Those Magicians

wizard2.gif Since I was a child I was always perplexed with magicians, awed and overwhelmed by the extraordinary, almost supernatural skills they possess. When I grew a bit older, I then wondered why magicians always wore vests and jackets. In fact I couldn’t recall a magician performing in front of a crowd wearing a T-shirt – there has got to be something in that vest ! I then realized that everything these magicians did had a physical explanation, that their act is always the result of extremely fast and sly hands and the seemingly inexplicable tricks using these weird contraptions and gadgetry are all done within the realm of Newtonian physics and there is absolutely nothing quantum about them. Fact is, they had discovered ways of fooling our eyes and confusing our sense of logic but in the end, everything has a physical explanation.

One time I was at a dinner magic show and the magician came to our table and asked me to pick a playing card from the pocket of his jacket. I took one and then he grabbed my hand, took the card and held my arm to the other pocket of his jacket and told me to grab another card. He then continued on to the stage and continued with the card trick. He then followed the act with the proverbial water turning into beer and coke routine, with the audience participating in a taste test. Then he said ” By the way what time is it? ” He then pointed at me and I was about 70 yards from the stage and said ” You sir – what time is it?” I looked at my watch and it was gone ! Oh no, not my Longines watch for heavens sake . Before I broke down into depression, the magician held his hand high with my Longines watch dangling on it and said ” Here’s your watch sir”. He took my watch when he was asking me to take cards from his pocket ! Gosh, that was a close call. What if he didn’t say anything kept my darn watch ? I would have no clue how I would have lost it ! Do magicians ever go crazy and steal stuff from unsuspecting people? I mean they could hypnotize you and render you defenseless ❗

Another brand of magicians who are on a totally higher and elite league are the illusionists, those who can totally render you speechless and numb when they make elephants and buildings disappear, making you think that they have discovered some from of energy not yet known to the common man. Illusionists with the likes David Blaine and Criss Angel are truly a different breed, people who exploited their talents and gained fame and fortune in doing so. To be honest, I have given up the quest of understanding how they perform  illusions that defy the laws of Newtonian physics. Suffice to say I would content myself watching their amazing tricks from my rocking chair, hoping that someday someone will reveal the secret of their magical craft 😉


Yesterday I was reading blogger friend Thess’ post on the issue of people not taking a bath and here’s one stinky incident that has a name associated to it ! Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger was written up by a New York newspaper for the stink he caused when he was riding the subway with his daughter, literally speaking. People who were within smelling distance from Ledger were taken aback by his foul smell- yikes. Was he carrying a dead rat in is pocket or had he missed taking a bath for 2 weeks ?   Your guess is a good as mine but for a celebrity to be heavily criticized by the public for poor personal hygiene, one can surmise that this wasn’t just the case of dirty underwear LOL ! Winter clothes can only hide so much of one’s stink.  Some people are known to have medical conditions that result in odorous smell being excreted from their pores. Ledger’s is probably not this serious – just a case of being a super slob. Well, they better check out with Jake Gyllenhaal, if he has any comments 🙂 Britney Spears on the slob list too ❓

A vet once told me that it is not ideal to bathe the dog everyday because it damages their fleece.  Should we humans be taking a full bath at least once a day ? If so – which would be preferable, morning or evening or both ❓


29 Responses

  1. You did not feel a thing when he grabbed your arm? Man! you’re lucky to get your watch back. Lesson learned, never ever let a magician near you. *lol*

    Oh those stinky people..ugh!

    Happy weekend, bw!

  2. I love to watch magic but scared with magicians. They look creepy to me 😦

    Heath Ledger is cute but yuck, didn’t know that he’s a goat. Eieww !! on the nasty smell. So gross.

  3. A few years ago, there was a magician calling himself the masked magician and he revealed some of the tricks that contemporary magicians or illusionists have done. he showed how blaine did the levitation trick. he has since unmasked himself. he’s on wikipedia, i believe. I think Penn and Teller have also revealed some of the more famous magic tricks in the past. btw, i don’t know if we can call some of david blaine’s tricks an illusion. since when was holding one’s breathe underwater for as long as one can an illusion or a magic trick? hehe

  4. Criss Angel and David Blane are the epitome of modern-day street performers, the days of jacketed magicians doing card tricks have all but been relegated to those children birthday parties. The edgy street performance of these two illusionists is simply out of this world, at least for us spellbound viewers.

    Did you see the trick wherein Blane threw a playing card against a glass panel, and it somehow ended up behind it? Galeeeng! 😀

    PS: Maybe Ledger is preparing for a role of a street bum? You know how actors sometimes immerse themselves in their character. 😀

  5. The best magicians in the Philippines are in Malacanang and the House of Congress!

    Years ago when I used to be a gym rat playing pick up BBall everyday after work or during my noon break at work, there was this awfully hairy, ododrific guy who would get in on our games. The ugly sight of a hairy sweaty and the thought of this guys’ stinky body sweat brushing on anyone guarding him always got him a free pass to drive to the basket..untouched!

  6. Thess – yes, I didn’t notice that he unlatched my watch ! All I knew was he took my arms and tried to guide it to his pocket to pick up the card. Incredibly fast hands indeed 😉

    Have a nice weekend too 😎

  7. Irrealis – can’t blame you. Criss Angel for one kinda looks freaky 👿

    Heath Ledger may have forgetten to wipe his butt hahaha 🙂

  8. Wil – yes, I remember that show where magicians break their vow and reveal the secrets of magic ! Man, I’m sure the society of magicians would never break bread with those “whistle blowers” if they ever know them 😳

    It’s hard to explain how these illusionists do it and I have given up figuring it out 🙄

  9. Sngl – yes, these illusionists are awesome. The weirdest was when this woman’s body
    was “cut in half” and her upper body was crawling around the park 😯

    There is still an entertainment market for “traditional” magicians who are really good in the craft. They can end up in Vegas doing stints in decent hotel-casinos.

    Dunno if ledger is preparing for a movie role as a vagrant or street junkie but being D-listed as a super slob doesn’t enhance his image 😕

  10. Noypetes- you got it man – they’re all in RP high public offices where many things vanish like illusion but never come back 😡

    I heard of a Visayan boxer who went to the big league in the late 70’s and fought in Hawaii against an itim boxer. He said hindi raw siya nahilo sa suntok but sa amoy ng kili-kili ng kalaban nya LOL 😆

  11. Funny, I just finished watching the “Illusionist” movie a while ago. Hehe. I was fond of magic as well when I was a kid. I remember being engrossed with David Copperfield’s show and now Blaine and Angel are the new breed of magicians. I no longer want to to know how they do that but it really is impressive. Still it would be interesting to find the explanation behind them.

  12. “Britney Spears on the slob list too…”
    – No way.

  13. i watched a chinese magician multiplying bills into a thick wad. my! if it was true, i’ll bring him my $1 bills and be rich by now. 🙂

    hmmm…there are people with natural scents unappealing to the senses. Perhaps Ledger had that. 🙂

  14. I always wanted to become a magician… I know a few tricks alas I didn’t continue on this path.

  15. Ferdz – last night “Illusionist” was on TMN ( The Movie Channel) – I got to watch this movie man.

    Their illusion tricks are pretty impressive indeed but it looks like the trio of well known illusionists have the monopoly of knowledge ! I don’t think these guys would ever divulge their trade secret to protect their very lucrative entertainment value 💡

  16. Jeff – yes, you bet. Britney is on the slob list ! She still looks great but insiders have confirmed this to be true 😯

  17. Ipanema – I always wondered if magicians and even hustlers who have really fast hands ever get rich. I knew a card hustler once who dealt a whole deck of cards with me playing blackjack and told me I won’t win any deal until the last card and true enough I didn’t 😦

    In Ledger’s case let us have Jake Gallynhaal his gay partner in the movie Brokeback Mountain confirm it hehehe 🙄

  18. Sidney – know what it is indeed fun to know a few of these tricks if only to entertain kids and impress people. I know a card trick that gained me female friends when I was in school. I told them one of my skills is I guess their card coz I gaze at their eyeballs when they see their card. They tried to duplicate it and gaze at my eyeballs close but to no avail hahaha :mrgreen: Of course I knew their card before they read it 😉

  19. You almost lost your pricey watch thru magic. It’s no wonder such kind of prowess always happens in the street, with wallets disappearing without us being aware.

    BTW, I do like magic shows a lot that I am so wanting to watch one really grand magic show sometime when possible. Maybe, David Blaine could hopped by our faraway city.

  20. oo nga ano, di kaya ma tempt ang mga magician na mag magic ng gamit ng may gamit?

  21. Major Tom – that was really an edgy moment for me. Losing a pricey watch isn’t fun 😦

    Hope these first class magicians visit your place. If you get a chance to travel to the US, visit Las Vegas and you will see the best in class of magicians perform there. My watch incident happened in Paris at a cabaret show and the magician wasn’t a celeb on any sort but good that he was honest 😉

  22. Iskoo – I know magicians have a code of honor kuno but hindi natin masasabi minsan kung biglang kumaliwa ang utak. I know an incident sa Pinas where the secretary of a dental clinic was hypnotized by a walk in customer tapos ninakaw ang alahas niya pati pera sa cash register 😦

  23. The way that magician got your Longines was the same exact way this guy took my Cartier tank watch right off my wrist at a NYC club. However, he grabbed my hand to say hello as if a long lost friend. I must admit: I was too tipsy to realize what was actually happening. Oh well.

    I was told that a touch of black magic is sometimes employed by some magicians — with latin prayers involved.

  24. Eric – wooo, those guys are professional con artists man. They befriend you and then rip you off just like that esp if you’re having too much fun 😡

    I guess there are those that go beyond sheer physical skills and invoke voodoo spirits and what not. This makes these people even scarier 👿

  25. I suspect that the magician at the party was once a pickpocket. Hah!

  26. Abaniko – what can I say – he definitely has the skills ! If he kept quiet with my watch, I could never have suspected he took it 😉

  27. Sleigh of hand, they call it. It is a science and can be learned by those interested enough. And oooh, yes, if legitimate magic-weaving jobs run scarce, what is to prevent them from taking on sidelines filching people’s watches and pockets.

  28. I meant “sleight of hands” 🙂

  29. Annmanila – wooo.. that’s pretty scary when professional magicians take side jobs as con artists !

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