The Environment Hype

Just like any responsible inhabitant of this planet I care about its state and condition but likewise accept the truth that we can’t really do much about mother earth’s natural behaviour and evolutionary characteristics. Can we really do much about continental drifts, plate tectonics and tidal waves? What can we do if the earth’s magnetic poles shift to the equatorial hemispheres? And the big hype about global warming – can we really stop it? Perhaps we can, if ALL OF US collectively do it, with no exceptions, including those African tribes that burn wood to boil their cauldrons and the rural folks in Pinas who burn garbage and dried leaves every afternoon.

I support conservation and I believe in the selective harvest principles of fishing and hunting. I changed all my appliances to modern, environmentally friendly models consuming less electricity. I strongly believe in recycling and making the environment clean. My second car can take ethanol fuel. I do have my green, blue and gray garbage bins and I am thankful that the society I live in believes and practices the basic principles of ecological management. My biggest beef, other than the die hard environmentalists who are no different that pantheists (people who believe that the earth is God which this is altogether another topic of discussion) are politicians who capitalize on EVERY opportunity to squeeze dollars off their constituents for their supposedly imperative and acute environment agenda.

Nowadays it is cool or in to promote the environment agenda. But haven’t we just gone overboard with our green insanity? I mean there are organizations nowadays that totally ban mining and extraction of anything from mother earth. Problem with these environmental activists is they not only siphon donation money from their deluded supporters – some of them had been convicted with corruption, engaging in sinister activities that contradict the very values they profess to uphold. Some governments have imposed the controversial “carbon tax“, another deceptive and hypocritical strategy to raise taxes and rake in money to fund their election promises and boost their re-election chances. Somehow they seemed to have brainwashed their constituents into believing that the stupid tax does curtail carbon emissions. I’m now reminded on my previous post about the arguable notion of money being the ultimate fixer of problems. This carbon tax crap looks like one that fits the bill.

I’m not asking people to believe every bit of word that the late comedian George Carlin says in the video clip but I am disappointed at the negativity the environmental hype had induced in people – an unfounded or even apocalyptic fear of the demise of the earth. Sad to say, opportunistic government officials and environmental groups have capitalized on people’s fear and exploited the issue to further their own self interests.

Note : Photo courtesy of National Post

Career Suicide

I received this via email from a training services company I have attended quite a few times. It warns of the 5 blunders we must avoid to protect our careers. I’d say situations vary on a case to case basis. Most companies nowadays are quite informal and can tolerate their employee’s blunders as long as the actions are “perceived” to be devoid of any malicious intent.

Here is the list :

1. Sending inappropriate e-mail

2. Putting down co-workers

3. Contradicting the boss in public

4. Committing social blunders at a company event

5. Burning bridges when you resign

I remember many years ago, when corporate email systems were at its infancy, in the pre-internet days, a stupid colleague composed a silly email message, a joke to the CEO of our company. Heading a global, multinational corporation, this CEO was based in the HQ office in another country. My colleague didn’t mean to send the email but accidentally pressed the send key ! Since during those days email systems were so drastically slow and had to be converted to a different format, validated ,queued and sent, we all scampered to power off the mail server ! We caught the errant email and flushed it out. No, the idiot wasn’t fired. It was a real close call I tell you 😯

No. 5 is true because I am on my second tour with my current employer. Yep, I resigned and was invited back 🙂


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  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. It’s the first time I heard about that Greenpeace corruption. It really sucks 😦

    The email to the CEO is funny. What if the email went out? As for me, I can’t come back to my old employer. I guess I have too much pride hehe.

  3. These environmental groups really deserve a second look. A lot of people just take the word of these groups hook, line and sinker without bothering to do a bit of research themselves.

    I care for the environment too and I strongly believe that we can still continue mining or drilling for the earth’s resources as long as the appropriate measures are in place to prevent severe degradation of the areas being mined or exploited. A number of these environmentalists have gone off the deep end and it’s up to us, the people, to bring some rationality back to the whole debate.

    As for the 5 blunders, I agree with all of them. 🙂

  4. You’re right about being extreme on the environment matter. I reckon that if we follow strictly the prescriptions against climate change, like not driving cars or drinking water from plastic, or using some form of bulbs and energy source, then it’d be too inconvenient and even so costly, not suitable for the greater public. We had climate changes in the ancient times, ice ages and general heating of the atmosphere, maybe it is just the Mother Earth’s cyclical nuances, to be cold and then to be warm sometimes, and we can’t stop that artificially.

    Maybe we as humans, would just try reasonably to thwart earth’s warming, and try our reasonable best; but we won’t starve ourselves for that.

  5. Do we all have to bike nude now? lol.. on the video haha 🙂 I thought we are supposed to get rid of plastic. What’s the girl doing with the plastic on her bike seat?

  6. Here, those “environmentalists” in priestly habits are oftentimes the ones who are spearheading the fight against those multinational mining companies. It doesn’t matter if these companies have, for a fact, shown that they follow strict procedures and protocols to ensure environmental safety; and that the mining activity in that province would provide job opportunities for thousands of people.

    For these misguided individuals, anything that has to do with digging deep into the earth is bad, and yet, they couldn’t even stop the slash and burn technique that many of their parishioners practice…. hay.

  7. Thank you for the tip. I wanted to resign for two months now but my boss doesn’t want me to go. I am kinda’ torn ‘coz I don’t wanna burn the bridge. Just got to think about this more I guess.

  8. Mike Harmon – thanks 🙂

  9. Irrealis – I do respect Greenpeace for what they say they want to do but it sucks when you hear bad things about them esp if it is more than once 😦

    Nothing wrong when you come back to a former employer as long as you left with your dignity intact AND if they offer you a package you can’t refuse 😎

  10. Panaderos – know what, lots of people don’t really understand the environmental issues. All they know is the earth is being destroyed daily, even by people who light their cigarette sticks 😦 Even some of the die hard activists have no scientific data to back up their claims and my favorite folks, the opportunistic politicians also play their card to bolster their poll rating 😯

  11. Major Tom – our planet earth is in the middle of a vast universe and is influenced by the inter-stellar activities, be it exposure to radiation as the result of radioactive fallouts from exploding stars. The earth will change whether we like it or not and the protection of the environment has now become a moral issue that divides people rather than unite them. It is a shame that politicians exploit the issue to further their own interests and in the end make our lives miserable 😦

  12. Ryan – darn, I’ll never lend my bike to that girl hahaha 🙂

  13. Sngl – true, you wonder if these people you are referring to are serious with the agenda or simply leftists trying to get sympathy from the public by promoting the environment agenda..duh 😦

    Come to think of it – why is the price of oil so high? I have two wild answers – the environmental hype is one cause. The other is a conspiracy theory that Bush is trying to distract people from the Iraq debacle and the economy and focus on something else to cushion the impact of his horrible 2nd term, if not to give McCain a bit of room to maneuver in the impending presidential campaign 😯

  14. Lawstude – it is always best not to burn bridges but you know what bro, if a once in a lifetime offer comes around, we need to think of ourselves first and priority to our own future.

    A friend of mine kidded me once that I am a “network whore” and have no loyalty to my employer and will go for the highest bidder. I admit it is true when I was much younger and ambitious and I have no regrets of my actions because I maintained my professionalism all through out 😎

  15. some people actually think that we are more responsible in terms of protecting our environment. is it because of the media hype or is it because we already see the effects? i think it’s because we already saw what happened in china, in the US and even in the Philippines.

    i strongly believe in this “Perhaps we can, if ALL OF US collectively do it, with no exceptions”.

    but it’s also sad as some other people take advantage for their own sake.

    in the career suicide, i strongly agree that #2 and #3 are improper ways to handle problems.

    you have a good list here.

  16. Why is the price of oil skyrocketing? Speculation and greed…

  17. Dong – in the end, it is unfair to penalize the citizens of countries who are conscious of global warming by the so-called carbon taxes when in other places no one gives a hoot about the environment. China uses coal powered plants like crazy and no one can do anything about it 😦

    I can tell you #2 is happening a lot 😦

  18. Sngl – true and this speculation is fueled by the environment hype as well. STOP THOSE EMISSIONS. MAKE GAS EXPENSIVE SO PEOPLE WALK OR RIDE THEIR BIKES INSTEAD OR USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

    They say that when the price of oil rises, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) index for the most part also rises and this is because Canada is an oil producing country. To be honest, those who invested in Canadian stocks and mutual funds made quite good and saw their investments rise during the oil crisis.

    There are also mutual fund companies who sell what they call “ethical funds” – for the most part buying stocks from companies who are environmentally responsible. Marketing gimmick?

  19. Woah! People biking butt-naked. And I’m trying to find the correlation with the text. Is that for the greenpeace group? hehe.

    Always keep in touch or never burn bridges with previous employers. There may be some opportunity to work with them in other ways in the future.

  20. Ferdz – the pic was taken from an environment protest. I understand the symbolic significance of the bike, but can’t find the correlation of nudity either – unless these folks want us to live in the stone age 👿 One thing I know though, I’m not going to lend my bike to these guys; unless, they replace the seat :mrgreen:

    It is very important not to burn bridges because it is a practice of employers to ask for refence from your previous job !

  21. A number of people were fired at the investment bank where I was working for forwarding sex-related emails.

    I think a Greenpeace boat once destroyed some local corals when it accidentally drifted into shallow waters.

  22. I think the best way to approach being an environmentalist is to be practical. There’s always going to be extremists in any issue. If we were all extreme environmentalists, we wouldn’t be driving cars or flying in planes. But like you, we can do little things that could minimize damage to the environment.

  23. Eric- emails are one quick way to get fired ! Nowadays companies ensure that their staff understand that office emails are the company’s property and that at any time, the company can sequester office emails to protect their interests. This means that the traditional email privacy law no longer applies. In fact, in a federal investigation of a very prominent CEO of a multinational financial institution regarding an alleged irregularity in trading practices, the feds took ALL the CEO’s emails from the back-up archives for the period being investigated. Now that’s quite scary 😡

  24. Wil – agree – we will never run out of extremists whereever we go, don’t we? A personal conviction about a clean and healthy environment is definitely important, but not to the point of being a cult ! And dammit, I hate these carbon taxes to my guts 👿

  25. tsk. tsk. i can only pray that this environment thing’s not bigger than all of us combined, so it can still be fixed.

  26. that’s my mantra: never ever burn bridges. at one point or the other in the future, you’ll need recommendation from previous bosses.

  27. Prinsesamusang – know what, methinks that the environment is probably bigger than all of us combined. I’d be quite pessimistic – I don’t think we can ever tame it 😦

    Appreciate your dropping by. Now I have to search for your URL 🙂

  28. Mari – so true. A company I worked here had sent a letter to my work reference in another country. I never thought they would bother to get a reference from abroad – but they did ! The company allowed us to view our HR files if we want to ( that’s democracy here) provided the manager authorizes it. That was how I found out 😐

  29. well, yeah, it’s probably bigger than all of us combined. sigh. now the problem is, how on earth can we delay being french fried by the environment. jesus. hmm.. hwat do you think would be better? being french fried or being drowned? sigh. i haven’t grown my gills yet.
    oh, here’s my url
    i’ve already added you to my blog roll hehehe

  30. Prinsesa – we may all have to go back to the water someday hehe 🙂

    Methinks we sadly lack collective effort in caring for the environment, when developed countries tax their people heavily for their carbon emissions, developing countries may not give a hoot about it. Translated – exercise in futility 😦

    Thanks for the URL. I’ll add you to my roll too 😎

  31. short and precise: the planet is fine 🙂

  32. Dimaks – true. The planet is fine. THe people are F****D 😆

    Just recently, the provincial government here approved the “recycling fee” to be levied on EVERY purchase of TV’s and computers starting 2009. 10 bucks for TVs and between 2-13 bucks for computers…. and… you can imagine, this is just the beginning of governments imposing green taxes . It will go crazier as days pass by , like imposing fart taxes for polluting the environment 😦

  33. The real story you have about the email blunder your co-worker committed is really funny. Haha. That reminds me of a “malicious” text message about my friend’s mother-in-law that he was supposed to text to another friend but was accidentally sent to guess who?—the mother-in-law herself. Haha.

  34. Abaniko – LOL.. that’s hilarious ! I bet the bridge is indeed over troubled waters with that kind of boboo 🙂

    I know a female friend, a secretary, whose email intended to her boyfriend was untintentionally sent to her boss ! Ouch 😆

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