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Imagine relaxing on your couch after a nice dinner and after watching boring TV shows, you take your remote control and switch your HDTV to a different input source and lo and behold, you’re watching YOUTUBE live ! Wouldn’t it be dandy to be able to access YOUTUBE just like you’re in front of your PC or laptop and navigate through it minus the keyboard ? Neat !

The AppleTV is one product that brings the internet closer to the home entertainment systems. From this unit you can download regular songs and music videos from Itunes, browse and play podcasts, view your pics on Flickr and rent movies, both standard and HD quality. You can also pair this unit with your Mac or Windows PC and play the multi-media from your Itunes library as well as your photo slideshows. AppleTV allows you to play them all on your HDTV unit.

Rental of new movie HD ( High Definition) releases with Dolby Digital 5.1 features ( for those with surround sound systems) at Itunes at is at par with the regular cost of cable or satellite PPV (Pay Per View) movies.  If you’re wondering how much bandwidth this sucker would need to play a movie don’t worry because AppleTV downloads the movie in its entirety before playing it. What you’re buying here is accessibility to a large database of movies. The system is also smart enough to let you know movies you have watched. You will have the rented movie at your disposal for a full 24 hours so you can call your friends and relatives over to watch after which the movie will go pffft! and get deleted on the unit’s hard disk once the time elapses 🙂

How do you connect this baby to the net ? If you already have a wireless router, it will be a breeze because this baby is wireless ready and all you need to do is add this unit to your configuration, just like your laptop. You also have the option to connect the unit with an ethernet cable ( 10/100BT) or USB to your DSL or broadband cable router . These aforesaid connections will allow the AppleTV to access the internet directly. Once you are wired, you can pair the unit to your PC to play multimedia files directly on your HDTV which is really neat.

The unit will connect to your HDTV via HDMI, DVI ( an HDMI variant) or component video connection for high-definition output. Apple has restricted this feature to HD quality only, a statement that HD and widescreen format is the name of the game today. As for the audio component you can connect using the standard analog RCA jack ( red and white) or via the less noiser and higher quality optical audio interface, to your surround sound system to produce the theatre like Dolby 5.1 effect.

The AppleTV will set you back some $220 or $320 for a 40GIG or 160GIG hard disk size respectively. Whew, I’d love to have one of these babies. With Father’s Day approaching this will be my wish. Let me rephrase – Father’s Day being a justification to subsidize myself of my whims 🙂

Linksys, a division of Cisco systems is also selling what they call Windows Media Center Extender which is really nothing more than a wireless unit that allows you to play all the multi-media files in your Windows PC hard disk on your TV. At the price of $200, it only does part of the Apple TV’s job description and cannot access the internet directly. It does however interface with SD or regular TV’s which the AppleTV can’t.

  • Could you imagine somone living in your house without your foreknowledge? Well, this Japanese man discovered a woman was living secretly in an unused closet of his house. It wasn’t the case of “whoa – I found you, you bastard!” but man had to do a bit of sleuthing with a camera to find out why his food mysteriously disappears from his kitchen! Considering that most Japanese folks live in apartments and homes that aren’t typically large, I’m wondering if the man was suffering from a case of severe myopia or the alleged intruder was one of those “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” characters. Truly mind boggling 🙂

  • We all hear many stories about fiancee visas or spousal petitions that either end up with the couple living happily ever after or mired in endless strings of hits and misses. This particular news is a bit startling and amusing at the same time. Canadian immigration authorities in New Delhi have accidentally discovered that the wedding photographs that petitioners submitted as evidence of the marriages had guests that have strikingly similar faces. Upon investigation they discovered a rent-a-guest operation for these mock marriages! Very likely these marriages are just for convenience and the couple upon their reunion in Canada will not live together and as soon as the petitioned spouse receives her permanent residence card three months after arrival, look for these couple filing a divorce citing irreconciliable differences as a reason. Man, I wonder how much money is being paid for this kind of scam and I’m not talking about the rent-a-guest but between the man and the woman 😦

    22 Responses

    1. You tube on my regular tube? I have to get hubby to read this post.

      Mock marriages, marriage for convenience has been going on for ever it seems. I wonder what happened next?

    2. Hey, I have a Mac and that’s a cool toy but darn, I don’t have HDTV yet 😦 Now maybe I have to buy a small one 😉

      Some little creatures in the house? Hahaha that’s funny 🙂

    3. Youtube on HDTV?? Hmmm… very tempting. (*Makes mental calculations for possible reallocation of meager financial resources.*)

      As for that Japanese guy, if I was living alone and I notice that food starts disappearing from my fridge, you can bet your last dollar that I will turn my whole house upside down just to look for the culprit, whether man or beast. 😀

      Those people in India did not even have the smarts to change the seating arrangements for those hired “extras” just to make sure that no 2 sets of pictures would be totally alike. Funny and yet so stupid. 😀

    4. with all the gadgets available nowadays, i guess almost everything could be done at home.

      Me, when i have no time playing real tennis outdoor, i do it in my room and guess what, malapit ko ng matalo si federer. lol

    5. I’m skeptical about the apple tv. I think they tried that launching that product a few years ago. There was also webTV about 8 years ago. That one went away. I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough demand for a product that allows one to watch the internet on TV.

    6. Ewok – sure, perhaps hubby would like to have one 🙂

      Mock marriages are quite common I tell you. I can’t figure how some people have the gall to make money out of it 😦

    7. Irrealis – if you have a Mac, that’s even better – Apple to Apple so to speak 🙂 Why not buy a small LCD TV for yourself then ?

    8. Panaderos – to have YouTube on HDTV minus the keyboard, I think my wife would like it. It’s easier for her to play the Pinoy star talk cheezmeez she searches and plays on YOUTUBE every night 😆

      I’m with you – I’d go nuts flipping everything upside down to look for the bugger ! 😯

      Funny how people can be dumb sometimes to fool the system 😐

    9. MyePinoy – hahaha, may Nintendo Wii ka ba sa kwarto mo? Galing ! – papawisan ka sa kaka-tennis nyan 🙂

    10. Wil – I know what you mean. Internet TV was a flop because TV is for entertainment and not to read emails lol 🙂

      Apple TV however has no keyboard ( dang, who wants a keyboard in front of a TV anyways- I’d hate it myself 😦 ) and is purely for entertainment – play YOUTUBE, play movies, podcasts and music so it does fulfill its job as ” PC Media Extender” which means extending the PC functionality to the TV. The concept is quite cool I think 😎

      For myself, my only concern is the clarity of YOUTUBE video clips on the HDTV. Also in the reviews by reputable mags such as PC magazine, downloaded HD movies can’t be at par with satellite or cable HD transmissions. At best, they suggest consumers expect no better than 720p resolution, still much more superior than the standard 480p but nowhere close to the 1080i and the BlueRay spec of 1080p 🙂

      Again, access to a large database is great where you can find movies you can’t find in video stores 🙂

    11. Oh I’ve seen that Apple TV console while I was browsing inside the Mac store in Robinson’s Place. Cool gadget but I don’t think it’ll sell here… what with our lousy broadband services. Besides, people will more likely buy pirated dvds than pay online for movies, hehe.

      I read about that Japanese woman in the news a few days ago. It’s quite interesting, considering that, this is Japan were talking about, the world’s second largest economy.

    12. AppleTV is nice and not expensive but not many people have HD.

      Mock marriages is not a surprise. Its organized crime with inside job in immigration who knows?

    13. whoa! i want this too. with such price i’m not sure if it will be a hit here in the philippines. but this is definitely one would want to get when the prices goes down.

      woman was living secretly in your house>>>> hahaha… maybe the house was so big for them not to notice her immediately.

    14. living in a closet? whoa!

      and re the guests, they’re being paid and they also get a chance to eat in the reception. hehe ;p

    15. Sngl – I agree with you that a good broadband service is necessary to enjoy this toy. As for me, I’ll still buy bootleg DVD’s 🙂 but the Itunes movie libary is great when you’re looking for older movies 🙂

      LOL, boggles my mind how the woman gained entry to his house 🙂

    16. Ryan – there are SD ( Standard Definition) or regular TV’s that have video component interface. It will not produce the real HD output but will be very clear and crisp enough. You can attach the appleTV to it and enjoy
      watching YOUTUBE or downloaded movies.

      Your bet – mock marriages can be linked to an organized scam involving the authorities 😦

    17. Dong – how much does AppleTV cost in Pinas? Here it isn’t terribly expensive and it’s dropping so I reckon in due time it will also drop in Pinas.

      LOL, the news report didn’t say that the man was living in a mansion. I hope he did because if not, he will be the one to look studpid 🙂

    18. Tin – impossible isn’t it? Baka naman may relation yung house owner sa babae hehe 😦

      Well, there might have been a reception and there might not have been one ! Those rent-a-guests were surely paid their money and it would have been a bonus if they were fed hehe 🙂

    19. Your blog post tempts me to covet this AppleTV. A cool toy indeed. (With your two-thumbs-up piece on this product, Apple should just give you one! LOL)


      Wow, a rent-a-guest business for ‘fake’ marriages? How enterprising.

    20. Jayred – gosh, you said it. I highly covet it too but it’s too late as my Father’s Day gift had been decided and it’s the long awaited portable automobile GPS which about the same cost as the 140g AppleTV 😐 It’s more of a need rather than luxury and more so now I don’t have to explain to my wife driving directions all the time 🙂

      FYI, my AppleTV post got lots of pageloads – in fact probably one of my posts that got almost 200 hits in one day 😎

      people have strange ways of making money 😯

    21. Wow, that Apple TV seems really cool. Could you also video chat with it? Did you get your Father’s Day wish? Belated Happy Father’s Day BW! 🙂

    22. Toe – thanks. I had a great celebration.

      The Apple TV only works with multimedia applications on the Internet- music, photos,
      movies so general browsing with the likes of chat and email aren’t supported. I got
      a car GPS for Father’s Day instead. It’s cool too 🙂

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