Ken Lee and the Idol Fiasco

Now I reckon why Simon Cowell made some 30 million quid last year and that’s because his Idol brainchild is a hit all over the world. Yes, there is a Bulgarian edition of the proverbial Idol and this particular videocap is a glimpse of how the Bulgarians have to deal with the elimination round surprises. If we think our Pinoy Keys Me version butchered the English language, this one would have chopped and grounded it 🙂 In fact I am quite at a loss of adjectives as to how to describe it 🙂

A bit of trivia now. Singing diva Mariah Carey made this song a hit one more time after Harry Nilson made it a runaway hit in the 70’s. The song is called Without You and not Can’t Live , where the Bulgarian lass obviously took her clue when she transliterated it to Ken Lee, in her futile attempt to make it sound English – Bulgarian version, or perhaps a pidgin version thereof. Not a problem though as she just made the song a blast for the third time :mrgreen:


I can unequivocally say without a shadow of a doubt that golf is a poor man’s game in this part of the world. One reason is because I’m playing it 🙂 and the other reason is this society strives to make every sport every man’s game. With the proliferation of public courses which are all over the place, the game is open for anyone to play. You can get as economical or as expensive as you want if you buy top notch equipment and play in first class courses. It’s all up to you. The bitch with golf is time. It takes approximately 5 hours to finish the game and it is a real drag on weekends when it can take much of your time with the family. So what do you do ? I you can find a way, find a good excuse to play during a work day ! Keep the weekend for friends and family 🙂


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  1. The Ken Lee video was pretty funny. hehe. I wonder if she did that intentionally though, meaning she just sang bad so that she can get on TV.

  2. hehehe… this video has gained a lot of hits in the youtube. she was so natural. i don’t think she did it intentionally.

  3. I saw that “Ken Lee” video via Lea Salonga’s blog on Multiply.

    Her English sounded so bad it could have been intentional. But then again, we’ll never know.

    This video kind of comforts me: my English is still okay pa pala despite the now existing Swinglish accent, thanks to constant exposure to my husband.


    Golf…my brother is addicted to this game. I just can’t understand what’s so thrilling about it.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  4. Amusing to think how some things done unintentionally (and with lesser effort) turn out to be the funniest, unlike those trying hard loonies in the American Idol audition… 😀

    As for golf… well you know my where my sentiments lie, bro. Hehe 😀

  5. Very funny contestant. Everywhere there are weirdos it seems 🙂

    They thought they could take the boss for a ride LOL 🙂

  6. Wil – I had thought about that too but it looks like she doesn’t speak English at all 🙂

  7. Dong – she just made the song a hit once again. Its funny that the Idol eliminations all over the world are awash with hilarious stuff 🙂

  8. Jayred – since you’re speaking Swiss German all the time your accent will be definitely affected 🙂

    Golf is a crazy and difficult game game. I used to get bored watching it on TV but nowadays it’s my favorite channel 🙂

  9. Sngl – sometimes I think that the constestants’ performances are contrived for entertainment purposes. I do think there are no shortage of wannabes and glory hogs who would embarrass themselves in front of the public hehe 🙂

    I get invited often by our vendors/suppliers that I was forced to pick up the game so I don’t embarrass myself in the game. I pretty much play public courses all the time and a few times in a year get invited for free in upscale courses 🙂 People here are more practical – no caddies and umbrella girls. Pretty much self serve like McDonalds here where you empty your tray after you eat 🙂 If there’s one thing that’s bad it’s buying new stuff all the time and accumulating old gear 🙂

  10. Ryan – these weirdos make the contest lively and entertaining 🙂

    I also make excuses to play during work hours hehe 🙂 but not like these guys in the video 🙂

  11. ken lee clip is funny every time I see it 🙂

  12. I never really like watching the eliminations on American Idol because of the crazy contestants 😦 I only watch the top 24 when they are into serious singing.

  13. On the “Ken Lee” video, that woman really had a lot of guts to sing the song even though she obviously didn’t speak or understand a word of English. Like you, I’m at a loss too. Hahaha

    As for golf, I’m seriously considering learning the game. There’s a public course in my town and I’ve been meaning to give the sport a try.

  14. oh my, you are right. lol…can some people listen at themselves before singing! but it’s really hilarious! 🙂

  15. This sort of laughable stuff makes the show more salacious. They need that once in a while, I guess.

    That reality is often stranger than fiction, that’s why were glued with every reality shows.

  16. ken lee.. fave ko pa man din si mariah. haay.. and i know i don’t know how to sing, but still you can find some respect when i sing. hehe.

    i’ve never tried golf

  17. Ewok – with due respect to the Bulgarians, I wonder if English is widely spoken in the country for her to THINK that she could get away with it 🙂

  18. Irrealis – so you like the serious singing eh? I don’t mind a laugh or two with the Idol eliminations – both American and Canadian
    ( coming soon after the American Idol finals is over). Besides, the Idol show is on one of my local Canadian HD ( High Definition) channels and it’s cool to watch 😎

  19. Panaderos – me thinks the same too. The judges look like they knew what she was up to 🙂

    Pick up the game bro. Spend a few bucks – it’s great for relaxation and fun to play too 🙂

  20. Ipanema – I’m sure she did watch herself in the mirror. She was dressed quite spiffy for the ocassion for starters 🙂

  21. Major Tom – it’s get boring if there’s no hilarious weirdos – as long as there’s not too much of them hehe 🙂

  22. Tin – you’re just being humble but I know you love singing the karaoke. I bet you can sing 🙂

    Golf is one sport you have to take a lesson before you start, if only to save yourself of frustration hehe. YOu should try hitting at a driving range to see how it feels 🙂

  23. Is she serious? I almost fell off my seat – partly to her and partly to a very fond memory.

  24. Is that the “and I… biribidi widda dyu…” the funny sound clip that reminded of “keys me…”

    LOL. =)

  25. LOL @ ken lee. 😀

    she should’ve brought a kodigo of the song’s lyrics.

  26. i tried golf once. it’s the official sport of the lolos in my previous job. i didn’t leave the driving range. the heat of the high-noon and the long walk was not a good combination.

    i had fun swinging though.

  27. Lawstude – I think she was serious 🙂 Just look at how she is dressed up too 🙂

  28. Jeff – Keys Me was quite hilarious too and I’d say more realistic 🙂

  29. Mari – methinks she doesn’t speak English at all 🙂 You mean golf is a game of lolos? That’s very funny hahaha 🙂

    Well, Tiger Woods is only 30 years old and he’s on his way of being the first billionaire athete by 2010, as long as he remains healthy 🙂

    I agree, the heat in Pinas is very punishing – plus the scare that one’s complexion might get “darker” hence it’s not quite popular there LOL 🙂

  30. That Fedex commercial is hilarious Hahaha

    So that’s Ken Lee! I’ve been hearing about it but it’s my first time to actually see it. Wow! If that is english, I don’t know the language anymore.

  31. Ferdz – just goes to show excuses people make to be able to play during work hours 🙂 I have a whole day conference to attend on May 22 close to the airport and me and my buddy who is attending the same event had booked a tee off at a nearby public course at 230pm hehe 🙂 Just about the best thing to do after a nice luncheon 😆

    Yes – that’s the Ken Lee people are taking about haha 🙂

  32. ” Da sig to sa snow, en na wan hors open sley, ol da tings we do, laping ol da wey”…Lost in translation?

  33. At best, it just sounds like mispronounciation unlike Ken Lee, where I thought I even hear the miraculous town of Medugorje 🙂

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