ipanema – hahaha.. Its definitely a scary country to drive with their fines that could make you bankrupt 🙂

    Yes, may kakambal na si MF 🙂

  14. Anonymous – yes, both have the irresistible urge to denigrate the lowest income group of the Pinoy OFWs .

  15. I think Mr. Jurado is just trying to be an “epal” to get the share of attention Malu has been getting.

    Unfortunately, his “effort” will go to waste since he will always be the second rate trying hard copycat! =)

  16. Mr E Ju rado has been practicing his crap err his craft since 1953.

    Nagtataka lang ako kung gaano kadami ang mga nasulat nya gamit ang ganitong mababaw at baluktot na kaisipan.

  17. Jeff – LOL on the epal 🙂 Agree with you – must stariray is Miss Divalicious kaysa kay bigote 🙂

  18. MyePinoy – evidently he hasn’t travelled mcuh and has no experience with irate passengers so he’s picking on the poor domestic helpers 😦 Ganyan yata pag tumatanda na ang tao hehe 🙂

  19. Is it just my browser or does your layout look different? Anyway, I’ve had my share of parking tickets. I guess the gov’t has to make money, I suppose. Fines based on income? I guess I won’t be fined that much then since I’m just a peon. hehehe

    I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. I’ve only had one moving violation and it wasn’t even a high speed violation. It was for a rolling stop, something like 10 mph. hehe

  20. Like what I wrote in MyEpinoy’s, it’s not only Filipino’s who have a rowdy crowd in airlplanes. In truth flying domestic and international Pinoys are mostly behaved and I encountered other Nationality whose a lot more rowdier and more annoying actually. I guess this is a natural occurence and not necessarily a “Filipino Migrant” trait. So he should think twice about talking about “educating migrants”

  21. the way i interpret mr jurado article is just like saying, i don’t have nothing against black except so and so and the same with asian other than — and i believe however you turn it, it is still bigotry.

    I remember years ago, i got away with lots of parking tickets unpaid until the city came up with with the idea of asking the ministry not to renew the registration for outstanding fines and the interest keep filing up. better pay them up promptly.

  22. Wil – there seems to be a Blogger problem that had up to this to me is quite fuzzy. It has to do with Internet Explorer browsers only – Firefox works well 🙂

    Good for you bro – great for your insurance rate !

  23. Ferdz – you bet. I’ve travelled quite a lot and I can tell you horror stories ! I even say that our domestic helpers are a group of people with inferiority complex so for those who have travelled with them once or twice and declare that they are rascals is terribly unfair 😦

  24. Vic – I agree.. It is still bigotry now matter how you look at it 😦

    Looks like you were outsmarted by the government bro – hehe 🙂

  25. Mahilig si Mang Emil sa mga malulusog na babaeng matapobre! Opinyon niya yun kaya igalang natin. What these people have to consider is that most Pinoy OFW’s are not jetsetters like them. Dapat maging tolerant sila sa mga tulad ng common Pinoy. Sila ba alam nila mag behave sa bangkan’g di katig pag bumabiyahe sila sa mga isla sa Pilipinas? Baka puro suka ang abutin nila pag umalon na ng taas-baba sa dagat. Walang baggage compartment sa bangka at walang suka bag pati! Masaya lang ang mga OFW’s pag-pa-uwi na sila sa Pilipinas at kaya excited sila sa eroplano. At saka normal sa ating mga Pinoy yang mag-kamustahan ng taas boses at siyempre proud din sila sa mga accomplishments nila coming from an economically strapped nation and working overseas kahit yung iba sa kanila di man lang naka-gradweyt sa college dahil sa kahirapan sa buhay sa Pilipinas. At saka pa-ulit -ulit ni Mang Emil tinutukoy silang mga “Domestics”. Hoy! hanapbuhay iyan para sa kanila na pinag-kaitan ng gobyerno ng tulong para makapag-aral sa college kaya kahit papaano sa abot kaya nila naghahanapbuhay sila para mapabuti ang buhay nila. Di sila conscious na tulad niyo ni Miss Malou(sog) sa image nila, basta lang kumikita sila at nakakatulong sa pamilya nila. O sige hindi nga sila “heroes” pero aminin na natin na malaki ang kontribusyon nila sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Katulad ni Rizal, isinulat ang mga kung ano-anong kabulastugan sa Kastila at nag-rebulto daw sa mga Kastilaloy, pero naintindihan ba siya ng mga masang Pilipino nuon sa pa-kastila-kastila niya..bakit National Hero si Rizal? Kastiguhin mo na lang ang mga tulisan sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas Mang Emil. Dapat tulungan mo rin si Miss Maluo(sog) mag diet para gumanda ang pakiramdam niya at di na siya parating masungit. Miss Malou(sog), Kahit anong pabango ang gamitin mo, pag ang ugali mo ay mabaho, walang bisa yang mga ginagamit mong mga imported na pabango sa iyo. Siguro dahil malousog ka, marami ka rin mga “folds” sa malusog mong katawan na siyang pinag-tataguan ng mga pawis na mabaho at saka pawisin ka rin siguro ano? O sige mag-galunggong at kamote leaves diet ka ng mga tatlong buwan at siguro lalong ma-iinlab sa iyo si Mang Emil pag pumayat ka na! Pero pakiusap ko lang, huwag na kayong magka anak dahil mada-dagdagan pa ang mga lahi ng matapobre sa Pilipinas at siguradong pangit ang resulta ng kumbinasyon niyo ni Malou(sog)..okey Mang Emil?

  26. Noypetes – galunggong and kamote leaves diet para pumayat LOL 🙂
    Mas gusto ko pa si MF kaysa ka Rosie O’Donnell bro. hahaha 🙂

    Masyadong nilalait ni Mang Emil at ang kanyang karantsong MF ang mga domestic helper na dapat kahabagan natin ang kanilang kalagayan 😦 Ihambing ang mga ugali ng DH natin sa loob ng eroplano sa mga ibang lahi na naglalasing at nakikipag-away sa flight crew ay masyadong malayo – para silang mga kuting. Kaya yung isinulat ni Mang Emil ay masyadong mababaw, dahil maraming beses na akong nagtravel sa flights with OFW at wala akong masasabi sa ugali nila.

    Sa iskwela ng anak ko merong apat na Pinay DH mostly ex-Hongkong OFWs na nakakausap ng asawa ko everytime she picks up our daughter sa hapon. They work for mosltly Caucasian families dito sa neighborhood namin. Kawawa naman sila, making a living here with their families na naiwan sa Pinas but they are treated very well here , much better than Hongkong or Singapore. Within 3 years they can get landed immigrant status and they are free to get any job they want, get their families and be just like any regular citizen, living with equal rights and opportunities. That’s why I have a soft spot for them sa totoo lang. They’re just like us trying to make a living and hoping for a better future.

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