I am working on too many things at this point that I was unable to blog for 10 days now. Let me clear up a few things so I can get back to blogging once more. Sorry about this folks but I should be back in due time.

Cheers 🙂


8 Responses

  1. take your time Big Bro 🙂 hope things are doing well…

  2. No prob, BW. As I always say – we should not consider blogging as a task, or we will not have fun anymore, di ba? And we have other priorities too. 🙂

  3. it’s okay. time to arrange the clutter. God bless 🙂

  4. Finish up soon and blog. We’re all starving for sensible posts. Hehe.

  5. masyado kang nagpapayaman BW, madali kang tumanda sa puro work…mag blog ka para ubos oras mo…lol.

    anyway, thanks for the visit. 🙂

  6. And as usual, we’ll all be waiting… 😉

  7. Hiatus…I’m always in that mode — LOL. I’m now on “indefinite leave” from blogging due to extreme arm pain.

    Enjoy your offline activities, BW!

  8. Thanks for your comments folks.

    Nope I am not working too hard so I can drive around in a Porsche hehe 🙂 In fact I am taking things easy whenever I can. I still have lots of juice left in me but I wouldn’t mind getting a job in Bermuda though.. 🙂

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